Queen Deep Dive: Kicking Off Album Three

Queen Deep Dive: Kicking Off Album Three

The Great Game Escape

It's creepy. I say that a lot in this random-tangent-thought episode, where I rave about the games I grew up with, and the ones I loved the most; including the immensely successful Doom and one of my favorite foes ever. Dive into nostalgia with me for all the incredible game soun ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: Young and you're crazy, ya "Tenement Funster"

Drummer Roger Taylor's contribution to Queen's third album, "Tenement Funster" is a little more complex but maintains the rock 'n' roll edge Roger's established in earlier compositions. Queen never performed it live, but Roger occasionally sang it during solo tours in the '90s. I ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: She's a "Killer Queen"

We're in big hit territory now and it freaks me out. How do you pick apart something so many people love and know so well? By being way too enthusiastic, that's how. Triangle. Chimes. Jangle piano. There are so many clever surprises in "Killer Queen", and the lyrics are some of F ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: A little magic in "Brighton Rock"

We kick off Queen's game-changing album, Sheer Heart Attack, with the playful, poised, but still edgy "Brighton Rock". The boys' more polished sound is immediately obvious, and this song features a special (lengthy) solo that's celebrated by many. It made for a great live perform ...   Show more

Finding Your Happy Place

When you're in a place or a frame of mind where your heart is wide open, that's a happy place. Maybe it's not just a place, but a way of life. You can certainly bloom where you're planted, but if there's a place where blooming comes without trying, perhaps that's where you should ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: I'll take you to the "Seven Seas of Rhye"

The boys' sparkling closer on Queen II, and their first hit single, "Seven Seas of Rhye" is a short and sweet but impactful and effective rock number. It concludes one of my favorite song triads ever and makes me run faster. Freddie's brilliant lyrics here are some of my very fav ...   Show more

Random Deep Dive: I am sitting in the morning at the "(Tom's) Diner" on the corner

Recent permeating feelings of alienation have me playing this on repeat. "Tom's Diner", originally by Suzanne Vega, has an interesting and long history. According to one fan on YouTube, it's "the song everyone knows but can never remember the lyrics or title." It started as an a ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: "Funny How Love Is" every song in every key

Here's a little gem in a style you'll never hear again from the boys. "Funny How Love Is" makes a vocal statement more reminiscent of The Beach Boys, and there's a big reason for that. Freddie's piano playing is lovely and the wall of sound production is entirely uplifting. An ea ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: Now do "The March of The Black Queen"

...and we're doing it. This was an intimidating song to dive into. "The March of The Black Queen" isn't just one of Queen's longest songs, it's one of their most complex, with key changes and chords and scales that rival almost every other masterpiece; including the great "Bohemi ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: Send me to the path of "Nevermore"

Atmospheric piano surrounds Freddie's sadness on this surprisingly poignant and moving number. Even in its brevity, "Nevermore" stuns and overwhelms. The honest and embellished BBC '74 performance was a gem I wasn't expecting to find.  

Queen Deep Dive: He dares to deliver "The (Fairy Feller's) Master-Stroke"

Freddie at his fantastical finest, "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" takes everything Queen is possible of doing and crams it into two and a half minutes of sparkling mythological brilliance. A crowning achievement of stereo sounds, it includes instruments not often heard from Q ...   Show more

The Core (Values) of Running

Almost two months ago, I had to take a break from running after I tweaked my back. As I've started to get my running game back, I suddenly realized something I was subconsciously doing during my runs that was really, really bad. In a strange way, I'm thankful I've had to take a b ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: Come to "Ogre Battle" (GONG)

We kick off side two/the second side/the other side/the Black side of Queen II with Freddie's first composition on the album, "Ogre Battle". All fantastical, all mythology, a lot of storytelling and lots of key changes, this is Freddie fabulousness. A heavy theme of unified bass, ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: She's got to be "The Loser in the End"

What reads as a harsh song title turns out to be a tender ode to moms everywhere. Roger Taylor's sole contribution to Queen II, "The Loser in the End", is a solid heavy glam rock number with fun licks and riffs from Brian and John, and some nicely layered and dynamic vocals from ...   Show more

Pheromones and Emotion and Fragrance and Nostalgia

I'm fascinated with the human body, its complexity, its miraculous processes, and how despite those consistencies from person to person, we're all so very different. And how things in life affect us differently, like smell. Smell plays a very important role in our lives; more tha ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: But "Some Day One Day"

A little (lotta) love for this beautiful number, which features Brian May on lead vocals for the first time. "Some Day One Day" is a lush, gorgeous trip into folk rock that's much more restrained than most Queen tracks before it. It's one of those seldom talked about songs that d ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: the "White Queen" walks...

Sad, pleading, wanting and longing. "White Queen (As It Began)" is one of Queen's best ballads, and one of my favorite Brian May compositions. We're still in Moody May territory as we go through the White Side of Queen II. This is gorgeous and elaborate, with medieval tones, stri ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: A word in your ear from "Father to Son"

This song is very, very special to me. Naturally, I'm going to elaborate way too much. But it's compulsory. "Father to Son" is the first time we get to hear Queen at full studio capacity. They finally had the time to record the most over-the-top and bombastic creations. Like kids ...   Show more

Tarps & Tumbleweeds

When you're faced with drama, stress, a crisis or unexpected obstacle, the weight of everything can fall on your shoulders. How do you stay calm and cool and focused? Here are some tips and tricks I try to focus on...since I'm such a drama queen when chaos strikes.  

Queen Deep Dive: "Procession" kicks off Queen II

This lovely little guitar-laden number, "Procession", begins one of my favorite albums ever; the first Queen album I fell in love with. It's a little Baroque, a little Renaissance, a little ancient, very classical, lots of keys, lots of moodiness, and appropriately dramatic. We k ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: A glimpse of the "Seven Seas of Rhye"

This my tenth dive into a Queen song, and it's the closing teaser track from their debut album. It may seem odd to include this gem at the end of an album, but it feels appropriately furious and elevating. The guys knew they were just getting started, and this song proves they'd ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: ...to see the Lord "Jesus"

It might be surprising to hear a Queen song that tells the story of Jesus; or at least, part of the story. But here it is. Despite Freddie being raised in the Parsi Zoroastrian faith, he composed this tune. It's a contrast of folksy ballad and progressive rock with a driving brea ...   Show more

Random Deep Dive: The hardcore and the gentle "Big Time Sensuality" (The Fluke Mix)

It's simple; my love for Bjork started with this song.   

One Tiny World, Many Big Lives (or How Hurting My Back Made Me Reflect)

Sonder. The Pale Blue Dot. The tininess of our home and all of us on it. So much is happening outside our lives that we're never aware of. So many different things. But so much sameness. If you're going through something, no matter how big or small, sharing your struggles is how ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: Tried to be a "Son and Daughter" rolled into one...

This is all Brian, all reflective and emotional and a little opinionated. For the first time, we get into potentially controversial lyrical territory with "Son and Daughter"; a challenge of traditional gender roles, expectations, intentions, and human habits. It's wrapped up in a ...   Show more

Random Deep Dive: When you're "Stoned"

There are so many songs and albums and artists on my favorites lists, I simply can't not talk about them. So as much as I love Queen, I'm venturing into other musical territory, starting with this gem of a song, "Stoned", from Dido's second album, Life for Rent. It's a song I've ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: Listen to me baby, let me tell you what it's all about..."Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll"

For the first time, Roger Taylor takes the helm as songwriter and lead singer on a Queen track with "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll". It's appropriately rowdy, a big riot, and a lot of fun. There's no seriousness here; unless you're simply serious about your love for rock and roll. ( ...   Show more

When your second life starts...

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” Confucius  For some of us, there is a definitive moment where our lives are split into a before and after. We go through something that completely changes who we are the deepest level; or at the very l ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: You gotta believe it, "The Night Comes Down"

Clearly this is "different". I didn't realize just how often I used that word talking about "The Night Comes Down". But this melodic, crooning, hummable and lyrical rock ballad truly is a unique Queen song. It's the oldest studio recording of a Queen track on a major studio album ...   Show more

Queen Deep Dive: Nobody believes me..."LIAR"

There's a reason this dive title is ALL CAPS. This song is an unrelenting and driving force to be reckoned with: A declaration of certain evil and death, despite your intent to be good, pure and focused. Maybe that's a little dramatic, but given the power of "Liar", maybe it's no ...   Show more

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