EP44: Holy Snip

EP44: Holy Snip

EP46: Ruslan @ruslankd

Born in Azerbaijan, Ruslan and his family fled to Russia in the ‘90s to escape religious persecution. The journey eventually took him half-way around the world, to San Diego. In a brand-new culture, he had to find a way of expression that was true to himself, where he had come fr ...   Show more

EP45: Abby Schank @abby_was_bored

Abby is Christian content creator on TikTok and Instagram who makes silly and hilarious videos about Bible stories and Christian concepts. She is also a self published writer and is hoping to release a new book that speaks to the topic of caring for the unborn. --- Support this p ...   Show more

EP43: Michael Jr. @michaeljrcomedy

Known as a comedic thought leader, Michael Jr. brings laughter and encouragement to audiences all over the world. Using comedy and dynamic storytelling, he inspires audiences to discover and activate their purpose. This unique skill set him on stage is like The Tonight Show on NB ...   Show more

EP42: Scot Leonard @rogueworshipleader

Scot is an experienced worship leader with a passion for everything Star Wars! He also runs a meme page that keeps these two passions alive and well. Scot talks about how he brings these two worlds together while still remaining respectful. --- Support this podcast: https://ancho https://ancho ...   Show more

EP41: Kevin Fredericks @KevOnStage

Kevin Fredericks also known as “KevOnStage” has become a household name for his viral videos and stand-up comedy that is deeply rooted in faith, family, and over-all relatability. KevOnStage honed his comedic skills while growing up as a military kid. Today, his hilarious content ...   Show more

EP40: Asher Postman @asherpostman

Asher is an up-and-coming Christian artist that has helped out with the podcast by making our season three intro! He is multi-talented in that he is able to create music, perform, and also make hilarious meme videos on TikTok. His perspective on Christian music is truly enlighten ...   Show more

EP39: Jellyfish Bite

Mike and Matt have a silly goose time talking about current events, the passing of the legendary Carman, Ravi Z., and whether or not Matt smells like old chicken. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/m4j/support https://anchor.fm/m4j/support  

EP38: Kevin Wilson @crossculturechristian

Kevin Wilson is a “third culture kid” that makes amazing videos on TickTok and YouTube that centralizes on the making of natural Chai as he tells impactful life lessons and stories with Christian themes throughout. This has earned Kevin the moniker CEO of Chai. He is very wise an ...   Show more

EP37: Grace Baldridge @gracebaldridge

Grace aka “Semler” recently made history by being the first ever openly queer artist to top the charts of Christian music on iTunes. On this episode Grace and Matt have a great conversation on how the discussion between affirming and unaffirming Christians needs to improve and wa ...   Show more

EP36: Jason @pettychristianmemes

Jason runs a meme page that is both petty and Christian, and completely hilarious! We had a great time talking about issues Christians face, theology, and the origins of the Christian Meme Illuminati! SUPPORT US: https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast --- Support this podcast: https://anch https://anch ...   Show more

EP35: @epicchristianmemes

Epic is one of the largest and funniest Christian meme pages on Instagram! We had a great time goofing off with him about memes, Christians, politics, and who had the best Mac Powell impression. SUPPORT US: https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ https://anchor.fm/ ...   Show more

EP34: @christianswhocursesometimes

Christianswhocursesometimes (CWCS) is a page unlike any other and Mike & Matt interview the mystery man behind the curtain! Contrary to the edgy name, CWCS is a meme page that is so much more of a crazy Christian community that you just HAVE to hear about! SUPPORT US: https://lin https://lin ...   Show more

EP33: Prayer Napkins

Mike and Matt goof off again by talking about Babylon Bee, the new M4J meme group, Benny Hinn, and bringing their parents on the podcast to duel. SUPPORT US: https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/m4j/support https://anchor.fm/m4j/support  

EP32: Awomen

We’re back with Season 3! On this episode Mike and Matt reminisce about 2020 a bit and look forward to the silly goose time that we’re going to have in 2021! SUPPORT US: https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/m4j/support https://anchor.fm/m4j/support  

EP31: K-Mart Christmas Special

Matt and Mike are basically just vibing this whole episode. They talk about the Mandalorian season finale, Christmas presents, Memes for Jesus 2021, and much more! Join them on their silly goose time on your way back home this Christmas! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.f https://anchor.f ...   Show more

Cool Carll @sundaycooltees

We interviewed Joshua Hooper and Andy DeNoon of Sunday Cool Tees! These guys create hilarious skits and videos online that have garnered millions of views. They even had a viral video on Barstool Sports! We talked about everything they have going on and laughed super hard during ...   Show more

Austin Geter @austingeter

Ex-Vine superstar Austin Geter and his friend Mark Allen join us on the podcast to talk about food, babies, the internet, and everything else that matters. We had TOO much fun recording this episode and we’re crying laughing by the end of it. Check out their podcast Snack Time wh ...   Show more

EP28: April @thenormalpentecostal

April is a Four Square minister that runs a hilarious meme page on Facebook and Instagram about the life of a normal Pentecostal. We’ve been friends with April for a while and we had a great time talking about the Holy Spirit and why Christian men are insufferable lol. SUPPORT US ...   Show more

EP27: Taylor Ransom @realtaylorransom

Taylor Ransom is a top young rising comedian in the Christian community and puts out high quality content on a consistent basis. We had a great time joking with him and laughing about Jean jackets! SUPPORT US: https://linktr.ee/memesforjesus https://linktr.ee/memesforjesus --- Support this podcast: https://anch https://anch ...   Show more

EP26: Kait Warman @heartofdating

Kait Warman is an online dating coach who hosts a successful Christian dating podcast and helps countless people navigate the complicated waters of dating! Tune in to hear her incredible wisdom and spot on Selene Dion impression! SUPPORT US: https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus --- Su ...   Show more

EP25: Anthony Russo @thebibleisfunny

Anthony runs a page called The Bible is Funny where he creates funny memes out of scripture passages. Anthony also runs an improv company called Isaac Improv where he makes hilarious skits about church culture. Join us as we goof off and talk about why Anthony makes such great Ma ...   Show more

EP24: Kristina @theDTRblog

Kristina is a hilarious online blogger who talks on, dating, mental health, faith, and culture. We had a ton of laughs with Kristina on this episode and also enjoyed her insight on Christianity and dating. Support us!: https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast https://linktr.ee/M4Jpodcast --- Support this podcast: https: ...   Show more

EP23: Kevin McCreary @saygoodnightkev

Say Goodnight Kevin is in the house! We have a meaningful/goofy discussion about Christian media. What we do well and what we could do better. Check out Kevin on YouTube and Instagram for top notch hilarious film reviews! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/m4j/support https://anchor.fm/m4j/support  

EP22: Tovares Grey @GodlyDating101

We interviewed Tovares from Godly Dating 101 and he shared true godly wisdom with us about Christian dating. We were in awe of his knowledge and godliness and he was in awe of Michael’s Bionicle collection. Check out our STUFF: https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus --- Support this pod ...   Show more

EP21: Michael Schaffer - Married with Killdren

We’re back!! We’re kicking off season 2 of the podcast with a goofy interview with the MemeLord himself, Michael Schaffer! Stay tuned for new episodes every Monday. OUR STUFF: https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/m4j/support https://anchor.fm/m4j/support  

EP20: High Five

Mike and Matt talk about memes, cartoons, Blues Clues, and why anime is superior to Bionicle. || MUDWTR: https://mudwtr.com/?rfsn=4461454.0ae00f https://mudwtr.com/?rfsn=4461454.0ae00f || Emmaus Apparel: https://emmausapparel.com https://emmausapparel.com (Enter promo code MEMES for 10% off) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/m4j/suppo https://anchor.fm/m4j/suppo ...   Show more

EP19: Justen Overlander

Justen is the Associate Producer of the incredible streaming Bible series, “The Chosen”. On this episode Justen, Matt, and Mike talk about The Chosen, Christian entertainment, and somehow find time to goof off almost the entire time. https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus https://linktr.ee/MemesforJesus --- Support th ...   Show more

EP18: Cameron Bertuzzi (@capturingchristianity)

Cameron runs a program called “Capturing Christianity” where he interviews leading Christian and non-Christian thinkers for the purpose of discussing arguments for the existence of God. Check out everything Capturing Christianity has to offer!: https://capturingchristianity.com https://capturingchristianity.com - ...   Show more

EP17: KJ-52

Multi-GMA Dove Award winner OG Christian Rapper KJ-52 joins us on the podcast to talk about ministry, stories from the road, and even does an amazing freestyle about Memes for Jesus! Visit: www.kj52.com for everything KJ-52 Cards Christians Like Kickstarter: https://cards-chr https://cards-chr ...   Show more

EP16: Joseph O’Brien

Joseph is a singer/songwriter that is looking to bring a more Biblical perspective to Christian mainstream pop. He is also an enormous VeggieTales fan that is also in the works to help them out with their upcoming songs! // Cards Christians Like: https://cards-christians-like.kck https://cards-christians-like.kck ...   Show more

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