Episode 32767: 04.18.21 Servin Sunday Retro T - EXERCISE Sweetie, Not Accessorize

Episode 32767: 04.18.21 Servin Sunday Retro T...

Episode 32767: 05.07.21 #TBT - throwback Thursday night

Pretty much the 80s club, retro alternative club. Just me n my old skool crates, I aint no techie - fun for free 1. Madonna mini set 2. GoGos 3.Human league 4.Boney M 5.Kylie 6.Tiff 7.Pet Shop Boys 8.Debbie 9.Depeche 10.-Yaz 11. Dee-lite 12.-Expose 13.Taylor 14.Phyllis Nelson 15W ...   Show more

Episode 32767: 05.02.21 RetroRama

#Retro (not the 40s, not the 70s - YES, the 80s) #Alternative #80s #Dance #Rock #80sTeenMovies 1.Too shy 2.True 3.Step on 4.Pop Music 5.West end girls 6.Genius of love 7.Kids in America 8.What I like about you 9.Future's so bright 10.Space age love song 11.Keep me hangin on 12.I ...   Show more

Episode 32767: 04.17.21 Sat Night-Anything goes-Party Pig-let

1.Catch my breath - Kelly 2.U need to calm down-Taylor 3.Beautiful Stranger-Madge 4.When Love takes over-David G Ft Kelly Rowland 5.Bad Guy-Billie E 6.In your room-Bangles 7.Toss that beat in the garbage-B 52s 8.Sour Candy-Gaga/BlackPink 9.Oops-Yung Gravy 10.Really sayin sumthin- ...   Show more

Episode 32767: 03.27.21-Sat Nite-Main Floor Open

Sat Night club - old skool / retRo night Banana hair clip & Jody Watley earings kinda night. 1.Self control 2.What have I done to deserve this 3.Like a child at play 4.Dont you want me 5.Hungry for your love 6.(You and me)we belong together 7.Together forever 8.No parking 9.Bass ...   Show more

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