S2 Ep. 12: Manifest Your Soulmate with Sanaiyah Gurnamal

S2 Ep. 12: Manifest Your Soulmate with Sanaiy...

S2 Ep. 15: Finding Your True North with Angely Dub

Seeing the big picture has allowed businesswoman and travel blogger Angely Dub to be the master of her own life. Get ready to step outside your comfort zone with Angely's no holds barred approach to life. Share your thoughts on  @projectlovingmyselfpodcast and tag me @sanaiyahgur ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 14: Understanding Love with Ellen Adarna & Derek Ramsay

Taking the world by storm with their whirlwind courtship and eventual engagement, Philippines' new "It" couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay recount the moment they knew their souls were meant to be together. Get ready to be swooned by their happily ever after! Let us know what y ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 13: True Grit with Joyce Pring

As a jill of all trades, Joyce Pring imparts the importance of  purposeful living. Her fruitful career as a host and artist has taken her through many highs and lows which eventually molded her into becoming the inspiring force that she is today. Join the conversation on @project ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 11: Hormone Health with Pauline Goossens

By breaking down the fundamentals of hormones and cycle patterns, yoga teacher and hormone cycle researcher Pauline Goossens reminds us how to listen to our bodies when we nourish ourselves from the inside out. Share your stories on @projectlovingmyselfpodcast and tag @sanaiyahgu ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 10: Reprogram the Mind with Ulysses Wang

A pivotal point in NLP International Certified Coach and Trainer Ulysses Wang’s life lead him on a quest for personal development. Join Ulysses as he unravels the science behind neuro-linguistic programming and how its simple yet effective techniques can also help you in everyday ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 9: Practical Wisdom with Lucy Torres-Gomez

Actress and congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez graces us with her wisdom on how to find strength in moments of pain while cultivating a life filled with kindness, creativity, and compassion. Let us know what you think on @projectlovingmyselfpodcast and tag @sanaiyahgurnamal. DISCLAI ...   Show more

S2 Ep.8: Knowing Your Limits with Rocio Olbes Ressano

Confronting infertility with IVF treatment that led her to conceiving twin boys has taught our guest Rocio Olbes Ressano some important lessons about knowing your limits. We talk about perspective, knowing your identity, priorities and the mindset that gets you through the IVF pr ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 7: Laughter is the Best Medicine with Alex Calleja

This week on PLM is comedian Alex Calleja with a deep dive into discovering  how laughter is the best medicine. Alex shares his own story of depression and anxiety, narrating the steps he took to deal with it while making you laugh along the way. ‘Find the funny,’ he says, becaus ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 6: Design Your Dream Life with Sanaiyah

For my first solo episode on Project Loving Myself, we embark on a journey of life designing. Have you ever experienced those life-defining moments where everything changes, or when your life  goes in a different direction. In those moments, we create space to make different choi ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 5: Love, Relationships & Sexual Energy with Vanya Silverten

Vanya Silverten, author and intuitive energy healer/instructor from the UK, takes us on a journey that returns us back to the state of love. She talks about how helping the lotus transcend from all the mud of our life lets us step into our magnificence. With topics on staying in ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 4: Balancing Yin-Yang Energy with Hideo Muraoka

We are all a balance of Yin and Yang energy - two natural, complementary and contradictory forces in our universe, with qualities that oppose each other while at the same time complement each other.  Feminine energy is yin, receptive, gentle, intuitive,and fulfilling. Masculine e ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 3: Sexual Wellbeing with Dr. Rica Cruz

In this explosive episode about SEX, sexual energy, gender stereotypes, sexual expression and how sex is the barometer of a healthy relationship, we get into how loving yourself starts with owning your sexuality. The conversation with Sex & Relationships Therapist Dr. Rica Cruz v ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 2: Virtual Wellbeing in a Digital World

We now know that the only way to survive these very interesting times is to prioritize wellbeing. But rules have changed in the digital world. Are we more connected or more isolated? Or is it that in isolation, we have learned to find connections. In this episode with the team be ...   Show more

S2 Ep. 1: What to Expect from 2021 with Susanne Schutz

2020 was a year that took us all by surprise. Stay ahead of the game this year with Chinese Metaphysics Master Susanne Schutz who shares her expertise in Bazi Astrology and Classical Feng Shui to give you a glimpse of what to expect from 2021. Susanne shares special tips on how t ...   Show more

BONUS EPISODE: After Dark with DJ Tony Toni

A special bonus episode from Season 1 of Project Loving Myself features DJ TonyToni, who goes dark, real dark but also very real. He gets candid about relationships, religion, and even healing from cancer. Follow @projectlovingmyselfpodcast and @sanaiyahgurnamal for show highligh ...   Show more

Ep. 24: You Are Not Alone with The Eve's Drop

Season 1 of Project Loving Myself ends with a bang 'cause we got 'the crazies in the driver's seat' with us. Join the conversation with The Eve's Drop on this electric episode that reminds you 'you are not alone.' With advice from the Eve's Gang on navigating life, meanderings ab ...   Show more

Episode 23: Find Your Light with Sara Black

We can’t give what we don’t have. We can’t be what we haven’t experienced. In this episode with meditation and Radiant energy coach Sara Black, we explore how to see the light and be the light in both our own lives and the lives of others. Be LOVE says Sara, but what does that me ...   Show more

Ep. 22: Power of Prayer by Maxene Magalona

In this episode, actress Maxene Magalona talks about what it took for her to transform from an angry, anxious, and disconnected person who was punching walls into someone who is grateful, prayerful, and connected to God. Her journey started when she realized how much she was hurt ...   Show more

Ep. 21: Positive Self-talk with Kelly Williams

Let's slow it down a notch and get down to some soul-searching on this episode with ex-PBA star Kelly Williams. We get to do some real talk about self-talk, because we are our own worst critics. Kelly shares about the pressure he put himself under, which taught him resilience, bu ...   Show more

Ep. 20: Finding Yourself with KC Concepcion

Description: Who are we when we strip everything away? Who are we really? In this episode, we explore the many shades of the gorgeous diva KC Concepcion. And like KC, at some point in our lives, we may have to stop and reevaluate our life. Some of us may go through an existential ...   Show more

Ep. 19: Conquering Mental Health with Ellen Adarna

Depression, anxiety and sadness is just an imbalance between body-mind-spirit says actress Ellen Adarna, and so conquering mental health was a journey of finding that balance again. She shares what it took for her to achieve her very own paradigm shift, learning to embrace the da ...   Show more

Ep. 18: Heal The Inner Child with Sandra Lemonon

‘I’m still healing.’ On this episode about abuse, trauma and healing, beauty queen Sandra Lemonon shares her journey back to becoming whole from being abused as a child. Sandra relates her experiences with a light heart and gratitude, while affirming her lessons. A story about co ...   Show more

Ep. 17: Anything is Possible with Tim Yap

Living one day at a time is the philosophy of eventologist Tim Yap who shares his journey to success with us on Episode 17 - Anything is Possible with Tim Yap. Tim has had an eventful life and brings his own unique flavor to the show this week. With topics about GOD, reframing li ...   Show more

Ep. 16: The X-andra Factor

Let's talk about showing up for ourselves on this episode with Xandra Rocha Araneta. Supermom, travel enthusiast and wellbeing influencer, Xandra explores topics like nourishing the mind and the discipline it takes to love oneself on this episode of feel-good. Punctuated by anecd ...   Show more

Ep. 15: Attitude of Gratitude with DJ Tony Toni

This week on Project Loving Myself is a deep dive into the mind of DJ Tony Toni, radio host of Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out. Tony Toni talks about energy management, mental health, succeeding against all odds, and why he is still single. From finding himself to his leap forward fr ...   Show more

Ep. 14: Blooming with Bianca Brandner

On Project Loving Myself this week is an insightful conversation between florist and mom Bianca Brandner and Sanaiyah Gurnamal. Bianca shares life lessons that she has gleaned from her adventures, while opening up about her experience with having ThetaHealing sessions. With light ...   Show more

Ep. 13: Being Brilliant with Teresa Herrera

Creative visionary Teresa Herrera is on the Project Loving Myself podcast to talk about dealing with anxiety during her modeling career, finding peace with yoga, and how healing helped her on her path forward. The conversation ventures into the esoteric with Teresa's thoughts on ...   Show more

Ep. 12: HOLYstic Living with Hindy Weber

Holy Caribou Founder, conscious fashion designer, and holistic living advocate Hindy Weber joins us on the Project Loving Myself podcast to talk about how to be holistic in the way we eat, shop, consume and create. The conversation goes into the energy and consciousness of food w ...   Show more

Ep. 11: Limitless with Jon Herrera

Explore the innerverse with Jon Herrera to understand that the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. Your innerverse is your unexplored mental universe, the one that is inside of you, unlimited and unexpressed. Our innerverse holds the keys to our success, wealth ...   Show more

Ep. 10: Spark Joy with Christine Dychiao

Time to declutter your life? In this episode with certified KonMari consultant Christine Dychiao, Sanaiyah experiences many of her own aha moments, gains insights into her relationship with her clothes, and shares her successes integrating Marie Kondo's philosophy into her life. ...   Show more

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