M365 Productivity Tips and Tricks

M365 Productivity Tips and Tricks

Security Change Management

This week Andy and Adam talk about security change management. Rolling  out a security change or a new security product can be difficult and  stressful if not done correctly. It's important to communicate those  changes for a smooth user experience. Listen in on tips that Andy an ...   Show more

Browser Security

This week Andy and Adam talk about browser security. They break down why it's important to secure your browser's configuration and recommendations on settings for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. They also dive into some thoughts on privacy and advertising data/telemetry. ------------- ...   Show more

Mentorship with Special Guest Matt Wood

This week Andy and Adam chat with Matt Wood. Matt is an information security manager who was Andy's first mentor in infosec. They talk about the importance of mentorship, what the relationship is like, and how to go about finding a mentor. ---------------------------------------- ...   Show more

Zscaler Security with Raja Khalid

This week, Adam and Andy chat with Raja on Zscaler, one of our favorite tools when it comes to DNS security (and more!). Zscaler is a scalable security tool that performs category and reputation filtering. It also does advance threat protection, malware sandboxing, DLP, CASB, and ...   Show more

Mac Management with Special Guest Matthew Ward and Matt Benyo

This week, Adam and Andy are joined by Matthew Ward and Matt Benyo to talk about Mac Management. Macs are more and more important in enterprises and getting a hold on how to manage them instead of letting the be "the wild west" is extremely beneficial to both device management te ...   Show more

How to get into cybersecurity and the skills you need

This week, Adam and Andy cover how people can break into the cybersecurity industry and the skills they might need prior to finding their first job. They cover a range of topics from basic technical knowledge to tools to soft skills to certifications and more. If you're looking a ...   Show more

Azure Sentinel with Special Guest John Joyner

This week, Microsoft MVP John Joyner joins the show to talk about Azure Sentinel. If you're in the market for a SIEM or looking to bolster your security tools at your organization, we give you some ideas to think about when it comes to Azure Sentinel and how it can be a very cost ...   Show more

Physical Security with Special Guest Wesley Strey

This week, Andy is joined by Wesley Strey to talk about the subdomain of physical security. There are so many great parallels between information security and physical security. We hope listeners walk away with a better understanding of how physical security can affect your infor ...   Show more

Say Goodbye to Domain Join with Special Guest Shannon Fritz

This week, Shannon Fritz joins the show to talk about device identity and why you should start joining your devices to Azure Active Directory. This show is jam packed full of information from dispelling some of the myths of Azure AD joining to what steps to take to begin your Azu ...   Show more

Cloud Application Security Brokers

This week, Adam and Andy talk about cloud application security brokers (CASB). The podcast is focused more around Microsoft Cloud App Security but the concepts and use cases can be applied to any CASB solution. ---------------------------------------------- Youtube Video Link: ht ...   Show more

Password Managers

This week, Adam and Andy talk about password managers. They discuss on password managers can protect you from phishing attacks, pros/cons of storing your TOTP key within your vault, and compare three different popular password managers on the market: Lastpass, 1Password, and BitW ...   Show more

What is EvilGinx and How do you protect against it?

This week, Adam and Andy talk about a Red Team/Pentesting tool called EvilGinx. They explain how this tool works and how cyber-criminals can use it to bypass MFA enabled accounts. Most importantly, they provide several ways to mitigate against this using enterprise driven phishin ...   Show more

Modern Device Management

This week, Adam and Andy go over modern device management. They discuss how to use device based conditional access to make access decisions on corporate or personal devices spanning different operating systems in the modern "work from home" and post-COVID world. ----------------- ...   Show more

Real-world Ransomware Experience with Special Guest Gavin Ashton

This week, Adam and Andy speak with Stealthbits security strategist, Gavin Aston. Gavin wrote the blog "Maersk, me & notPetya" and brings a unique percepective to information security defense as someone who's survived a ransomware attack. Youtube Video Link Documentation: Maersk, ...   Show more

Application Security with Special Guest Tanya Janca

This week, Adam and Andy speak with application security guru, Tanya Janca, author of Alice and Bob learn Application Security. It was an amazing conversation where they touched on secure app design practices, password requirements, and infosec industry mentorship and education. ...   Show more

Secure Messaging

This week, Adam and Andy go over some news about Microsoft Defender for Identity and Intel's new CPU ransomware protection. There was also some news about Whatsapp's new privacy policy. Adam and Andy dive into a comparison of the most popular secure messaging apps including an ex ...   Show more

Solarwinds Revisited and Tech Policy under a Biden Administration

This week, Adam and Andy revisit some more guidance that has come out about Sunburst/Solarigate since the initial breach. Additionally, they share some thoughts about this week's insurrection at the US Capitol and the cybersecurity implications. Finally, with a Biden administrati ...   Show more

Information Security Tips & Tricks for Parents

Happy New Year! To ring in the new year, this week's episode focuses on parents who are working from home while having to help home school their kids as well. Adam and Andy go through a lot of tips and tricks that will help secure home networks, devices, and cloud accounts. Docum ...   Show more

Merry Christmas! Learn how to spin up your own VM lab and dev environments

This holiday week, Adam and Andy give you some advice on how to spin up your own virtual machine lab and dev environment. They go through SaaS applications that have free dev environments as well as tools to use to manage VM's. They also give tips on what you can do with that lab ...   Show more

Our thoughts on Fireeye, Solarwinds, and Sunburst

This week, Adam and Andy give you their thoughts on the Fireeye and Solarwinds breach. They also give defenders advice on immediate steps to help strengthen their organizations as well as some future insights on the direction security may be heading in terms on identity and devic ...   Show more

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication is one of those rare features that strengthens security while making it easier for users to sign in. This week, Adam and Andy breakdown passwordless authentication options for enterprises in Windows, Azure AD, and other third party IDP's. They also add ...   Show more

Conditional Access

This is it! Adam and Andy are finally diving into conditional access. They give an overview on what conditional access is including different types of conditional access like user, sign-in, and device based. Stick around until the end where Adam gives a great overview on a new fe ...   Show more

Work from Home - Tips and Tricks

On this week's episode, Andy and Adam give you their tips and tricks for working from home. Having been in mature work from home company cultures, they have insights on what it was like pre and post pandemic. Enjoy! Documentation: Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansso ...   Show more

Our thoughts on Chris Krebs, Infosec Job Security, and Infosec Qualifications

On this week's episode, Andy and Adam give their thoughts on the firing of Chris Krebs, former director of CISA. They also talk about their opinions on whether a CISO should be fired after a cybersecurity breach. Finally, they discuss if people need to have technical degrees and ...   Show more

Active Directory Security with Special Guest Morgan Patzwald

This week, Morgan joins Adam and Andy on the podcast to discuss on-prem Active Directory security. They dive into administrator privileges, best practice for account creation, GPO's, and server admins. They also discuss the concept of Privileged Access Workstations (PAW). Documen ...   Show more

Single-Sign On (SSO) and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

This week, Adam and Andy go over why you should think about using an Identity Provider (IDP) to onboard your SaaS apps to use SSO. They also talk about why it's really important to think about what IDP to go with prior to making a decision. Finally, they talk about SSPR and why i ...   Show more

How did we get into information security and career progression advice

This week, Adam and Andy bring you a bonus episode where they talk about how they got into information security and offer advice on career progression in IT and cybersecurity. Documentation: Free Microsoft Developer's Environment Andy Jaw Twitter: @ajawzero LinkedIn: https://www. https://www. ...   Show more

Ransomware protection - Part 4 - Windows 10 Security, Network Segmentation, Detection and Recovery

This week, Adam and Andy wrap up the ransomware series by first going over controlled folder access in Windows 10 security and Onedrive for Business Known Folder Move. They discuss network segmentation and go into tools and process for detection and incident response. Finally, th ...   Show more

Ransomware Protection - Part 3 - Admin Rights, Email Protection, Phishing Training

This week, Adam and Andy continue the conversation on techniques and tools to protect your organization from ransomware. They dive into the concept of least privileged access and administrative rights, email protection solutions, and phishing/cybersecurity training program concep ...   Show more

Ransomware Protection - Part 2 - EDR, Patching, and Pentesting

This week, Adam and Andy continue the conversation on techniques and tools to protect your organization from ransomware. They dive into EDR solutions, patching and vulnerability assessment management, and pentesting. Documentation: Maersk, me & notPetya: https://gvnshtn.com/maers https://gvnshtn.com/maers ...   Show more

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