Ep. #9: Berath, Pt. II

Ep. #9: Berath, Pt. II

Ep. #10: The Wheel (Adra, the Soul, and Animancy)

Since we've been discussing BERATH so much in the last couple episodes it seemed fitting to discuss The Wheel, the cycle of reincarnation of Eora that is heavily associated with Berath. More importantly, it reviews some info about the Soul and Adra that we've touched on before an ...   Show more

Ep. #9.5: Podcast PSA & A Lore-Bite!

Today, in what could be called...the last "Godandag" (God's Day) in "Majprima" (Mid-Spring), I offer you a quick PSA regarding the future of the podcast. As well, because I don't want to leave you without *some* lore, we go over the calendar year and days of the week for contempo ...   Show more

Ep. #8: Berath, Goddess of Death, Pt. I

Also known as the Twinned God, Berath is one of the major players in the pantheon of Eora (the fantasy world of Pillars of Eternity / Avowed). I mean, *all* the gods are major players in the pantheon, but Berath is one of the deities your Pillars player character will interact wi ...   Show more

Ep. #7: The Gods of Eora, Overview [SPOILER HEAVY]

Almost all epic fantasy stories have a unique pantheon of deities as part of their lore. Eora is no different. Using information from Pillars of Eternity I (and a little bit of II) let's take a look at the gods of Eora in general. This episode goes over the nature, history and na ...   Show more

Ep. #6: History of Aedyr, Pt. II (Expanding Borders)

Aedyr is an empire referenced multiple times (subtlety) in Avowed's reveal trailer. In Ep. 4 we looked at their empire's origin, in Ep. 5 we took a look at their culture. In this episode we conclude our dive into Aedyr by looking at their colonization efforts in the Dyrwood (the ...   Show more

Ep. #5: Aedyran Culture

In the previous episode, we took a look at the origins of the Aedyr Empire (the nation heavily referenced through Avowed's reveal trailer). Before we continue on into the history of Aedyr's colonization efforts, let's take a step back and see what the average Aedyran is like. In ...   Show more

Ep. #4: History of Aedyr, Pt. I (Origins)

The Aedyrans are a nation of people who's presence is hinted at throughout the Avowed Reveal Trailer. What better place to start than with a people group who are both foundational to the Pillars settings, as well as involved in all we have for Avowed. Join me as I read through an ...   Show more

Ep. #3: Diving into Avowed's Leaked Information

The day after the reveal trailer was debuted (at the Xbox Games Showcase) for Avowed, a LEAK came out (boy, that didn't take long). Let's see what lore is offered in this 20-bullet point list of leaked information, shall we? ["Spoiler": we pretty much just talk about 'The Living ...   Show more

[BONUS] Ep. #2.5: SPECULATION on Avowed's Setting...

Something I left out from the last episode (Avowed's Reveal Trailer) about there being TWO MOONS in the Trailer. This small detail led to a wild speculative theory I have about Avowed's setting... MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Twitter: @worldofeora, Email: worldofeora@gmail.com  

Ep. #2: Diving into Avowed's Reveal Trailer

Since almost all of us are more likely familiar with the reveal trailer for Avowed (check it out at eternity.obsidian.net) I figured we'd start there. We go through, frame by frame...or I guess "sound cue to sound cue" and explore what lore there is to find in the trailer itself. ...   Show more

Ep. #1: Intro and Overview of Eora

In this episode, we dive into what makes Eora a unique fantasy setting to play a game in. This episode serves to lay the knowledge foundations of Eora as we take more specific dives into the lore in future episodes. Follow on Twitter @worldofeora, or email: worldofeora@gmail.com ...   Show more

Ep. #0: Introduction and Disclaimer to the Podcast

In this episode, I tell (briefly) of my introduction to the world of Eora, as well as the context for how this podcast came to be. More importantly, I give you (the listeners) information regarding scheduling and intentions for the show. Thanks, all, for joining me in what I hope ...   Show more

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