11: Biomechanics & compensation strategies with James Brouner

11: Biomechanics & compensation strategies wi...

13: Developing the 11+ Dance with Karen Sudds

Karen Sudds discusses her work into developing the 11+ Dance in a recreational setting. We look at her process, methods, and research findings in terms of physical improvements in her dancers. Karen also discusses the potential psychological aspects of this work, as well as anecd ...   Show more

12: Subjective voice of the performer with Gemma Harman

Gemma Harman discusses the subjective voice of the performer. Informed by her PhD work, Gemma discusses her findings, the importance of performer experiences and subjective research, and the notion of performance enhancement. We also look at the role of reflective practice, and p ...   Show more

10: Dance injury epidemiology with Sarah Kenny

Sarah Kenny discusses injury epidemiology, focussing on pre-professional ballet. Sarah talks about her PhD work, longitudinal research tracking injuries in pre-professional ballet dancers, the role of pre season screenings, and factors influencing the reporting of injuries. We di ...   Show more

9: Student welfare support with Steph De'Ath

Steph De'Ath, Head of Student Welfare at London Studio Centre, talks about her role in supporting students. Steph discusses her ethos in student welfare, LSC's approach to student welfare, and creating a culture for positive health and wellbeing. We look at where dance science fi ...   Show more

8: Nurturing the healthy dancer using a multidisciplinary approach with Jatin Ambegaonkar

Jatin Ambegaonkar talks about improving health and wellness in dance, and the multiple external contributing factors to the wellbeing of dancers. We chat more generally about the approaches to research and the balance between clinical/lab work in dance science, and the importance ...   Show more

7: Somatic approaches with Edel Quin

Edel Quin discusses the intersection of somatic practices and dance science. We discuss what somatics is, the principles it is based in, and where it fits within/alongside theoretical frameworks and motor learning. Edel suggests what a somatic approach might be able to give us in ...   Show more

6: Measuring training load with Valeriya Volkova

Valeriya Volkova discusses training loads. Building on S1 E4, Valeriya looks further into how we can measure training load, current sports science research in this field, and some of the challenges in translating sport protocols in the way that they measure and quantify training ...   Show more

5: An applied perspective on injury management with Amanda Huke-Smith

Amanda Huke-Smith, performer and physiotherapist, gives an applied perspective on injury management. We discuss differing injury risks, research, and support in various genres of dance, and potential ways of overcoming injury stigma through normalising injuries. Amanda chats abou ...   Show more

4: Psychological recovery and mindfulness with Dr Peta Blevins

Dr Peta Blevins, dance scientist, educator, researcher, and consultant, talks about her research into psychological recovery for dancers. Peta chats about her PhD work, the practical applications of knowledge about recovery, and student/teacher attitudes towards psychological rec ...   Show more

3: Physiological considerations for performance with Sarah Needham-Beck

Sarah Needham-Beck talks about the physiological demands of performance and touring in dance. Sarah discusses her PhD work, giving an introduction to researching cardiorespiratory fitness and the relationship to aesthetic competence. We focus on the challenges of prolonged perfor ...   Show more

2: Conversations between research and practice in dance science with Emma Redding

Conversations between research and practice in dance science with Professor Emma Redding, Head of Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. In the first half of this episode, Emma reflects on the early developments of dance science as a subject to study and ...   Show more

1: Growth and maturation with Niall MacSweeney

Niall MacSweeney discusses how growth and maturation affects performance, and the impact of adolescent maturation on injury risk in elite pre-professional ballet. We talk about the student-focused approach to this at the Royal Ballet School, including profiling, the use of biolog ...   Show more

SciDance Season 2 with Jazzy Cook

Welcome back to SciDance Podcast. SciDance is an evidence based, research informed podcast looking at all things dance science. Experts in the field share their knowledge and thoughts as we chat about the research, important takeaways for dancers and teachers, and how we can appl ...   Show more

28: Season One Wrap with Katy Chambers

Reflections on Season 1 of SciDance Podcast, looking at informative, interesting, insightful moments taken from each episode so far. Katy Chambers, dance science lecturer and physiotherapist, also joins for a chat where we look at dance science more generally.  Find Katy here - T ...   Show more

27: Myths about nutrition with Meghan Brown

Following on from Episode 19, an introduction to nutrition, Meghan Brown looks at commonly heard myths about nutrition for dancers. This episode looks at vegan and vegetarian diets, the importance of carbohydrates, meal replacements, smoothie diets and protein shakes, tracking en ...   Show more

26: Pointework with Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell discusses readiness for pointe, and training pointe work, in today's episode of SciDance. We look at what influences when dancers begin pointe work, the ideal pre pointe dancer, indicators of readiness for pointe, as well as risks associated with starting pointe too e ...   Show more

25: Psychological skills training with Erin Sanchez

Erin Sanchez talks about psychological skills training in young dancers. An introduction to her PhD, Erin discusses her main areas of focus and the significance of the different perspectives she is looking at. Erin shares more about how dancers differ from other athletes and how ...   Show more

24: 11+ dance and injury prevention with Nico Kolokythas

Nico Kolokythas talks about his work at Elmhurst Ballet School, researching injury prevention and developing the "11+ dance". Nico discusses physical development in vocational training, the prevalence of injuries, and how existing injury prevention research may be applied to a da ...   Show more

23: Performance anxiety with Lucie Clements

Dr Lucie Clements, dance psychologist, talks about performance anxiety. We look at what performance anxiety is and how it differs to generalised anxiety or other forms of anxiety in dance, causes and symptoms of performance anxiety, and how it actually affects performance. This e ...   Show more

22: Researching in dance science with Liliana Araujo

Dr Liliana Araujo discusses researching in dance science. We cover traditional and non traditional ways of researching, and the implications of each of these for findings and relevance, as well as discussing the challenges more generally for researching in the dance science field ...   Show more

21: Biomechanics & movement variability with Luke Hopper

Dr Luke Hopper discusses biomechanics and movement variability. This episode looks at the biology of movement control, processes of feed forward and feedback, schema, and the relationship between movement variability and expertise. Inconsistent movement is unavoidable, so informe ...   Show more

20: Resilience with Brenton Surgenor

Brenton Surgenor talks about resilience. Drawing from his various experiences, we look at holistic approaches in coaching dance, and how a balanced physical and psychological approach may reduce the risk of burnout. We also cover warning signs for burnout, and given prevention is ...   Show more

19: Nutrition with Meghan Brown

Meghan Brown gives an introduction to nutrition for dancers, informed by her own work and research. We look at basic needs such as energy demands, metabolic rates, and calorie intake, as well as introducing macronutrients, micronutrients, and hydration. Meghan also explores sched ...   Show more

18: Physiological demands of dance with Matthew Wyon

Matthew Wyon, Professor in Dance Science at the University of Wolverhampton, discusses the physiological demands of dance. This episode considers the gap in physiological requirements between typical dance classes or rehearsals, and performances, as well as how supplementary trai ...   Show more

17: How dancers learn with Janet Karin OAM

“Dance is a natural and universal form of expression, but classical ballet has a sophisticated aesthetic and complex technique”. Janet Karin discusses, in summary, how dancers learn, and how to make ballet technique natural. We look at the sensorimotor system and the creation of ...   Show more

16: Health promotion with Anastasia Paschali

Anastasia Paschali discusses her research into health promotion and wellbeing in dance. We look at overall concepts of health and wellbeing, enablers and barriers to health in a dance population, as well as what Anastasia hopes to see in the future of health promotion in dance. R ...   Show more

15: Creativity with Lucie Clements

Lucie Clements, on Instagram as @thedancepsychologist, discusses creativity in dance. This episode looks into where creativity fits within dance science, and identifies the importance of developing creativity alongside technical excellence. We also look at Lucie's research into c ...   Show more

14: Periodization with Kim Hutt

Kim Hutt talks about periodization in dance training. This episode looks at trends typically seen in dancers' workloads, distiniguishing cognitive, creative, and physical work, and taking into account individual differences in students, all informed by Kim's own research into per ...   Show more

13: Psychological links to overtraining, burnout, and stress with Gene Moyle

As the second episode in a two part series with performance psychologist Gene Moyle, this episode explores the psychological links to overtraining, stress, and burnout in dancers. Gene also discusses potential psychological predictors of injury, as well as touching on how this fi ...   Show more

12: Performance psychology with Gene Moyle

Gene Moyle gives an introduction to performance psychology. The first in a series of two episodes, we look at dance training behaviours, traditional training methods, and both dancer and teacher attitudes to training. This episode discusses how attitudes to training may influence ...   Show more

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