A McPasty and a Cider Milkshake, Please

A McPasty and a Cider Milkshake, Please

The Triumphant Return of Semington Corralman

This week the boys are joined by Grief Burrito's messianic host Hazz Wild, and are lucky enough to land an interview with the Wizardverse's premier truck boy, Semington Corralman! Why not join them for a good old time?  

Bringing Crockery to a Fist Fight

This week the boys bring more INJUSTICES to light, such as why Baron Zemo isn't the top billed hero in Falcon & the Winter Soldier, why don't microwave ovens have advertisements, and why is there not an uproar that our skellingtons are always wet? Also, Ryan brings crockery to a ...   Show more

Game Music & Nostalgia Glands 3 ft Emmett LaFave

The nasty Professor Gape has trapped Winst0lf in detention! But don't worry, Stu and Ryan have summoned famed YouTuber, musician and Elder Scrolls fanatic Emmett LaFave to help out with the episode instead!  

Ryan Vs Ryan

What happens when podcastings greatest beef finally boils over, and Ryan, the most handsome boy on the internet, must go up against Ryan, the most Cornish boy on the internet? Let's find out…  

A More Than Satisfactory Episode

Ryan’s simping over Satisfactory has finally paid off, as Shart Select lures in Coffee Stain Studio’s  community manager, Snutt Treptow, for a lovely chat… but does Ryan have ulterior motives to quite literally get his face into the game? Our Patreons! Sam, Chris Price, PIXI Gami ...   Show more

The League of Extraordinary Thicc Bois 2021

It's back, and this year the famous Quiddicks pitch at Cockwarts School For Privileged Wizards is hosting the event! We also get to hear more dubious erotic literature in Ryan's Surprise, select Halo Wars 2 in the Gamepass roulette and Stu gets to go on a woodland adventure with ...   Show more

The Many Bad Endings of Vito Scaletta

This week the boys talk about bad endings in gaming, with such guilty parties as Half Life, Mafia 2, visit Old Man Lockout, hear some fantastic surprise content from Ryan and even take part in a game of Cockwarts' famous sport, Quiddicks! But be careful, Vito Scaletta might come ...   Show more

Shart Messiah

This week we let Ryan take us on a deep dive tour of Arkane’s 2006 title, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. We also selected Mount & Blade for our first random Gamepass title and pay a visit to Cockwarts, where an attempt to learn the national game of Quiddicks goes horribly wrong ...   Show more

Upcoming Titles & The Stone Hard Leg

The boys discuss upcoming games in 2021, and which ones get them...Erm… turgid, and which get them like a sad windsock… will it be Farcry 6, darktide, rider republic, deathloop ? find out now. The Bois also visit Gagrid in his hut and meet fluffer and a nasty run in with Drakebro ...   Show more

Kingdom Sharts

The boys are back! In this episode we complain about things like the old men we are, take a deep dive into Kingdom Hearts and discover the real, top secret meaning behind it all, check out Ryan's Surprise once again and catch up with the latest wizard news at Cockwarts! We're bac ...   Show more

Daddy Thicmass

This week Daddy Thicmass empties his sack allover us and treats us to some 3 stories from the Drip Tray, the Patreon only bonus episodes, so we can all enjoy what our patreons suffer with each week Our Patreons! Sam, Chris Price, PIXI Gaming Podcast, Pete Jones, Steph Gannon, Jor ...   Show more

The Great Meta Audit

This week the bois audit the wizardverse, what will stay at what will be thrown out in the big reboot before season 6!!?? find out in he season 5 Finale Our Patreons! Sam, Chris Price, PIXI Gaming Podcast, Pete Jones, Steph Gannon, Jordan Shenton, Dave - THANK YOU Patreon is now ...   Show more

Shart Attack!

The boys have materialised in a 90s arcade, where they run into the lovely Adrian and Dylan from the Arcade Attack podcast! Featuring: interview with Arcade Attack Ryan's Surprise Our Patreons! Sam, Chris Price, PIXI Gaming Podcast, Pete Jones, Steph Gannon, Jordan Shenton, Dave ...   Show more

A Trip To Morrowind

The boys have escaped at last, only to wind up trapped on the island of Vvardenfell! Thankfully, they're joined by guests Steph and Paul Gannon in this strange, strange place Featuring: Ryan's Surprise Feature: Morrowind Chat The Wizard's Tower Our Patreons! Sam, Chris Price, PIX ...   Show more

Thicc Boy Dreamboats

As the relationship with the wizards worsen, the boys refuse to follow their orders and decide to talk about their crazy dreams instead… Featuring: Stu's Thomas "Mandela Effect" What Really Grinds My Chode Ryan's Surprise Feature: Dreams The Wizard's Tower Our Patreons! Sam, Chri ...   Show more

Bottom of the Shart

The boys encounter Adam and Nick from the Bottom of the Stream podcast knocking about in the Wizardverse and, naturally, set out to interview them. Also, there's some Fred Elliot discussion. Featuring: Meerkat Watch! Ryan's Surprise Interview With BOTS podcast bottomofthestream.c ...   Show more

Encyclopedia of Filth 2

Ross Cooke is back to talk to the boys, as well as Wizard jock Master Bhigballzs, so naturally the wizards are trying to impress him by making the boys come up with some video game themed lewd acts! DISCLAIMER: It's nasty! Featuring: Ryan's Surprise What Really Grinds Stu's Chode ...   Show more

Tower Fighter

The Mortal Kombat people have been in touch with the wizards to ask a favour: nominate the next DLC fighter for their latest title! Our Patreons! Sam, Chris Price, PIXI Gaming Podcast, Pete Jones, Steph Gannon, Jordan Shenton, Dave - THANK YOU Patreon is now live! Sign up now for ...   Show more

Cryptid Hunting With Grief Burrito

Following a time travel adventure, Haz and Jordan from Grief Burrito get stuck in the Wizardverse! May as well talk about cryptids for a bit then with the boys then, eh? Featuring: Ryan's Surprise - Star Trekkin' Feature: Cryptids The Wizard's Tower Our Patreons! Sam, Chris Price ...   Show more

Spoopy and Nope Places

The boys have been sent to survey gamings spoopiest places on behalf of the Wizards. We also hear some listener suggestions and catch the Wizards sneaking to the pub… Featuring: Ryan's Surprise: One Liner Challenge Feature: Spoopy Places What People Responses Uncle Benny's Pub Qu ...   Show more

Scary Characters & The Invisibility Bloke

This week the boys are tasked with recruiting a scary character from a video game to loiter around the Wizards Tower for Halloween! Also, Master Cumrag uncovers an ingenious new invention… Featuring: Ryan's Surprise - The Mandela Effect Main Feature - Halloween Characters Who Don ...   Show more

Over the hill and far away...

This week the boys get a bit carried away with quizzes, Ryan takes us to Sunny Amsterdam and Master Phenrig has a confession to make about a certain JRPG remake… Featuring: Ryan's Surprise: An AI Script Cunkle or Noncle Thicc Hunt Stu's Version of Winst0lf's Quiz Who Done What an ...   Show more

Killer Shart - Rabbit Select

This week the boys are joined by Yorkshire's finest podcast, the excellent Killer Rabbit! Expect hijinks aplenty as we discuss sexy grouse shooting, working down t'pit and jetpacks! Featuring: Ryan's Surprise - Ryan's Stolen Surprise Interview with Killer Rabbit SHOW LINKS Patreo ...   Show more

Ryan & the 3.5 Inch Floppy

This week the boys discuss a new direction for Thomas the Tank Engine, Ryan's relationship with the Script AI and break out some sick quizzes and surprises! Featuring: Ryan's Surprise: AI Horror Movie - The Damp Knife The League of Cool Uncles Thicc Hunt starring Stu Who Done Wha ...   Show more

Have You Heard of the High Elves? ft Emmett LaFave

In this glorious episode, the boys meet with acclaimed YouTube star/irl Elder Scrolls character and musician Emmet LaFave of the famous LaFave Brothers for a thrilling interview! Emmet LaFave: Twitter | Youtube | Spotify LaFave Bros: Twitter | Youtube Featuring: Ryan's Surprise: ...   Show more

PIXI & Yung Raptor

The southwest's greatest hero returns to the Wizardverse, this time bringing his (possibly a dinosaur) friend Yung Raptor with him to see the boys! Expect weird questions and fun pronunciations of the word "castle"! Featuring: Ryan's Surprise: a visit to Professor Ryance! A very ...   Show more

The Musician, The Poet, and The Thicc Quizmaster

Forget Ryan's Surprise, this week the bois each have their own special surprises; including Winstolf's Wonder and Stu's Merciless Mindbender  

Remaster Me Daddy!

The Bois nostalgia glands need milking again, This week we discuss what games we would like to see remastered  

Encyclopedia of Filth

The Wizard BigBalls is back and brought with him his encyclopedia of filth! The Wizards have asked the bois to decipher some of their favourites to entertain them  

The Interrogation of Ross Cooke

A mysterious traveller from the world beyond the spooky woods has somehow found the Wizards Tower: artist extraordinaire Ross Cooke! Let's see what the boys make of this enigmatic figure...  Ross Cooke Instagram Twitter  

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