Happy Times and Places 13.5 - The Chase 5

Happy Times and Places 13.5 - The Chase 5

Happy Times and Places 14.1 - The Eleventh Hour

The Moffat era episode and indeed the first Matt Smith episode to be featured in happy Times and Places, and it is right back to the beginning. So let's see what we can find out about Patrick Moore, Pingu, and Ponds as the TARDIS lands us in Leadworth where there is alien activit ...   Show more

Series Two Preview

Well, not so much Series Two as The Next Bunch. There's no hiatus, but as you've had a big release already this week this one is just a snippet, with some previews of what's coming up (including a selection of the amazing special guests on Happy Times and Places) and a bit of ins ...   Show more

Too Much Information 1.4 - The Firemaker

Another instalment of this painstaking attempt to dissect each episode of Doctor Who, sometimes on a day-to-day basis. The TARDIS crew probably get as grubby as any TARDIS crew ever does in the series, the Doctor takes centre stage, and Ian gets the episode title as the series' f ...   Show more

Indefinable Magic 1.6 - The War Doctors

There is less whimsy and more research in this instalment of Indefinable Magic - the series which promises to probe some random aspect of Doctor Who-dom for all it is worth. This edition focusses on the military service of the first three doctors and a few of their acting colleag ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places (Omnibus) - Terror of the Autons

Former Doctor Who Magazine writer and long time Blue Peter editor Richard Marson (who has also written books on Doctor Who producers John Nathan-Turner and Verity Lambert) decided he'd rather chat to your host, Toby Hadoke, about his favourite things from Terror of the Autons. An ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 13.6 - The Chase 6

This six week odyssey through some very odd bits of time and space comes to an end in London 1965 and boy does special guest Darrell Maclaine have a treat for you, going way above and beyond the a call of duty. There won't be an eye left dry or a rib left untickled by the time th ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 13.4 - The Chase 4

The Daleks chase the time travellers to a House of Horror - but don't worry, it's all good fun as this much maligned Doctor Who story receives cheerful advocacy from special guest, actor and musician Darrell Maclaine, who has plenty of good things to say. But will his good things ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 13.3 - The Chase 3

The only Doctor Who episode in which the probable death of a baby is part of a semi-comedic sequence, but that's not the only thing to write home about. There's a Menoptra doing a Columbo impression, Peter Purves on the Empire State Building, and the only 360 degree classic serie ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 13.2 - The Chase 2

On the planet Aridius the only water on display is the tears wept by its lachrymose inhabitants, who include fur star Hywel Bennett and an extra with a Doctor shaped claim to fame. But this won't be a dry affair as actor and musician Darrell Maclaine is on hand to celebrate the p ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 13.1 - The Chase 1

Dalekmania is at its height, and Beatlemania too, and both come together in this episode, alongside Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, and the terrifying revelation of a Dalek clearing its throat.  A story that divides opinion has been chosen by musician, impressionist and act ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places Omnibus - Timelash

Riding high from her recent success with My Mum Tracy Beaker (not to mention The Worst Witch and The Demon Headmaster), writer Emma Reeves chooses one of Doctor Who's least celebrated adventures - but who cares? It's one she loved as a child and very story means something to some ...   Show more

Doctor Who : Too Much Information 1.3 - The Forest of Fear

And so we get down to the nitty-gritty of the third ever episode of Doctor Who. There's more pre-filming, the Doctor proves that as well as being an old fashioned hero he is also a potential murderer, and his intended victim turns out to be an actor with a colourful and ultimatel ...   Show more

Indefinable Magic 1.5 - Terror of the Onions

An apple a day doesn't keep the Doctor away, and yet a pear does? The Doctor's relationship with food says a lot about the character and about us, and Toby Hadoke has some pretty strident views about this - fish fingers and custard, cheese and wine, can fried gumblejack : it's al ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 12.4 - Terror of the Autons 4

We left the Doctor almost literally hangin' on the telephone, but what else in in store for him, special guest Richard Marson and host Toby Hadoke as the Master's plan nears completion. Afterwards, Toby and Richard have a chat about some of the great figures in Doctor Who history ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 12.3 - Terror of the Autons 3

Killer policemen, killer daffodils and a killer doll - not-so-fantastic plastic is the cause of much mayhem in this episode of Doctor Who. But which particular manifestation of it will find favour with your host Toby Hadoke? He has to try to guess what his special guest - writer ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 12.2 - Terror of the Autons 2

What's the scariest thing about Terror of the Autons, the multiple deaths-by-plastic, the amount of CSO, or the rather dated approach to animal welfare on display? You decide. Your host Toby Hadoke and his special guest, TV producer Richard Marson, are on hand to bring you their ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 12.1 - Terror of the Autons 1

To tie in with this week's Blu-Ray release of Season 8, it's time to celebrate its opening story, which was a great big relaunch for Doctor Who. The first appearance of The Master, Jo Grant and Captain Yates, it also features the return of the Autons but an altogether more colour ...   Show more

Indefinable Magic 1.4 - I Wish Bernard Was Here

Another random series of thoughts inspired by Doctor Who - in this one, host Toby Hadoke connects the dots between Professor Bernard Quatermass, the first icon of BBC TV science fiction, and his sort-of offspring, Doctor Who. There are similarities, differences, and much to celeb ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places Omnibus - Battlefield

For those of you who like to digest the stories all in one go, here it is, free from cliff-hangers and all packaged up for a binge listen, the Doctor plays Merlin but the Brigadier is not playing at all ... the game's afoot on the Battlefield. Artist Jon Turner has selected his f ...   Show more

Happy Time and Places 11.1 - The End of the World

Writer Joe Lidster (Torchwood, Big Finish, The Demon Headmaster) has chosen the first Christopher Eccleston episode to be given the Happy Times and Places treatment. He has to choose his five favourite things about the story and your host, Toby Hadoke, has to see if he can guess ...   Show more

HappyTimes and Places Omnibus - The Ribos Operation

A real gem this one, as playwright Dan Rebellato puts his not inconsiderable brain power into considering the Doctor Who story he has chosen to eulogise, The Ribos Operation. Host Toby Hadoke has to see if he can anticipate what themes, ideas and performances particularly grab Da ...   Show more

Too Much Information 1.2 - The Cave of Skulls

So, everyone talks about the pilot and the first episode and all that landmark stuff, but what about the second ever episode of Doctor Who? There are still some firsts - the Doctor smoking! And lasts - the Doctor smoking! There's the first adventure proper, the first villain, and ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places Omnibus - The Rescue

For those of you who like them all in one chunk here it is with the interim titles lopped off and the cliffhangers merged just like in the old days of BBC Video. Superb script guru Andrew Ellard has challenged Toby to watch The Rescue and to choose his favourite things about it, ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 10.2 - Timelash 2

Well now, this one throws up a few interesting things - Toby got to know one of the cast members of this rather well on his first ever professional acting engagement, and the star of this was the first big Doctor Who name Toby ever met. So he has those stories in his arsenal as t ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places Omnibus - The Evil of the Daleks

All 7 episodes of this Patrick Troughton classic in one epic podcast, as charming Big Finish and BBC Books writer Simon Guerrier puts his fascinating mind to work one what it is that makes this story so special. Your host Toby Hadoke has to sort the best of the best - is it the t ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 10.1 - Timelash 1

It's another story with "Time" in the title, which in the classic series has never been a good omen when it comes to the popularity stakes. It's Toby's first commentary with the 6th Doctor and even our special guest, TV writer and producer Emma Reeves, thinks this isn't an especi ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places Omnibus - Time-Flight

Feedback indicates that it can be helpful to have these podcasts as a simple digestible package per story, so here is a lovely Concorde flavoured bundle, with some jolly pilots, a beige jumper or two, lots of clenched fists and just time for a New York stopover as we jump aboard ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 9.1 - Partners in Crime

One of the heroes of Doctor Who lockdown, responsible for putting a smile on the faces of a lot of people, chooses one fi the things that makes her happy. Emily Cook, writer, Doctor Who Magazine staffer and Tweetalong organiser extraordinaire shares her favourite things about Par ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 8.4 - Battlefield 4

And so we get to the episodes which dangled the death of a much loved character in front of us, showcased one of the best monster designs in the show's history, and has a great big battle in it. It's fascinating to revisit some of the less celebrated episodes in the show's run, a ...   Show more

Happy Times and Places 8.3 - Battlefield 3

Well there's a field and a battle, but there's also a blue monster and a cure for blindness. All this and more give your host Toby Hadoke and guest, artists Jon Tuner, a lot to chew over as they see if they agree on what the best things about   

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