10 Years, 19 Marathons, 3 Lessons with Lee Clontz

10 Years, 19 Marathons, 3 Lessons with Lee Cl...

Positive Mental Attitude with Matt Brandenburg

Matt Brandenburg, serial entrepreneur, husband and father, is one of the most positive people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. But he wasn’t always like smiling fool that he is today. In his twenties, Matt found himself with a failed relationship under his belt and a mas ...   Show more

Be Friends with Your Boss with Amy Hahn

Do you struggle with your coworkers, employees or your boss? It’s not an uncommon problem. Personality conflict at work has the power to turn even the most awesome job into a terrible one. When Dr. Amy Hahn, graduated dental school and started working at her father’s practice, sh ...   Show more

The Power of Visualization with Mike Papacoda

Fellow sales trainer and podcaster Mike Papacoda talks about a classic everyday lesson the power of visualization. He shares the story of how he used visualization to get a new job as well as an account of how visualization helped him lose weight. But Mike does more than just s ...   Show more

Fear Less, Do More with Courtney Lawrence

Courtney Lawrence was like a lot of people, a wife and mother of two children, working hard at her career and climbing the corporate ladder. She was comfortable, but not totally fulfilled. That’s when a book, a leadership course and a business coach inspired her to face her fears ...   Show more

If You Ain’t Got a Sense of Humor, You Ain’t Got Nothin’ with James Johann

What happens when you ask a comedian for advice about how to improve your life? Well that’s what you’ll find out in this episode with James Johann, who has been looking at life with a sense of humor and making people laugh for over 30 years. James may not be a big reader of self- ...   Show more

Get Into the Flow and Free Up Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Energy with Troy Helming

This week’s lesson comes from entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, author, father, husband and Ninja Warrior, Troy Helming. And if you’re wondering how one man can be all of those things, then you can probably guess the everyday lesson that Troy has to share. It’s all about ...   Show more

See People as People with Eric Griffin

Every once in awhile we are blessed with “a moment.” Something happens that makes us reevaluate our behavior and our beliefs. Musician and middle school band director, Eric Griffin had such a moment when he read Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box. In this episo ...   Show more

Social Media Detox with Kristy Neick

On vacation in beautiful Hawaii, Kristy Neick’s son noticed his mother spending a lot of time on her phone. When he mentioned it to her, she had a bit of an epiphany. She might have a social media addiction. This was her wake-up call and she decided to take action to remedy the s ...   Show more

Success Principals with Sharon Fanto

There are certain people in this world whom some might consider “self-improvement junkies.” These people often read tons of books, listen to audio books and podcasts and they are usually surrounded by like-minded individuals who consider a positive mental attitude as vital to the ...   Show more

Now What? with Bob Visotcky

How many times have you heard someone say that school doesn’t actually prepare kids for the real world? Maybe you’ve thought there should be a class that teaches people the fundamentals of success how to prepare for an interview, how to dress for an interview, how to land the j ...   Show more

Journaling and Walkabouts with Jonathan Burnos

When Jonathan Burnos picked up Matthew McConaughey’s new book about a walkabout, he discovered that it was filled with profound wisdom and several possible subjects worthy of discussion on the Everyday Lessons Every Day podcast. But as he was trying to choose just one lesson to t ...   Show more

Mindset with Shannon Mossler

When I met Shannon Mossler a few years ago, I was immediately impressed with her. Barely out of college, taking on her first “real job,” this young go-getter was someone I found myself proud to work with. When I discovered that she was a reader of self-improvement books, I wasn’t ...   Show more

Following Your Creative Impulses with Wilene Dunn

Have you ever had the urge to create something? Maybe you’ve got an idea for a book, a song, a play, a work of art or even a charity, organization or a business you want to start. Ever wonder where those ideas come from or if they’re worth pursuing? If yes, you’ll want to hear th ...   Show more

What’s Stopping You From Living the Life You Want? With Stephen Heiner

Our lives are filled with limiting beliefs. Some of those beliefs keep us stuck in a rut, at a job we don’t love, trudging toward a retirement that isn’t guaranteed. In this episode, Stephen Heiner shares how reading The 4-Hour Work Week forced him to challenge his own limiting b ...   Show more

Change From Within with Rebecca Clark

If you’re struggling with a difficult family member, friend, boss or neighbor, the insights from this episode will be invaluable. Rebecca Clark is a life and work coach with training in coaching, teaching, psychology, leadership, and learning theories. In this episode, Rebecca sh ...   Show more

Be a Quitter and Say No with Mike Bodie

Mike is one of those half-glass-full types who is always looking for ways to improve his life through self-motivation, leadership training, church and other ventures. So when he picked up a book that encouraged quitting, it caught him off guard and provided him an everyday lesson ...   Show more

Morning Discipline for the Win with Jody Oliverson

When Jody found himself working from home, he discovered how easy it was to find reasons to get up from his desk and distract himself from work. When he learned an everyday lesson from a YouTube video by Casey Neistat, he made some changes to his morning ritual that made a huge d ...   Show more

Is This Person Between Me and What I Want To Do? With Carah Vallejo

Carah is a strong woman who is also a mother, a spouse, a daughter, a sister, a friend and an employee. She takes all of her roles very seriously and is living a life she’s proud of. In this episode, she gives some of the credit for her success to an everyday lesson she learned w ...   Show more

You’re F**king Perfect

NOTE: This episode contains profanity. In this episode, David makes a departure from his season 2 format, compelled to share a personal story about how his efforts to help his daughter with his “everyday lessons” advice didn’t go as well as he had hoped. Referenced in this episod ...   Show more

See the Other Person's Point of View

If you're struggling with the division created by our nation's turmoil and the upcoming election, if you're shocked when you talk to friends who are voting for "the other guy", and if you want a strategy for bringing people back together, this episode's message is the one you've ...   Show more

Your Mood Determines Your Reality

Have the changes of 2020 got you down? Feeling sad, anxious, or maybe even depressed? If so, you'll relate to David's story in this episode. Hear how he felt so low that he didn't even want to get up, and how he finally found his way back "to himself" thanks to an Everyday Lesson ...   Show more

Face Your Fears Part II: It's Okay To Be Vulnerable

When David attends his annual off-road adventure in Colorado, he is overcome by fear and panic when faced with the high mountain roads of Black Bear Pass. Listen in to discover how he handled the overwhelming emotions that kept him up at night for a month before even embarking on ...   Show more

Stepping in Dog Stuff

Sometimes you step in dog "stuff." You don't mean to, but it can't always be avoided. In fact, "stuff" happens all the time and we have no control over it. But we do control how we respond to the "stuff". In this week's episode, David literally stepped in dog "stuff" only to run ...   Show more

A Shout Out to The School of Greatness

In this episode, David shares how his son, Tanner, struggled with the decision to leave college and how they made a deal that would shape his future in a positive way. Part of their agreement included consuming positive content, including The School of Greatness Podcast. Find out ...   Show more

Shame on You

Online bullying has gotten out of control. You can't hardly scroll through social media or read the comments section of an article without seeing divisive, hateful comments from people who often don't even know each other. In this episode, David leverages a strategy by Sam Horn f ...   Show more

Family and Career - Finding Balance

How many "great men" of history were able to achieve their dreams and goals, but to the detriment of their families and relationships? In this week's episode, David examines how Alexander Hamilton struggled with this universal issue of family vs. career and how a small choice led ...   Show more


If you don't believe that the universe sends signs to those who are looking for them, this episode might change your mind. Three different times, David was presented with messages that spoke to the specific struggles he was dealing with this week. If you're battling to persevere ...   Show more

Your Phone is the Devil

In this episode, David shares his knowledge of the mobile internet to really drive home how addicted people are to their phones. He then shares 5 things to stop doing on your phone to make it less evil and follows that up with some advice from Mel Robbins and Bobby Bones that wil ...   Show more

Act Like the Dog

Revisiting one of the most talked about chapters in Everyday Lessons Every Day, David takes a page out of his dog's book and greets people with enthusiasm and fervor. But that's only the beginning. This time around, he realizes that there's a lot more to learn from dogs than just ...   Show more

Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIGO stands for garbage in, garbage out and is a concept used by computer scientists and mathematicians.  Basically, it says that the quality of output is determined by the quality of the input. Or said another way, if you put flawed data into an equation or a program, the result ...   Show more

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