S2 E6 - "Event Horizon: Aliens of Riddick"

S2 E6 - "Event Horizon: Aliens of Riddick"

S2 E7 - "Yugi-Oh No!"

This week, the Babble Bubble revisits the first season of "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and how it, along with Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, shaped a generation of anime loving Americans. Or, at the very least, fostered a millennial drive to never be pop culturally left behind. Revisit some beloved c ...   Show more

S2 E5 - "Releasing the Prequels - a Revisit (w/ Szabologist)"

This week, Szabologist of It's True. All of It. A Star Wars Podcast. joins the program to revisit the theatrical releases of the Star Wars Prequels. We compare our experiences of these films from the perspective of different generations (Gen X vs. Millennial) and nationalities (A ...   Show more

S2 E4 - "Stop Asian Hate (An Early 2000s Retrospective)"

The past year and a half has seen a rapid rise hate crimes toward Asian Americans - recently culminating in the tragic Atlanta Spa Shootings on March 16, 2021. Unfortunately, this trend is quintessentially American. Twenty years after the September 11th terrorist attacks, unfair, ...   Show more

S2 E3 - "Let's Super Smash, Bro."

This week, the Babble Bubble dives into the greatest fighting game of the early 2000s - "Super Smash Bros. Melee". Reed dives into the 26 playable characters and what emotional resonance they bring to the table. Plus, the show considers which ones history has treated fairly (look ...   Show more

S2 E2 - "Viggo"

In this episode, the Babble Bubble celebrates and compares two of the most pivotal characters portrayed by three time Academy Award-Nominee Viggo Mortensen. Between Middle Earth's Aragorn and Hidalgo's Frank Hopkings, who would win in a fight? Who is the most compassionate? And, ...   Show more

S2 E1 - "House of Wanda"

Welcome folx, to the new and improved Babble Bubble! WandaVision on Disney+ is all the craze. But where did it come from? And what more can I read? This week, dive into some of the Wanda-centric comics from the early 2000's: Magneto Dark Seduction (2000), Avengers Disassembled (2 ...   Show more

S1 E50 - "50th Episode Spectacular Variety Show"

To commemorate the 50th Episode of Sio Bibble's Babble Bubble, we brought back seven of the show's previous guest stars together for a feature length, "prime time" variety hour! Prepare for a plethora of topics ranging from stein holding contests and Gungan redemption films to Ya ...   Show more

S1 E49 - "The Dark Ages (2005-2015), Pt. 2"

In the second part of a two part series, the Babble Bubble continues a deep dive into the major films and television programs that filled the gap between the Star Wars Prequels and Sequels. Focusing on the second half of the so called "Dark Ages" (2010-2015), fondly revisit the o ...   Show more

S1 E48 - "The Dark Ages (2005-2015), Pt. 1"

In a truly personal (and, production-wise, draining) two part series, our host dives into the influential non-Star Wars media that filled the decade-long void between Revenge of the Sith (2005) and The Force Awakens (2015). In Part 1, the Babble Bubble acknowledges the later half ...   Show more

S1 E47 - "Survivor Naboo"

This week, the tribe has spoken. 18 castaways - 9 Star Wars heroes and 9 Star Wars villains - are voluntarily stranded on an island in Naboo, each on a quest to be crowned "Sole Survivor" and win one million credits. Who has what it takes to outwit, outplay, and outlast? Plus, it ...   Show more

S1 E46 - "Jango, Zam, & Grogu?"

So, the Mandalorian won't just let the Prequels inspiration stop, will they? And that's a great thing! This week, the Babble Bubble dives into what shenanigans the artist formerly known as Baby Yoda got into on Coruscant, whether Plo Koon was put on baby sitting duty, and how Ki ...   Show more

S1 E45 - "Mini Quarians? Oh, Midi-chlorians!"

So you've watched Chapter 12 of the Mandalorian and have heard about "M-Counts" and lava trenches. Wait? M-Counts! Could it be? Most likely! In this episode of the Babble Bubble, your not-elected-by-the-people show-host dives into Midi-cholorians, mini quarians, and everything in ...   Show more

S1 E44 - "Sith & Bounty Hunters (feat. Szabologist)"

Szabologist of "It's True. All of It. A Star Wars Podcast" rejoins the show to discuss our favorite bounty hunters, dark siders, and criminal scum of the Clone Wars. Does Cad Bane make being boring look cool? Will Dooku ever learn he's being swindled? And why can't Zabraks live i ...   Show more

S1 E43 - "Prequel Footy Madness (with Charlie Ashby & Nicky Kumar)"

Charlie Ashby and Nicky Kumar of the Imperial Senate Podcast join the Babble Bubble to discuss the Arsenal-Manchester United rivalry of the Prequels Era (1999-2005). Reminisce over a bygone era of stern Irishmen, fancy pajama pants, and less money in professional sports. Plus, fi ...   Show more

S1 E42 - "Is Baby Yoda A Gungan?"

Isn't the Mandalorian a cool show? But don't you hate how it has only a few prequels references? Well, in this episode (recorded outside in the wind and rain for no apparent reason), the Babble Bubble tries to fix that and give you a Prequels heavy second season of everyone's fav ...   Show more

S1 E41 - "The Sexy Jetsons Pt. 2 (feat Alden Diaz)"

In part two of "The Sexy Jetsons", Alden Diaz of Ahch-To Radio Radio and Reed continue their deep dive of Attack of the Clones one-off characters. How do the Kaminoans choose their Prime Minister? Which Tatooine staple is the greatest of all Star Wars characters? And can you gues ...   Show more

S1 E40 - "The Sexy Jetsons Pt. 1 (feat. Alden Diaz)"

This week, Alden Diaz of Ahch-Toh Radio joins the show to discuss our favorite background and foreground characters who exclusively appear in Attack of the Clones. In Part 1, we stay on Coruscant to discuss con artists from the Kingdom of Jakku, Weequay kidnappers with a knack fo ...   Show more

S1 E39 - "Naboo's Got Talent (with Szabologist)"

Bring out your guitars and show us what you got! This week, you, the fans, gave us lists of your favorite Jedi, Podracers, Bounty Hunters, and more - all for the purpose of musical improv! The wickedly skilled Szabologist from It's True. All of It. A Star Wars Podcast joins the s ...   Show more

S1 E38 - "Hope (A Tribute)"

In this short episode, Reed takes a break from Star Wars Prequels content to comment on recent developments and respond to the devastating loss of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Regular programming will resume next week.  

S1 E37 - "Crusader Jedi Knights"

This week, we celebrate the arrival of Crusader Kings 3 - a grand strategy game that has *checks notes* absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars? That's right! Find out which Jedi Knight is which crusading Kingdom and Dynasty. Do the Qui Gon Jin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem get fa ...   Show more

S1 E36 - "Star Wars Celebration Live Show"

In a spectacular turn of events, our host is transported to another dimension - one where COVID-19 never existed and Star Wars Celebration wasn't cancelled! Hear about the dope merchandise, awesome autograph sessions, and great cosplays (like Deadpool Captain Panaka). Tune in to ...   Show more

S1 E35 - "Clone Army Basketball Association"

This week we celebrate the Grand Army of the Republic and rrthe return of professional basketball. Find out which of our favorite Clones have the skills to conquer the court and who are their NBA equivalents. Is Commander Cody more of a Michael Jordan or Lamar Odom? Which clone i ...   Show more

S1 E34 - "The Jedi (feat. Szabologist), Pt. 2"

In Part 2 of the Sio Bibble Babble Bubble Jedi deep dive with Szabologist ("It's True, All of It"), our host gets a little bit country, the Kel Dor get their due celebratory praise, and we try to figure out what Dave Filoni had against Luminara Unduli. Tune in for all of this and ...   Show more

S1 E33 - "The Jedi (feat. Szabologist), Pt. 1"

They've long influenced the show but have never received the focus they deserve. That's right folks, we're talking the Jedi! The Babble Bubble is once again joined by the magnificent Szabologist of It's True, All of It, A Star Wars Podcast. We look at our favorite Jedi from all P ...   Show more

S1 E32 - "Battlefront Battle Front"

EA Presents a Pandemic Produced, Dice Rendered, Lucas Arts production.... In this episode, the Babble Bubble breaks down the the first (2004) and final(2017) entries of the Star Wars Battlefront Franchise to see which one did the Prequels more justice. Who's the better voice for ...   Show more

S1 E31 - "Separtist Starships"

And we're back to Star Wars-exclusive content! Yeah, that Squadrons game looks pretty alright, but where are the ships from the Prequels Era? This week, the show breaks down five of the best star ships from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. And I'm not talking about those t ...   Show more

S1 E30 - "Prequels Era Disney: The Competition (with KHarmonizer)"

In the thrilling conclusion of the four part Disney Saga, the Babble Bubble takes the show on the road (quite literally)! KHarmonizer joins the program once more as we discuss the animated films of 1999-2000 that competed with everything Disney & Pixar had to offer. Learn what Sh ...   Show more

S1 E29 - "Prequels Era Disney: Live Action (with the Mysterious Mr. L)"

After a two week break, the Babble Bubble returns! This time we're joined by fan favourite, the Mysterious Mr. L, to talk live action Disney movies from the Prequels Era! Onion salesmen, Swindlers, and Superheroes, galore! Tune in and learn about some of the smaller hits, too. If ...   Show more

S1 E28 -"Prequels Era Disney: Disney Channel Originals (with Clare Stribling)"

In this second episode of a four-part series on Prequels Era Disney (1999-2005), Clare Stribling of the Imperial Senate Podcast joins the Babble Bubble to revisit the Disney Channel Original movies that shaped our lives. Are there 52 year old leap-year babies discovering new foun ...   Show more

S1 E27 -"Prequels Era Disney: Animated Films (with KHarmonizer)"

In this first part of a multi-episode series on Prequels Era Disney (1999-2005), KHarmonizer joins the show to talk about the animated Disney films at the turn of the millennium. Is Tarzan a dark toned musical masterpiece? Is it smart to dress up as a beloved Winnie the Pooh char ...   Show more

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