Episode 21: What's The Story Nonsensigories?

Episode 21: What's The Story Nonsensigories?

Episode 25: Captain Soldier and the Winter Falcon

Join Eric, Kayla, Mike, Ryan, Tomas, and Josh as they do a full spoilercast on season 1 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier We got a new Captain America...or maybe 2! Zemo gonna Zemo Don't get Mike started on the Power Broker The MCU goes to therapy The Falcon has a fishing boat ...   Show more

Episode 24: The Mortal Kombat Kast

GET OVER HERE and join Eric, Kayla, Josh, and Tomas as The Machine of Nonsense reviews Mortal Kombat (2021) Scorpion's got special blood Sub-Zero's got Oscar eyes Shang Tsung's got that soul suck Sonya's got a Gary, Indiana address We break down all the interesting decisions: New ...   Show more

Episode 23: Premium Geoffrey Rush

Join Eric and Kayla as they welcome Filmmaker Patrick Peña to The Machine of Nonsense Patrick gives us his top 5 Movies, Video Games, and TV Shows In this interview: Patrick's influences and DIY approach to the creative process Turning abandoned projects into something new The va ...   Show more

Episode 22: The Oscars Best Picture Pod!

Join Eric, Kayla, Mike and Special Guest Katie as they take a trip to the 93rd Academy Awards The ultimate MoNstar Katie Berry joins The Machine of Nonsense as our first ever guest! We break down a weird year in movies Each of the cast ranks the 8 movies nominated for Best Pictur ...   Show more

Episode 20: Rolling on 20s

Join Eric, Kayla, Tomas, Mike, and Ryan as they celebrate episode 20! Netflix is making a Gundam show Bioshock is going Open-World Sony is dropping the ball The cast reminisces on all the games, movies, and shows turning 20 this year What holds up? What goes in our time capsule f ...   Show more

Episode 19: Truck Me Daddy

Join Eric, Kayla, Tomas, and Mike as they play the Nonsense Titles Game (we'll workshop it) Did someone name a Video Game "White Van Driver"? How about a movie called "Santa with a 6-pack"? Surely no TV executive green-lit "Alexis Texas" on the Disney Channel....right? You'll hav ...   Show more

Episode 18: Get This Kong A Helicopter!

Join Eric, Kayla, and Ryan as we travel from Skull Island to Hong Kong with a stop off at Hollow Earth E3 is going virtual Gamestop is getting financial And Godzilla's box office is substantial We Talk Trailers! Black Widow Loki Space Jam Suicide Squad Resident Evil Village Plus ...   Show more

Episode 17: Insane In The Pod-Game

Join Eric, Kayla, Josh, Tomas, and Mike as they play Pod-Mind! or was it "The Newly-Cast Game" ? I know it wasn't "How Well Do You Know Your Cast Members..." Leave us a voice message @ anchor.fm/machineofnonsense and let us know what the game should be called! Which Jeff Goldblum ...   Show more

BONUS EPISODE: Final Fantasy Disc Dive 3

Join the Tantalus Media Corporation (Eric, Mike, Ryan, Tomas, and Aaron of The Machine of Nonsense) as they dive into Disc 3 of Final Fantasy 9 This episode covers all events of Disc 3 of Final Fantasy 9 The #cancelsinfulcinna campaign hits a big ole brick wall Leave us a voice m ...   Show more

Episode 16: Jim Halpert's Fishing Clan

Join Eric, Kayla, Mike, and Ryan as they jump back in after a week off in the Suez Canal Microsoft is probably buying Discord Hayden Christianson is back baybee! People keep giving George R.R. Martin money Rick and Morty Season 5 gets a trailer and release date Plus We break down ...   Show more

BONUS EPISODE: Final Fantasy 9 Disc Dive 2

Join The Tantalus Media Corporation (Eric, Mike, Tomas, Ryan of The Machine of Nonsense) as they dive into Disc 2 of Final Fantasy 9 This episode covers all events of Disc 2 of Final Fantasy 9 The #cancelsinfulcinna campaign marches onto the very steps of Pandemonium Leave us a v ...   Show more

BONUS EPISODE: Final Fantasy 9 Disc Dive 1

Join the Tantalus Media Corporation (Eric, Ryan, Aaron, Mike from The Machine of Nonsense) as they do a Disc Dive into Final Fantasy 9 This episode covers all events of Disc 1 of Final Fantasy 9 #cancelsinfulcinna Leave us a voice message @ anchor.fm/machineofnonsense to be featu ...   Show more

Episode 15: The 2013 Video Game Draft

Join Eric and Josh (The Non-Lethal Enforcers) Tomas and Aaron (Crash and the Boiz) Mike and Kayla (The Sisters Mario Brothers) As they draft the best games of 2013 and Let's Fish: Hooked On 6 Rounds 6 categories to fill 6 cast members enter 6 cast members leave, but forever chang ...   Show more

Episode 14: Promising Young Xenomorph

Eric and Kayla give the rest of the cast the night off Famous musician Taika Waititi wins a Grammy TMNT Shredders Revenge Nic Cage plays Nic Cage Snyder Cut...Good? Someone put Tenet on a Game Boy Oscar Nominations for Best Picture 25 minutes of Aliens: Fireteam Plus Our spoiler- ...   Show more

Episode 13: Who Knew Marcus Aurelius?

Join Eric, Kayla, Josh, and Tomas as we play a game of "Describe it Poorly"! It's kinda like Taboo except James Cameron and Step Brothers don't get confused in Taboo If you liked our B.O.M.B. episode, you'll want to check this one out! Leave us a voice message at anchor.fm/machin ...   Show more

Episode 12: Vista Del Mar10

Join Eric, Kayla, and Mike on a trip to sunny Vista Del Mar! We discuss the rumored Nintendo Switch upgrade Space Jam 2 (The Great Bunny Boobie Blunder) Elden Ring shaky-cam footage Plus Our reviews of: Coming 2 America Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Us Again Raya and the Last ...   Show more

Episode 11: WandaVision Spoilercast

Join the IL-Woo-minati (Eric, Kayla, Mike, Tomas, Josh, and Aaron) as we go deep into WandaVision Season 1 Why the I Love Woo-cy episode had us hooked from the opening credits Vision's Essence Dong Where this series leaves the MC-Woo And several other Jimmy Woo puns  Just remembe ...   Show more

Episode 10: The Metapod

Join Eric, Kayla, Mike, Tomas, and Josh as they celebrate 25 years of Pokémon! We SURF through the recent Pokémon Presents! event New Pokémon Snap Diamond and Pearl Remakes Pokémon Legends: Arceus (pronounced Arceus) Plus: What Pokémon means to us Is Pokémon just for kids, and is ...   Show more

Episode 9: Crossovers like Iverson

Join Eric, Kayla, Mike, Josh, Tomas, and Ryan as we play The Crossover Game! First we pitch our versions of some "iconic" film and TV video game adaptations: Doom, Alone in the Dark, Double Dragon, Silent Hill, Captain N: The Game Master, and Hitman Then we pitch a crossover that ...   Show more

Episode 8: Give Me Fuel Give Me Fire Give Me Ignitable Bee Fluid

Join Eric, Kayla, Mike, and Ryan as we MARCH into the future BlizzCon Coverage Napster finally gets revenge on Metallica Sony announces new VR and Twisted Metal TV show Pieces of a Woman and Promising Young Woman are not the same movie We care a little about I Care a Lot We also ...   Show more

Episode 7: Somebody Set Up Us The B.O.M.B.

Join Eric, Kayla, Tomas, Josh, and Aaron as we play a game of B.O.M.B. It's kinda like H.O.R.S.E. except with a lot more Jack Black If you don't know what B.O.M.B. is, give us a listen and find out We also break down the new trailers for Cruella and Mortal Kombat (Those are 2 dif ...   Show more

Episode 6: Nintendon't Go Breaking My Heart

Eric, Kayla, Mike, and Tomas take a DIRECT trip to Nintendo Land Please give us hour-long Wandavision Snyder Cut Trailer SXSW GOTY FYI Valheim breaks records Rian Johnson breaks hearts And a spoiler-filled review of Judas and the Black Messiah  

Episode 5: CONTRAversial Elevator Pitches

Eric, Kayla, Tomas, Josh, and Ryan pitch our ideas on how to make some upcoming Video Game adaptations not suck A Gallagher (ninja) origin story Breakin 3: Lady Gaga's Just Dance Tom Hardy vs Jeff Hardy in Fallout: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs And so much more We also discuss the re ...   Show more

Episode 4: Superb Owl and the Winter Source Code

Eric, Kayla, and Mike take a trip to THE BIG GAME PS5 and XBOX Series sales figures Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk source code stolen (here we go again) Tom Holland says "I'm the Spider-man now" Superb Owl Trailers: Falcon and the Winter Soldier Old Nobody and more The Medium wrap-up wi ...   Show more

Episode 3: Are All These Video Game Adaptations Going To Suck?

Join Eric, Kayla, Mike, Ryan, Tomas, and Josh as we formulate a draft of all the Video Games that are being turned into Movies and TV series Will any of them be successful? (history isn't on their side) Which will be the biggest train wrecks? We also go cover the history of Video ...   Show more

Episode 2: Ordered The Little Things But Got The Medium

Join Eric, Kayla, Aaron, and Tomas as they break down some new releases: WandaVision (Disney+) The Medium (Xbox) The Little Things (HBOMax) GameStonks (The Internet) We also touch on the rumored new TV series adaptations of Harry Potter and Tomb Raider  

Episode 1: Everybody Loves Parks & Rec

In this first episode of The Machine of Nonsense we get to meet our cast members. All 7 cast members reveal their top 5 favorite TV shows, Movies, and Video Games. Chrono and Gump and Knope, OH MY!  

Machine of Nonsense Trailer

Introducing the Machine of Nonsense Podcast. The greatest moment in video game history A special guest appearance by Jimmy Stewart!! The Ally McBeal theme song??  

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