Prophets of Environmental Doom are still wrong 61 years later: Earth Day [E216]

Prophets of Environmental Doom are still wron...

Free Palestine . . . but from who?

Israel and Palestine are nearly in full blown war . . . What caused this rapid escalation? Was Sheikh Jarrah a neighborhood in East Jerusalem, the tipping point? Or was it a red herring to cover for, yet another,  failed Palestinian election? We go through some of the escalating ...   Show more

Global crisis, brink of war, and growing bonsai? [E222]

As war breaks out in the Middle East, pipelines are held ransom in USA, and India continues to be shaken . . . we IGNORE all of that and talk about something far more important--the art of Bonsai. We IGNORE the urgency of the hour (even though there is much to be had) to we focus ...   Show more

Media and Politics weaponized science & ignored nuance. Aquinas provides solutions. [E221]

Rona Started out unifying the globe and political parties around, Thomas Aquinas would say everyone was seeking to “Preserving Life, and Intending the Good”. . . but it wasn’t long before the “SCIENCE” wasn’t settled, and conflicting world views began to collide on a magnitude eq ...   Show more

Activist juror Brandon Mitchell exposes self in Chauvin Show Trial: never about guilt or innocence [E220]

Activist Juror No. 52 Brandon Mitchell may have perjured himself in court leading to Chauvin winning appeal . . . but the trail was never about guilt or innocence of Derek Chauvin, but it was "America on Trial" and America is guilt because it is  . . . well America. If Chauvin in ...   Show more

Is Hyperinflation coming? Or something worse? [E219]

Many are whispering and worrying about the pending doom on hyperinflation due to mega government printing and crushing debts... We break down what causes inflation, and why hyperinflation isn't likely in come . . . instead it is a cancer far more difficult to overcome--deflation. ...   Show more

Are we repeating China's colossal mistake? [E218]

Climate change is at it again, destroying the future of billions, and this time with the help of the UN and globalist who see fit to stop developing nations from developing because if the west has learned one thing at all after decades of prosperous development is that developmen ...   Show more

Race has nothing to do with it: Derek Chauvin, Tony Timpa, Ma'Khia Bryan [E217]

When we exchange the truth for a lie strange things happen in the universe . . . we gain super power to create illogical loop holes that leave you dazed and confused.In this episode we cover  Was there "reasonable doubt" in the trial of Derek Chauvin OR was a jury afraid of being ...   Show more

Victim-sainthood, lie of greatness, and unlocking your destiny - Lucas Skrobot feat. on The Journey Onwards Podcast

Lucas was recently interviewed on The Journey Onward Podcast. Anand, host of the The Journey Onward Podcast, pressed some hard questions concerning > Are certain sects of the younger generation looking to find victim status to have validation from society and on social media?> Is ...   Show more

Woman stabbed 25 times in street--sparking global "Knife and Blunt Object" buyback program [E215]

UN, and Bill Gate, Kamala/Biden Administration push for global knife and blunt object buy-back program Woman stabbed 25 times in broad day light in Delhi India and no one stops to help, Oh the savagery! Oh the sexism! Oh the tyrannical patriarchy that is so evident! Oh if only yo ...   Show more

US Intelligence reports on disastrous future. Savant from 161 years ago gives solution. [E214]

US National Intelligence Council releases research letting everyone know we are all screwed unless we hand over control to the all wise and ever merciful ruling elite who have your best in mind AND Alexis De Tocqueville speak from his grave with a prophetic warning 161 years afte ...   Show more

Social Media on the brink of disruption with US Supreme Court Ruling [E213]

The Supreme Court's latest ruling opens the door WIDE for a disruption of social media and taking power back for the few men who control the global media flow.Links:Supreme Court Ruling: ...   Show more

Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez all agree--It's the end of the world. [E212]

The push to tax, and place trade restrictions on oil, coal, and trade of gas/fracking is geopolitical warfare designed to weaken a nations ability to defend itself in war. Resources and logistics are what win and lose wars… And this is all being played out in the seemingly boring ...   Show more

Millions pretend to be shocked by Rapper Lil Nas X 'Satan shoes' & demonic sex [E211]

Lil Nas X, a gay and famous hip hop rapper, shocked the global with is release of "Satan Shoes" containing a drop fo real blood. While at the same time releasing a satanic occult music video that shot to #1 on youtube with in the day it was released. The most of the world acted s ...   Show more

Wokeness: New Weapon of Imperialism [E210]

The two mass shootings in America over the last week, and the media's response, exemplifies the anti white narrative that is being push globally.Embedded in the anti white narrative is a trojan horse to stagnate societies growth as it shifts developmental strategy away from merit ...   Show more

Bonus: We missed a CRITICAL idea. E209 Alternate ending. [E209 Bonus]

We missed one critical idea from episode 209. Here is E209's alternate ending.Weaver & Loom Quote:“Fear is such a powerful emotion for humans that when we allow it to take us over, it drives compassion right out of our hearts.” ― Thomas AquinasAdditional Link: ...   Show more

It is War: Liberty vs. Social Order clash as anti-lockdown protests sweep through Europe. [E209]

The debate and now growing global conflict between what we believe about personal liberties vs social order is increasingly apparent as nations push for vaccination and further lockdowns.This weekend Europe experienced a series of demonstration protesting lockdowns and the remova ...   Show more

45 reasons Dr. Seuss should be canceled. [E208]

Dr Seuss is getting "canceled". Okay that is a little bit of a mis-portrayal. Six of his 60+ titles are no longer being printed or allowed to be licensed by the publisher. So he isn't fully being canceled. But there is a greater narrative at play worth examining. First there is a ...   Show more

What is The Lucas Skrobot Show? - Trailer

Tired of being gaslight by progressive media?Wanna fight back against deceptive narratives being pushed across the globe?At the Lucas Skrobot show we tear down cultural & geopolitical events giving you the context you need to expose the worldviews driving the cultural agendas of ...   Show more

Path to greatness: sacrifice, character and values with Yousef AlQanai [E207]

Yousef AlQanai, a Kuwaiti ultra marathon runner and writer and business owner shares about the sacrifice, character, and values as foundational aspect of greatness.More importantly, Yousef identifies that believe in God is foundational to having purpose. Without God there life is ...   Show more

2050: Who Designs the Future? [E206]

Two startling facts: What you believe about the world at 13, you will likely die believing—and what is shaping your view of the world isn’t what you think… What are the CORE influences that shape what you belief and how you move through the world? According the Barna Group (a res ...   Show more

How Cognitive Dissonance has been weaponized . . . How you can fight back. [E205]

In 1957 Leon Festinger uncover cognitive dissonance and it has been weaponized against us for the betterment and detriment of society ever since.In this episode we cover the basics of cognitive dissonance theory, how it has been used in the past to shape society, and how we can e ...   Show more

Myanmar "Coup" - Why should you care? Rather, why do world superpowers care? [E204]

Well—I’m doubtful anyone (who is of true positions of political power) truly cares about “democracy” for small nation of Myanmar with the 53 million. All it takes is glancing at a map to see the geographical significance.   It is one of China path to the India Ocean and the AND i ...   Show more

Imposter syndrome, Toxic Positivity, and Hope with Obaid AlBudoor [E203]

Two years ago we had Obaid Al Budoor, Emirati landscape and astrophotography photographer on the show (all the way back in episode 5) and today he returns again to talk about the tension as a freelance photographer and creative between putting himself out there on social media, a ...   Show more

Pro-Human or Anti-Human: A simple framework to evaluate the source and implication of ideas. [E202]

 We have been discussing how in nearly EVERY system of belief and thought there is a belief In a battle in the Spiritual realm for the souls of mankind…      We see pop culture from Stranger Things, Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter . . . But how can you and I di ...   Show more

Putin vs. Navalny and the geopolitics of the Russia Protests [E201]

Russia has been headlining the past week with massive unrest, riots, the arrest of thousands due to the arrest of Navalny. Everyone is picking sides . . . but the story is far more complex that it would seem. It isn't a clear "good vs evil" story. It is more of a, "what came firs ...   Show more

So you wanna change the world huh kid? Know this first . . . [E200]

Welcome to the 200th Episode of the show . . . AAAANd we are still talking about the SAME thing. How do we understand the world rightly so we can OWN OUR FUTURES.We began with show with a premise 2 ½ years and 200 episodes ago that we all are change makers and that if only we cou ...   Show more

The spirit realm, your thoughts, and domains of authority [E199]

We talk about the spirit realm on the show today--not in a weird paranormal way, but a grounded practical way with real world instant application. The thoughts you agree with, the words you speak over yourself and other, are powerful to shape both your and their realities. Ideas ...   Show more

Equality, Equity, and the Death of Feminism [E198]

Equality and Equity sound the same--but they function in diametric opposition, one has fuel feminism, the other has destroyed it. In this episode we look through how we are in the middle of a cultural shift in the destructive of equality of opportunity for equality of outcome at ...   Show more

Should you leave Whatsapp? | Ayman Itani [E197]

Ayman Itani, Business Growth Expert comes back on the show to talk about how to destroy your business using Whatsapp as a case model. (No not really). But he does answer what the changes to whatsapp means for you and your privacy.  Should you leave?  If you do . . . will it matte ...   Show more

Censorship: Big Tech control is a global issue | Chirag Desai [E196]

The move of big tech companies to control the flow of information is growing exceedingly--not just in America with the deplatforming of the POTUS... but it stretches to Poland, India, and Uganda . . . in fact anywhere that the internet can be found. In this episode to discuss: Se ...   Show more

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