E119 - Dignity and Pleasure in Work (w/ Joseph Workman)

E119 - Dignity and Pleasure in Work (w/ Josep...

E121 - Continuous Improvement and Lean (w Kiran Kachela)

James and Jane are joined by Kiran Kachela from CIProjects.co.uk to talk about continuous improvement. The conversation explores what continuous improvement is, why it matters and what leaders and managers can do to help their teams or organizations develop. In addition, Kiran sh ...   Show more

E120 - Employee Wellbeing (w/ Bob Merberg)

James and Jane are joined by Bob Merberg from Jozito LLC to speak about all things employee wellbeing. The conversation explores what wellbeing is and why it matters, as well as what organizations are doing (or not) that helps improve it.  

E118 - The Nature of Work (W/ Paul Miller & Shimrit Janes)

James and Jane are joined by Paul and Shimrit to discuss their book, "The Nature of Work". The conversation explores our relationship with work, how we think about work and the need for new, systemic, connected, responsible and healthy ways to describe the role that work plays in ...   Show more

E117 - Agile Working (w/ Sathpal Singh)

James and Jane are joined by Sath to speak about all things agile. The conversation explores what Agile is, where it comes from and some of the practices used in Agile teams. As well as considering practical aspects of Agile, the conversation also focuses on culture.  

E116 - Evidence Based Management (w Rob Briner)

James and Jane discuss evidence-based management with Dr. Rob Briner, a Professor of Organizational Psychology and Scientific Director at the Center for Evidence-Based Management. The conversation explores what evidence-based management is, processes to support it, sources of evi ...   Show more

E115 - Org Culture and Remote Working (w Ben Branson-Gateley)

James and Jane are joined by Ben, CEO of Charlie HR, to speak about organizational cultures. The conversation explores what cultures are, what shapes them, key levers we can use to influence them and how we need to think about them when working remotely. As ever, the discussion c ...   Show more

E114 - Psychological Flexibility (W/ Richard MacKinnon)

James and Jane are joined again by friend of the show, Dr. Richard MacKinnon to talk about Psychological Flexibility. The conversation explores the ways our mind can work against us, and the tools we can develop to increase our psychological flexibility, and be at our emotional a ...   Show more

E113 - Class in Work and Museums (W/ Sam Evans)

James and Jane are joined by Dr. Sam Evans to speak about the role that class plays in our experiences of work. In this episode Sam shares her thoughts and the findings of her PHD work in this area, and considers implications for teams and leaders across other sectors.  

E112 - Organizational Cultures (w/ Karen Jaw-Madson)

James and Jane are joined by Karen Jaw-Madson, author of "Culture Your Culture" and instructor at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies programme, to discuss organizational cultures. As well as exploring what cultures are, Karen shares her approach to understanding and changin ...   Show more

E111 - Power at work (part 1)

James and James have an introductory conversation about power in the workplace. They discuss what power is, and some of the things that people can have in the workplace, that lend them power. The core anchor for this episode is French and Raven's bases of power.  

E110 - Parental Leave (w Alison Koslowski)

James and Jane are joined by professor Alison Koslowski to discuss parental leave and the role that it plays in gender equality. The conversation explores the current state of parental leave, as well as things that individual, leaders and policy makers can to to help increase equ ...   Show more

E109 - Leadership and OD lessons from the Marines (w Mike & Ed from Shackleton Group)

James and Jane are joined by Mike and Ed from the Shackleton Group for a conversation about leadership and organizational development. The conversation is anchored in Mike and ed's experiences as leaders in the US Marines, where they were both aviators. The discussion explores le ...   Show more

E108 - Job Crafting (w Rob Baker)

James and Jane are joined by Rob Baker, author of Personalization at Work, to talk about Job Crafting. The conversation explores what it is, the benefits it brings to people and organizations, and some simple things you can do to start to personalize your role, or the roles of in ...   Show more

E107 - Organizational Cultures and "The Long Win" (W Cath Bishop)

James and Jane are joined by former Olympian and Diplomat, Cath Bishop, to explore our concepts of winning, how they shape our organizations and how we can improve our cultures. The conversation explores Cath's book, "The Long Win", and focuses on the idea that it's often better ...   Show more

E106 - Employee Experience and Choice (w Daan Van Rossum)

James and Jane are joined by Daan Van Rossum, Chief Experience Officer at Dreamplex, to talk about employee experience. The conversation explores what employee experience is, and focuses specifically on the increasingly important role that choice plays in shaping positive employe ...   Show more

E105 - Dignity & Work w Jonathan Kaufman

James and Jane are joined by Jonathan Kaufman to talk about what dignified work is like, and how work can bring dignity to our lived experiences. The conversation also explore how our experiences in work affect our relationships with our family, friends, neighbors and communities ...   Show more

E104 - Holacracy (W/ Karilen Mays)

James and Jane are joined by Karilen Mays, who spent 7 years as a partner at HolacracyOne, to talk about Holacracy. The conversation explores what hierarchy and holacracy are, the benefits of holacracy, and what teams can do to learn more about and potentially implement these way ...   Show more

E103 - Anxiety (w/ Richard Mackinnon)

James and Jane are joined again by Dr. Richard MacKinnon, this time for a conversation about anxiety. In it we explore what anxiety is, how it works, some things we can do about it and how it relates to the world of work. It's fair to say all three of us have felt increased anxie ...   Show more

E102 - A Practical Guide to Organizational Culture (W/ Galen Emanuele)

James and Jane are joined by Galen from ShiftYes for a conversation about organizational culture. The discussion covers what culture is, and practical steps you can take to change cultures in your organizations.  

E101 - Organizational Impact & Responsibility w/ Anna Fowlie from SCVO

James and Jane are joined by Anna Fowlie, CEO of The Scottish Council of Voluntary Organizations (SCVO) to explore what organizational impact is, and how organizations of all kinds can create better impacts. The conversation explores what responsibility is, how organizations can ...   Show more

E100 - A Look Back at our First 100 Episodes

James and Jane each reflect briefly on three episodes from the that they've chosen from among the first hundred episodes of the World of Work podcast. They share why they've chose each episode, what their take-aways are from it and what they think listeners get from it.      

E099 - Procrastination w/ Dr. Richard MacKinnon

After putting it off for far too long, James and Jane finally explore procrastination (Sorry!). In this episode they are joined by the excellent Dr. Richard Mackinnon to explore what procrastination is and the impacts it can have on us and on others. The conversation also address ...   Show more

E098 - Innovation and Cognitive Process (with Roni Reiter Palman)

James and Jane are joined by Roni Reiter-Palmon for for their third and final conversation from the summer of 2020 on creativity and innovation. This episode focuses on the role of cognitive process in improving individual and team innovation.  

E097 - Boundaries in Life and Work (W Dr. Jane Booth)

James and Jane are joined by guest Jane Booth to speak about boundaries. The conversation explores what personal and relationship boundaries are and why they matter. It also covers thoughts on understanding your own boundaries, and the role of boundaries in the world of work.  

E096 - Innovation, Diversity & Conflict (with Roni Reiter-Palmon)

This is the second of three podcasts in which James and Jane speak to Roni Reiter-Palmon about creativity and innovation. This episode focuses on the role of diversity and conflict in the process of innovation.  

E095 - Nutrition and Work (w/ Laura Wyness)

James and Jane are joined by Laura Wyness, PhD, to speak about nutrition. The conversation explores what good nutrition is, the things we should look out for and how nutrition can contribute to our experiences and performance in the world of work.   

E094 - Innovation, Failure & Psychological Safety (With Roni Reiter-Palmon))

James and Jane are joined by Roni Reiter-Palmon from the University of Nebraska in the first of three episodes exploring creativity and innovation. This podcast specifically focuses on the role of failure in innovation, our relationship with failure and how psychological safety c ...   Show more

E093 - Playfulness at work with Teresa Leyman and Stephanie Wheeler

James and Jane are joined by Teresa Leyman and Stephanie Wheeler to speak about playfulness and laughter. The conversation explores what playfulness and laughter are, how they affect us as people, how they affect teams and specifically how they affect creativity in work.  

E092 - Lessons from Counselling Skills (w/Laura Hamilton)

Jane leads this conversation with long time friend of the podcast, Volunteer Management Consultant and recently qualified counsellor, Laura Hamilton. In it they discuss the lessons that leaders and managers can learn from counselling skills.  

E091 - Racism in the Workplace (with Shola & Ashanti)

James and Jane hand over hosting duties for the week to Shola Ope, who leads a conversation about racism in the workplace with diversity specialist, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue. Their wide ranging conversation explores the current state of racism in modern workplaces and some things that ...   Show more

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