Episode 20 - ViV Jewelry with Sarah Giffin

Episode 20 - ViV Jewelry with Sarah Giffin

Episode 19 - Charcuterie & Chocolate with Chef Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell is a personal chef and entrepreneur based in Golden, British Columbia. From a young age, Chris knew that his passion was cooking. He has over 12 years of professional cooking experience, which includes The Fat Duck in London (a three Michelin starred restaurant) as ...   Show more

Episode 18 - Kevin Raposo: The Speedy Photographer

Kevin Raposo is a photographer, video producer, entrepreneur and educator with over a decade of experience shooting concerts, corporate events, sports, real estate and more. After earning his Masters in Media Production from Ryerson University, he went on to start Speedy Photogra ...   Show more

Episode 17 - It Boils Down to Passion with Giaco Whatever

You might know him from the Maker Knife, the Kinetic Driver, or the Polycalendar. Maybe you've been watching his cinematic maker videos for years. No matter how you came across Giaco, one thing is clear - his passion, creativity and innovation shine through in everything that he ...   Show more

Episode 16 - Piece By Piece with Roxanne Brathwaite

Since 2018, Roxanne Brathwaite has been reimagining vintage furniture into one-off bespoke pieces through Hollis Newton, her furniture company. When the pandemic made it impossible to work in the upholstery shop, she looked into her past and revived a childhood passion - making m ...   Show more

Episode 15 - Staying Curious with Kristen-Innes Stambolic

Kristen-Innes Stambolic is a video artist, animator and dancer. Trained in contemporary dance, Kristen's intimate knowledge of anatomy and movement shine through in her videos. This connection can truly be seen when she combines dance, rotoscoping and video effects to create vide ...   Show more

Episode 14 - Knocked Out of Your Comfort Zone with Charlie Kert

Charlie Kert is an arts educator, musician, skateboarder, and the founder of Little Fingers Music - a Toronto-based music school. He has released multiple children's CDs, a progressive folk rock album, developed and performed in an interactive rock operetta for children, and was ...   Show more

Episode 13 - The Visual Languages of Filmmaking and YouTube

This week, Morley and Ryan compare their approaches to creating YouTube videos versus creating films. This wide-ranging conversation covers editing techniques, cinematography, camerawork that has its roots in cinema but has been adopted by YouTubers, project scale, narrative stru ...   Show more

Episode 12 - The Awesome Journey of Assem Kroma

Assem Kroma is a storyteller, filmmaker, actor, teacher and researcher in the fields of new media, interactive and transmedia storytelling as well as virtual and augmented reality. He is using experimental filmmaking to explore new ways of creating connections with audiences, wit ...   Show more

Episode 11 - Maker from The Tinkerage with Andy Pugh

Andy Pugh is a lifelong maker, creative and teacher. He is a one of the most supportive voices in the maker community, and seems to connect just about every maker across the globe. We had a great conversation with Andy about his story, how he found the maker community, the maker ...   Show more

Episode 10 - Creating in Their Space with Cathy Kert

For this very special 10th episode, Morley and Ryan are joined by Cathy Kert - a talented interior designer who also happens to be Morley's mom! With over 20 years of experience, Cathy has built her business from the ground up, and is now one of the most highly sought-after desig ...   Show more

Episode 9 - Shifting Perspectives with Jeremie Warshafsky

This week, Morley and Ryan are joined by Jeremie Warshafsky - a visual artist and architecture photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Jeremie captures the built environment from a unique perspective, and his professional portfolio evokes the sensation of exploring a building for ...   Show more

Episode 8 - Putting the Pieces Together with ChrispyD

This week, we are joined by Chris Dezurick, AKA ChrispyD. Chris is a talented young hip-hop artist who is making waves in the independent music landscape.  At the time of this writing, Chris has over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with his top song coming in at over 2.5 mil ...   Show more

Episode 7 - Invention, Imitation and Inspiration

This week, Morley and Ryan talk about finding a balance between skill building and creating original work. We also discuss the difference between imitation and inspiration, and developing the confidence to recognize and apply your inspirations without feeling like you're sacrific ...   Show more

Episode 6 - How The Pandemic Has Impacted Our Creativity

This week, Morley and Ryan discuss how the past 5 months of living in a pandemic has affected our creativity, shifted our perspectives, brought clarity and created unexpected opportunities. Mentions: John Kuiphoff CLAMP (Morley's other podcast) Kevin Smith Bon Iver Because We Mak ...   Show more

Episode 5 - Unconventional Creatives: Stacie DaPonte and Sandra Rizkalla of Tablo Creative

This week, we are joined by Stacie DaPonte and Sandra Rizkalla - cofounders of Tablo Creative, a full-service creative agency in Toronto, Ontario.  Stacie and Sandra help brands tell their story through content creation, creative branding, web design & development and digital mar ...   Show more

Episode 4 - A Bunch of Happy Accidents with Olivia Guselle

This week, we are joined be Olivia Guselle - a multi-talented musician, singer, and songwriter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Olivia sings across a variety of musical genres, has participated in multiple concerts, musicals, and other music shows across Canada! She talentl ...   Show more

Episode 3 - We're Just Getting Started! with John Kuiphoff

This week, we are joined by John Kuiphoff - maker, designer, woodworker, teacher, coder, video creator, and a guy who is generally difficult to put into a box!  The best way to sum up John is in his own words: "I make stuff with computers and glue." John's work is a unique marria ...   Show more

Episode 2 - Expressing Through Interaction with Luis Regalado

This week, we are joined by Luis Regalado - a talented 3D artist, designer and musician who is starting his career in the video game industry. Luis's work spans across a dynamic range of practices such as character modelling, rigging, animation, environment modelling, and shreddi ...   Show more

Episode 1: It Matters How You Show Up - with Julia McGillicuddy

This week, we are joined by the talented and multifaceted Julia McGillicuddy - artist, designer and a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design.  Julia creates across a wide range of themes, visual art and media. This includes Workmens Denim - her personal line of hand painted, ...   Show more

Episode 0: A Spotlight on Creativity

Hello and welcome to Into The Spotlight, a podcast about bringing creative people and the creative process... you guessed it, into the spotlight! In this inaugural episode, we talk about how we met through Ryan's documentary on content creators, reminisce on the origins of the po ...   Show more

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