228 | Kristin three births, vacuum delivery, miscarriage, homebirth, waterbirth, doula

228 | Kristin three births, vacuum delivery, ...

232 | Fiona Killackey, Two Caeesarean births, Miscarriage, Secondary Infertility

In this week’s episode I interview Fiona @mydailybusinesscoach who shares her confronting experience of an emergency caesarean in London. She was discharged 24hours after birth and while she spent much of her first week at home anxious and sore, a visit from a gentle and wise lac ...   Show more

231 | Georgia, two vaginal births, midwifery group practice, breastfeeding, placenta encapsulation 

In this week’s bonus episode I chat to the delightful Georgia who takes us through her two pregnancies and births. Her surprise first pregnancy was a life-changing shock but she took it in her stride and delivered little Tex with the support of the midwifery team at Geelong Hospi ...   Show more

 230 | Marley three vaginal births, Indigenous Australian, antenatal depression, appendicitis.

In this week’s episode, I chat to Marley Morgan an Indigenous woman who is raising her three children on Gumbaynggirr land. After a surprise pregnancy at the age of 26, Marley was confronted by a variety of health concerns that took a toll on her mental health and led to an ante- ...   Show more

229 | Emma PCOS, Breast Implant Removal, Emergency Caesarean, Prodromal Labour

In honour of caesarean awareness month, I chat to Emma about her pregnancy and birth. Despite her intention to have a birth with minimal intervention, days of prodromal labour coupled with exhaustion, dehydration and obstructed labour due to baby’s position, led her to an emergen ...   Show more

227 | Sarah Type 1 Diabetic, Caesarean Birth, Special Care Nursery, High Blood Pressure

Sarah shares about her life with Type 1 Diabetes and the effect her diagnosis had on her conception and pregnancy. Sarah admits that she did minimal preparation for her labour and birth and while she went in with limited skills, she also experienced a severe lack of communication ...   Show more

 226 | Sonia Covid pregnancy, home birth, water birth, postpartum doula, tail of spence.

In this week’s episode, I chat to Sonia who discovered she was pregnant at the very start of the pandemic. She spent the following eight months immersed in birth documentaries and positive birth stories, intent on creating a birth space where she could be supported by her partner ...   Show more

225 | Dani two vaginal births, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility treatment, twins, inverted nipples 

In this week’s episode I chat to @daniloxton about her fertility issues and the journey to conceiving her daughter and her twins. As a yoga teacher and a doula-in-training, Dani knows what it’s like to balance a natural lifestyle with the reality of a PCOS and endometriosis diagn ...   Show more

224 | Ellesse Hawkins, Placenta Previa, Pilates Instructor, Private Obstetrician, Emergency Caesarean

In today’s episode I interview Ellesse who shares the birth of her son Bowie. Ellesse is a pilates instructor who runs her own business at Fleur Wellbeing Pilates Studio. The Covid lockdown started just as Ellesse discovered she was pregnant. She found this a blessing initially a ...   Show more

223 | Yumi two vaginal births, doula, public hospital, racism, birth trauma, PTSD, retained placenta, homebirth, private midwife, waterbirth

In this week’s episode, I interview Yumi Takahashi who is featured in the recent Birth Time documentary. I aim to share a variety of stories in this space and I believe that Yumi’s experience is essential listening for birthing mothers and, perhaps more importantly, for the midwi ...   Show more

222 | Claire Same Sex Couple, Home Birth, co-feeding, Induced Lactation

In today’s episode, Claire shares how she and her partner Steph had a home birth with their little girl LJ. As a same-sex couple, Claire and Steph used a home insemination process with sperm given to them from a very good friend. As a naturopath, Claire carefully monitored her cy ...   Show more

221 | Melissa Ayling Unassisted Car Birth, Hypnobirthing

This week I revisit one of my very first interviews where I chat with Melissa a hypnobirthing practitioner based in Geraldton, WA. Melissa’s story really encompasses the power of developing faith and trust in the body and its ability to birth. She talks us through her smooth firs ...   Show more

220 | Ellen, solo parenthood, sperm donor, IVF, GD, vaginal hematoma, low breastmilk supply

In this week’s bonus episode I chat to Ellen, a solo mum who navigated four years of IVF to conceive her daughter, Lola. She takes us through ten rounds of IVF, her experience with Gestational Diabetes and the end of her pregnancy where she was faced with two options: and inducti ...   Show more

219 | Rachael Rose two births, HG, shared care, doula, PPH, homebirth, birth rights

In this week’s episode I interview Rachel - a women’s circle facilitator, pregnancy and birth doula and mother of two. Rachael is incredibly well educated in the birth space and offers an insightful glimpse into the hospital system and the protocols that can often stand in stark ...   Show more

218 | Maha Corbett, IVF, Egg Freezing, Over 40, Overstimulation, IUGR, Pre-eclampsia

In this week’s episode I interview Maha who talks about her experience with egg freezing as a single woman in her late thirties. It’s a pertinent topic for our times yet one that’s rarely discussed, hence Maha’s desire to share her story in the hope that it informs and empowers o ...   Show more

216 | Turia Pitt Two Vaginal Births, OB, Induction, Breastfeeding Exercise for Mothers

In this week’s episode, I interview Turia Pitt who talks about her life-changing accident and her journey to motherhood. Resilient, funny and incredibly sweet, Turia shares the details of her pregnancies and labours as well as the challenges of the postpartum period. Most poignan ...   Show more

215 | Jana Pittman four babies, exercise in pregnancy, breastfeeding and implants, IVF, sperm donor, varicose veins

In this week’s bonus episode I chat to retired Olympic athlete, doctor and mother of four, Jana Pittman. Her story is a colourful one and honestly, we could have talked for hours! She generously takes us through her motherhood journey which began when she was at the peak of her a ...   Show more

214 | Blair Two Births, IVF, ICSI, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Induction, Epidural, Forceps, Incontinence

In this week’s episode I interview Blair who tells the story of her traumatic first birth where a quick forceps delivery left her with significant internal damage and incontinence issues. “I felt like birth happened to me, I didn’t contribute at all,” she says. Her introduction t ...   Show more

213 | Bianca Two Births, Down Syndrome, NICU, IUGR, VBAC

In this week’s episode I interview Bianca who, at the age of 22, fell pregnant unexpectedly and navigated the complex reality of a Downs Syndrome diagnosis. Despite multiple health professionals advising her to terminate, she chose to keep her baby, journeyed through a tumultuous ...   Show more

212 | Bella same sex marriage, sperm donor, IVF, retained placenta

In this week’s episode, I chat to Bella about her journey to motherhood with her wife Moana Hope. After choosing a sperm donor and attempting a few rounds of IUI, Bella started IVF and fell pregnant on her first attempt. She takes us through the elation, nausea and worry of her p ...   Show more

211 | Bernadette Lack, Midwife, two births, incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor, GBS, homebirth

  In my first interview of the year, I chat with Bernadette of @coreandfloorrestore - a midwife, personal trainer and mother of two boys. Bernadette’s unique story involves incontinence before pregnancy and she details the debilitating experience of consistently wetting herself a ...   Show more

210 | Kyree Harvey Induction, Failed Epidural, Episiotomy, Vaginal Delivery After 3CT

In the final episode of the year, I interview Kyree Harvey about her intense third birth with baby Denver. She made the informed decision to be induced and after a slow build up she fought her way through 40minutes of incredibly painful active labour and delivered Denver amidst t ...   Show more

209 | Lauren teenage pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, vacuum delivery, breastfeeding, endometriosis

In this week’s bonus episode I chat to student-midwife and mother of two (almost three), Lauren. Half-way through her final year of high school, Lauren fell pregnant at the age of 16. She shares her teen pregnancy journey, her traumatic first birth and redemptive second. Now she’ ...   Show more

208 | Elise Cook, Midwifery care, birth centre, IUGR, positive induction experience.

In this week’s episode I chat to Elise Cook about womanhood, pregnancy and the dichotomy of birth; the immense pain and immeasurable love. She tells a beautiful story of listening to her intuition and consciously choosing to conceive, letting go of her fear and placing her energy ...   Show more

207 | Ashe Davenport Two Births, 42 weeks, Induction, Epidural, Postnatal Depression.

After a gloriously indulgent holiday in Mexico, Ashe and her husband, Sam, returned to Melbourne and fell pregnant soon after. Her easy conception was misleading; she expected the rest of the journey to be smooth and it wasn’t like that at all. Physically it was a straightforward ...   Show more

206 | Nadia Three Births, Chromosomal Abnormality, Stillbirth, Caesarean, Maternal-Assisted Caesarean

  In this week’s episode I chat to Nadia about her three births including her most recent; a maternal-assisted cesarean. Nadia’s first son, a boy named Pio, was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal abnormality and was born via cesarean at 20weeks. She discusses her disbelief at the ...   Show more

204 | Fran PANDA, caesarean birth, PPH, DMER, mental health, PPD, antenatal anxiety

In honour of Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia (PANDA) Week, I chat to Fran of Franjos Kitchen who shares the intricacies of her mental health and motherhood journey. She admits that it took two births and a miscarriage for her to see the very distinct connection between h ...   Show more

204 | April PCOS, Teenage Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, Postnatal Anxiety and Depression, Clomid, Premature baby

In this week’s episode I chat to April who suffers from PCOS and was 19 when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby. After a series of tests to work out why she was suffering recurrent dizzy spells, April was told she was 17 weeks pregnant. Ten weeks later she was dia ...   Show more

203 | Kellee Three Births, Birth Centre, Home Birth, Hip Dysplasia, Tongue Tie

In this week’s bonus episode I chat to Kellee from @littlehumanlinens about her three births. As an emergency nurse, she had to consciously let go of the need to manage her own pregnancy and birth and instead place her trust in her midwife. She speaks candidly about her emotional ...   Show more

202 | Liana Breast Cancer During Pregnancy , Chemotherapy, Caesarean, Mastectomy

In this week’s episode I interview Liana who, at 9 weeks pregnant, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She admits that she went into survival mode when her doctor delivered the news and from then on was determined to do everything she could to deliver a health ...   Show more

201 | Bannie Yoga in Pregnancy, Private Obstetrician, Episiotomy, Breastfeeding Oversupply

Bannie shares suffered terrible morning sickness during her pregnancy which she had under the care of a private Obstetrician. Bannie, a yoga teacher and owner of @fortgreen yoga studio in Melbourne’s north. Crippled with nausea and vomiting in her first trimester, she was physica ...   Show more

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