Episode 49: What Keeps You Alive

Episode 49: What Keeps You Alive

Episode 51: What lies below

"He Donald Trump grabbed me". This is a real line in the movie. If that doesn't let you know the quality of this movie, then I don't know what will. Enjoy the ride.  

Episode 50: Have you ever gone free running through a forest?

We bring to you a podcast where we cover free running, parkour, being chased, child hood injuries, and more.  

Episode 48: Bad Trip

We talk about "Bad Trip" a movie where everything you see is staged but every reaction is real. Pranks pulled on unsuspecting civilians from Florida all the way to New York, it certainly was a trip. But was it bad? find out!  

Episode 47: Getting deep into the minds of the youth

This week we bring on my younger brothers Manny (15) and Santi (12) and get their perspectives on the world and how the youth thinks about things from celebrities to whats does a youths "love life" consist of  

Episode 46: Big Time Adolesence

We watched a movie about a kid who looks up to a druggy and wants to fit in and be cool. That leads us to discussing about our encounters with drugs and clubs!  

Episode 45: Recipe for Seduction

We are talking about KFC, no the powers that Chris claims he has. Though Chris does share something with KFC, being entertaining yet strange. So perfect for this podcast. Enjoy!  

Episode 44: A Late Valentines Day

Hello and welcome to our special edition late valentines day podcast! Love is in the air and cupid is shooting arrows! Or not maybe love is fake and cupid can go poke himself with his own arrows. Either side you fall on, come give us a listen!  

Episode 43: Malcom and Marie

I watched this movie for the sole reason of Zendaya was in the movie. My expectations weren't much, i just figured it was something to watch. This movie blew me out of the water and i had to have the podcast crew watch it and review. See if the movie was "authentic" enough for th ...   Show more

Episode 42: A.I.C.O Incarnation

We put on some netflix, went to the anime section, randomly selected some numbers and thats how we ended up watching a.i.c.o incarrnation. For us selecting a show completely at random it really wasnt that bad. In this anime, whats real, whats fake, whats unknown and whats going t ...   Show more

Episode 41: Would you willingly get in a pokeball?

Ive been playing pokemon go more recently which led me to wonder, would the podcast crew be willing to go in a pokeball if they were real just for the experience of it? We also talk about the crazy idea that no one can beat Goku. Goku has been defeated plenty of times and even di ...   Show more

Episode 40: The Killing Joke

We watch our first animated movie in the history of uneducated reviews. Batman: The Killing Joke. Regarded as one of the best Batman/Joker storylines there is, we decided for ourselves whether or not that hype is warranted!  

Episode 39: More than one way to produce breast milk?

We got together one day and played a game called fibbage on Chris' Xbox. Apparently a women survived on her own for days in the forest just on her breast milk. She wasnt pregnant, so how?  

Episode 38: Rocky IV

To start 2021 we review Rocky 4, arguably the most iconic of the Rocky's. However, have you ever stepped back and watched the movie from the perspective that the Russian Ivan Drago is the "good" guy while the Americans Rocky and Apollo are the "bad" guys?  

Episode 37: Happy Holidays! Last podcast of 2020!

We wanted to let you in on our holiday festivities, so on this podcast we talk about how our christmas went, gifts we got, and random holiday stories from our past! Enjoy!  

Episode 36: A bad moms christmas

To honor christmas and all its glory we decided to watch a bad moms christmas. Now what some of us didnt know was that this movie was a sequel. Very 2020 of us. Happy Holidays!  

Episode 35: The Million Dollar (Dream) Idea!

In this special lead up to Christmas episode, we talk about ideas that we have that if real, would make millions of dollars! On top of that we go through dreams and what we think they can mean and more!  

Episode 34: Santa Jaws

In the spirit of Christmas, we jumped into santa jaws infested waters. Yes this is a movie about a shark that wears a santa hat and can only be hurt by christmas themed items. Lets just say this shark is definitely on the naughty list.  

Episode 33: My personal beef with Kpop group TXT

After seeing BTS perform in Chicago, my girlfriend and I fly back to orlando the next day and end up on the same flight as TXT (tomorrow x together). I say hello and thats where the beef starts. Sorry for Ashley and Zoes audio they didnt get picked up for some reason  

Episode 32: The Mermaid

How crazy can a multi million dollar corporation get when the CEO of the corporation falls in love with a mermaid. A mermaid whose whole clan is trying to kill that same CEO. Welcome to.... The Mermaid.  

Is hypnosis real?

We go over every topic under the sun like what is the internet? and why are our internet speeds capped? is hypnosis real? if it is would you be hypnotized? Are numbers universal? we get real philosophical with this stuff.  


Jumping right into Christmas season we watched Holidate. Ranked as top 10 on netflix we decided to give this rom com a chance. The premise was fun and newish but based on the cover you know they will be together. Oh and no Ryan Gosling isnt to cool to do his own groceries.  

Halloween Special!

This is our bonus Halloween special episode! We discuss the strangest things we've received while trick or treating, spending a halloween in Las Vegas, and one story that scared Zoe. so bad she is still traumatized til this day! Tweet us @Uneducatedmovie with movies you want us t ...   Show more


To honor the scariest day of the year, we watched "Hush" a horror movie where you finally feel like the main character actually knows what they are doing. Genuinely intense, surprise kills, well thought out and overall one of the best horror thrillers to come out in recent years, ...   Show more

Hubie Halloween

In the spooky season mood, so we decided to hit up Netflix for their latest halloween special and we came across Hubie Halloween. So much happens in such a short film, truly an experience. Also dark humor is present in this podcast, so if you are 100 percent PC this is your trigg ...   Show more

Halloween Horror Nights

We talk about a bunch of spooky things this podcast to celebrate the spooky season, as halloween is upon us! Tweet us at uneducatedmovie with movies you would like us to watch and review along with topics you want us to talk about!  

Kicking and Screaming

This week we go over a fun family, based around the competitive nature between father and son, will funny scenes sprinkled in at just the right times. I mean prime Will Ferrell is in the movie, it cant be bad. But please always remember... Pass it to the Italians. Tweet us at Une ...   Show more

Getting over fear of roller coasters to impress a girl

We discuss class field trips that weve been on, including the time i had to get over the fear of roller coasters on the fly, before the one girl i really liked found out. Also Kenneth almost died riding mako, where he essentially had an ejecto set on his roller coaster. Things ge ...   Show more

Parasite - Kim vs Park Family

Starting off our spooky season we dive straight into parasite and let it infect us with its Oscar worthy performance and story telling. This thriller, comedy, drama, has some of the "unedcuated" team split up on which family was worse. Join us and let us know your opinion! Tweet ...   Show more

Explaining to Chris that there can be multiple versions of the same show

Chris is caught off guard when we bring up the fact that there can be multiple versions of the same show lol ex. America's got talent and Britian's got talent. My guy asked if the difference was that they were subtitled haha Follow us on twitter @uneducatedmovie and message us wi ...   Show more

DC Movies, Marvel Movies and a whole bunch of questions

This week we go over the train wreck that is the DC Movie Universe, trying to piece together this mess of a franchise, while getting very easily side tracked and going off on tangents. Write at us on Twitter @uneducatedmovie with topics that you want us to discuss and cover! we w ...   Show more

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