Come and Help Us!

Come and Help Us!

False Security

Each one of us has a sense of a false security in different things, situations, people or even in ourselves. This podcast talks of how to shift our attention to everything that is actually temporary or provides a false sense of security to the One and Only God who is permanent an ...   Show more

Failed Seduction

How strong can the power of seduction be? Very strong! Is it prevalent in our society? Yes! Listen to how Joseph stood firm against sexual seduction and how God honoured him as a result of his life of integrity and faithfulness. Enjoy!  

Rahab My Neighbour

Imagine living next to a prostitute in a city like Jericho. Imagine how much of faith she had for her to be mentioned in Hebrews 11 as a hero of faith. Listen to the details of how Rahab was able to save herself and her family with a scarlet cord.  

He Washed My Feet

Visualise yourself in the same room where Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. Would He wash your feet and me? Absolutely! But why? Listen to this podcast which brings in a fresh perspective on equality, humility and service. Enjoy!  

The Fitting Room

What has a fitting room got to do with our perspective on life or our level of gratefulness? How can we apply the do unto others principle in a fitting room or changing room? Listen and be blessed.  

Foolish Parenting

Have you felt unwanted or insecure? Have you grown up hearing foolish words, words which have cut through the core of your heart? Listen to this podcast and be assured of His love in creating you. Pray that we are never guilty of being foolish parents but rather parents who stren ...   Show more

Raped by my Step Brother

Listen to Tamar and what she felt when her step-brother raped her. Listen to how we as parents make huge mistakes in dealing with our children who are victims or even perpetrators.  

Bent Over

Do you feel bent over in your life with problems and worries? Do you feel like you are being controlled and manipulated? Listen to this podcast and see how Jesus delivers this woman who was bent over for 18 years yet made straight!  

Non - Stop Bleeding

Do you feel empty due to some illness or any lack in your life? Do you feel no one understands or that you are always to be blamed ? Listen to this podcast of how Jesus heals this woman and sets her free not only in her body but in her thinking as well. God bless!  

Whip Of Cords

What does the whip of cords mean to us today? Do we need to protect our Fathers House? Or do we take things for granted for convenience sake? Are churches slipping into seductive violations of His Word? Listen and be blessed!  

Caught In Adultery

Are you living in sin? Are you aware of the consequences of what you are doing? Do you feel like religion or religious leaders have washed their hands off you and they want to ostracise you and publicly humiliate you even if they might be guilty too? Do you feel like no one is ac ...   Show more

Your Coffin and Mine

Do we knowingly or unknowingly build coffins for ourselves? What are these coffins and how do we get rid of them? Get a new perspective on coffins and be encouraged to allow God to resurrect those coffins with His compassion.  

The Murderer Within

Listen to this podcast where I come face to face with pure evil and how that experience changed my thinking forever. Listen on and decide whether you have a murderer dwelling within you and decide as to what you are going to do about it.  

Don’t Be Discouraged

Do you feel discouraged, disappointed, depressed and sad? Don’t be. Listen to how human we can be and Who we need in our lives to be encouraged and happy. God bless you as you start to move on to a renewed hope in life!  

The Exchange

Listen to this heart wrenching exchange. Call it unfair, unjust and downright cruel but it had to be done for you and me. What does it have to do with you and me? Listen and find out.  

Stop Running

Are you on the run? Have you felt unworthy of the love around you? Do you feel you don’t deserve anyone’s love? Stop running is a story of undeserving love poured out in abundance. Enjoy!  

Blind Parenting

Are you valued by your parents? Do you value your children despite their weaknesses? Well listen on and be stirred to love your children with the Love of Christ because they are precious gifts from our Lord Himself! God bless!  

Do These in Secret

Want to know what the 3 things are which Jesus has told us to do in secret? Want to know why He calls us hypocrites if we do don’t do them in secret? Listen and be blessed!  

I am righteous

This podcast is a lesson on humility. God bless you!  

I am Zacchaeus

This podcast will uplift and encourage. God bless you!  

This is the day the Lord has made

This podcast is to encourage, uplift and exhort according to the Scriptures  


Join me Elizabeth Mathew where you will have a better understanding of who you are and how to live complete, happy and fulfilled lives. Get ready to be positively addicted. Are you ready? I am. See you!  

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