5: Amityville Killer Dead, The House of Gucci Widow & Theranos Pregnancy

5: Amityville Killer Dead, The House of Gucci...

9: Red Bull Heir Drags Cop, Tale of 2 Danish Princess Sister in Laws 👑 & Ghislaine Maxwell Scandal 🕸

Carrie opens the show this week digging into the headlines; Salt Life Co-founder accidentally killed his girlfriend, the Red Bull heir dragged a cop in a car crash, hostility between the two Danish princesses and how did the Queen handle the men in her family who wanted to wear u ...   Show more

8: Runaway Princess 👑 of Monaco, Princess Diana Manipulated & the Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell's Father 🛥

The women open the show talking about the recent investigation into Princess Diana's decision to participate in the Panorama interview with Martin Bashir. Carrie brings up the rumors around Princess Charlene trying to run out on her own wedding to Prince Albert of Monaco. Larissa ...   Show more

7: Prince William & Catherine Middleton Celebrate Their 10th Wedding Anniversary w/ Anglophile Channel

A special guest joins Carrie & Larissa to take a walk down memory lane of William & Kate's 10th Wedding Anniversary for this bonus episode! Marlise Boldand is the creator of The Anglophile Channel, an award-winning digital media channel dedicated to British Entertainment, Arts & ...   Show more

6: TLC Royal Baby Birth Story, A Royal Friend Murder & A Chippendales Hit

Carrie & Larissa open the show talking about the book Finding Freedom and how much it is not like a memoir of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. A Royal baby was born this week on the floor of a bathroom (the floor is lava!) and a friend of the Duchess of Ferguson killed her boyfri ...   Show more

4: Sarah Lawrence Cult, Murder Among the Mormons & Accusations Against Meghan Markle

The ladies open the show talking about the bullying claims laid against Meghan Markle by staff at Buckingham Palace. Carrie clues in Larissa to watch Murder Among the Mormons- just because it is something new & what else is there to watch? In 2010, a college student of Sarah Lawr ...   Show more

3: Harry & Meg's Fall Out from Orpah Interview w/ Royal Family

Larissa & Carrie talk the bombshell interview the Duke & Duchess of Sussex had with Oprah. Larissa covered their wedding for the Anglophile Channel and expresses her sadness on where they are now. The women discuss the unfairness of the comparisons between Royal wives and the pot ...   Show more

2: El Chapo's Wife, Hunter's Creeping & Tiger Wood's Crash (Part 2)

Larissa & Carrie continue their discussion about the accident of Tiger Wood's, his former mistress Rachel Uchitel and his original marital woes of 2009. They also discuss the new Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Elizabeth Vargas from Real Housewives of Orange County.Wine & S ...   Show more

1: El Chapo's Wife, Hunter Biden's Creeping & Tiger Wood's Crash (Part 1)

Why did El Chapo's wife surrender? Who is Hunter Biden not dirty texting? Prince Harry- sad over his military titles? Larissa & Carrie talk about the arrest of El Chapo's wife, Hunter Biden's nasty texting w/ the sister of his girlfriend (his brother's widow) and last but not lea ...   Show more

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