#88 Bodies in The Desert

#88 Bodies in The Desert

#89 Tranquility of Solitude

A chance at redemption as me and Kyleigh record on top of Figueroa Mountain for a second time, the first one didn't take and we lost a lovely episode so six months later here we are interfacing with the wild around us, watching the sunset, letting the crickets annoy us, talk abou ...   Show more

#87 Every Man Needs a Good Knife w/ Will McCarty

Will McCarty joins me on my balcony one evening, as I enjoy a cigar and we talk about our hatred for skateboaring, the roles we play in the industry, the 27 club, shitposting, his deep voice, what GOMAD is, eating raw meat, and our denim rituals.   

#86 Knee'd to Know Basis

Dive deep into my psychosis this week as I struggle with injury-induced depression, watching my first stand-up show in over a year, eating elk for the first time, possibly finding my new favorite action-flick, Hercules stealing MY joke, appreciating clean comedy, teasing future g ...   Show more

#85 Kicking the Can w/ Bruno Valdez

Bruno was rolling through the neighborhood and stopped by the podcast to chat about wearing the wrong size skate shoes, me blocking him on Facebook, (Is) Skateboards, tragedy bringing us closer, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, hotel room finds, shoplifting tips, MMA, and knowing when to ...   Show more

#84 I'm Trying to Help w/ Jonathan Lopez

We met at a small motel in an even smaller town and drank some beer and whiskey. It went very well. We talked about the podcast we've grown, what causes a man to get a Prius, I push through vocal fry, getting fired from our jobs, having supportive partners, what Jonathan doesn't ...   Show more

#83 Not Good at That Either

Happy Two Years Everyone! In this anniversary episode I squabble with my guest dryspell, recap my Valentine's Day, agree to a tattoo I can't pay for, life lessons from a ghetto skatepark, productive complaining, and overdosing on Redvines.   

#82 Vice Signaling

This week I embrace my inner slacker, find out what it means to be politically gender neutral, make a case for animal based diets-while respecting vegan ones?? (you'll have to tune in for that one), recap my first drunken driving-range experience, and a date to the mountains with ...   Show more

#81 Kill Bill Vol 2 Fight Companion

This episode is as long as Pai Mei's eyebrows with none of his wisdom. It has Bill, booze, bros, blunts, and bullshitting amongst a crew of longtime friends. Bury yourself alive in the conversational orgy of violence taking place.   

#80 Kill Bill Fight Companion

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" or something like that. Here is the Kill Bill Vol. 1 audio commentary by me and Daniel Bax, it has everything you could want and plenty you don't. Beer, swords, blood, feet, cigars, guns, and Asian stereotypes to name a few. If you all enjoy t ...   Show more

#79 20 for 20

Happy New Year to all my listeners, I hope your 2020 wasn't any worse than it needed to be. We made it. Or whatever the fuck that means. Here are 20 things that carried me through these tumultuous months in one piece. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy. Carrying on into 202 ...   Show more

#78 Last Bastion of a Broken Man

Contending with technical difficulties, I try not to cuss while discussing the Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year Voting Fraud, women in skateboarding, getting promoted to Blue Belt in BJJ, Mandalorian stoke & spoilers, my new cigar hobby, my grandfathers' drinks and smokes of ...   Show more

#77 w/ Dane Freese

This episode epitomizes why I originally started the podcast; to have an excuse to sit down and hang out with my friends and access a deeper side of our friendship, to harness the late night hang, and all of the topics you could possibly cover as you're all laughing through cloud ...   Show more

#76 A Symphony of Symptoms

After weeks of being couped up in our apartment battling symptoms of Coronavirus Kyleigh and I wonder if we're infected, talk the efficacy of masks, hypochondria, the futility of Fun Police, planning our future compound, and Thanksgiving favorites.   

#75 Election Hangover

Recorded just a few days after the election I sit in my apartment alone and think out loud into the microphone about the election, relationship threatening bowel movements, Sean Connery passing away, and Kyleigh joins to talk about bathroom politics & job hunting.   

#74 Daniel Bax II

Part two of Daniel Bax's shenanigans is here! We make a case for the innocence of Tom Hanks, ponder last minute Halloween costumes, the beginnings of Daniel's tattooing obsession, the real story behind part 1's dad fighting story, the REC DIY, I find out what Qanon is, and Daniel ...   Show more

#73 I Remember Halloween

In the midst of a lackluster Halloween season I contend with Seasonal Affective Disorder, difficulties of Sober October, the 2020 World Series, and Kyleigh joins to discuss our most vivid Halloween memories.  

#72 Daniel Bax

Many of you have heard Daniel's voice before on episode #9 "Two Birds, One Stone" he joins me again for a one-on-one conversation about roommate dynamics, his growing tattoo collection, OnlyFans, Non-Alcoholic beer, not stretching, skatepark manners, and convincing each other to ...   Show more

#71 Everything Hurts & You Suck

A recap of our rough week, me and Kyleigh talk about not being able to go back into Crunch fitness, our emotional trip to the San Diego Air & Space Museum, dining in the Gaslamp Quarter, and a very bad day at the beach.   

#70 Crunch In, Crunch Out

Last week I posted a video saying I quit my job, here's the story! I also talk about trying new vitamins and supplements, react to my Bad Listener Movie Recommendations including American Psycho, Thankskilling, and Spinal Tap to name a few.   

#69 WE MOVED!!! feat. Kyleigh Montgomery

Dallas rambles about noise complaints, finding parking, moving out of your parent's house, and Kyleigh joins to share their pet peeves plus we read Bad-Listener suggestions.  

#68 Angelina La Pointe

Angelina La Pointe joins me today to promote her band's upcoming album "Girl Talk" by Angie & the Nightmares. We also talk about the finer qualities of Rockabilly culture, tattoo hate, the writing process, and lots more you'll have to tune in to hear!  

#67 Content Fatigue w/ Kiana Hayes

Happy to have my friend Kiana back on the podcast. We had a super-fun, light-hearted, semi-serious, conversation I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed having it. Don't forget to Share this with your friends and Rate and Review on your Podcast app and please check ...   Show more

#66 Montage of Failures

I'm back! Another solo episode gem where I celebrate National Lipstick Day, lose my smartphone, answer listener questions and suggestions, start the move from the Central Coast, my new obsession with golf, and plenty of scatalogical humor.   

#65 In the Devil's Cauldron w/ Nelson Almodovar

WE'RE BACK!!! I'm joined by Nelson Almodovar a young father, educater, and runner to talk about social climates, arbitrary cancel culture, the efficacy of playing Devil's Advocate, dangerous edibles, the evils of PornHub, connecting with our natural surroundings, and a fuck ton m ...   Show more

#64 A Second Listen w/ Kyleigh Montgomery

To pass the boredom and learn a little more about each other Kyleigh and I share five songs each that are important to us and discuss our first impressions, lasting thoughts, why we really chose those specific songs, and possibly shed some tears.   

#63 A Line to Draw w/ Alli Wallace

Alli Wallace joins me in breaking some social distancing for a podcast and talk about her Adam Sandler movie marathon with Chris, her amazing single line illustrations, the upsides and downsides of COVID-19, cancel culture, horror movie doubts, misdemeanors, Banksy, and being ado ...   Show more

#62 I'll Leave it at That w/ Chris Lambert

Singer/Songwriter and fellow podcaster joins me one afternoon for a long talk about our obsession with craft and the creative process, stand-up comedy, having supportive partners, what our daily lockdown routines have become, and his favorite movies.   

#61 Was it Brutal? w/ Kyleigh Montgomery

Kyleigh joins the podcast and we talk about our daily qurantine routine adjustments, home workouts, staying motivtaed, getting closer to our families, and we do a couples quiz.   

#60 Simple Wound

I'm back folks! Ranking light beers, rambling about my inability to stop eating, not knowing what today is, bingeing The Sopranos, comedian mannerisms, laughing out loud more, and Bad Listener suggestions.   

#59 Semblance of Independence w/ Kyleigh Montgomery

My lovely girlfriend joins the podcast today and we answer your submitted questions, discuss what it's like dating during COVID-19, embracing men's insecurities, songs that hold a special place in our hearts, the joy of doing absolutely nothing, kinks, and who should've played Wo ...   Show more

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