Ep. 70 My Love Don't cost a thing.

Ep. 70 My Love Don't cost a thing.


Hanging out with your friends ex. Social media hiatus. Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather  Domestic violence. Open senate corruption. Journalism is dead. Run time 41:13 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ep. 72 Just Like That!

A Marriage broken up over dirty underwear. Is being in love with someones potential wrong ? Oscars ratings down over 50% Why McDonalds ice-cream machine is always broken. Caitlyn Jenner running for Governor.  Run time 31:53 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen ...   Show more

Ep. 71 Justice

Did Ben Askren get paid to lose ? Should Trans athletes be allowed to compete ? Deshaun Watson rape allegation (Bill Cosby vibes)  George Floyd murder verdict  16 year old Ma'Khia Bryant shot by police (our thoughts) Run time 48:49 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dime https://anchor.fm/dime ...   Show more

Ep. 69 X gon give it to ya!

RIP DMX  Lil Nas x went to hell  KD dm's exposed  Paul Pierce fired from ESPN/Disney  Ron Desantis vs 60 Minutes  Run Time 38:55 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ep. 68 Quit your job!! PT. 2 Feat Amelia “Mills” Bender

Financial specialist Amelia "Mills" Bender stopped by to chat about Money. 9 to 5 vs Entrepreneurship (stability vs fulfillment)  College Debt (Should the Government intervene?) Is your MBA worthless?  Minimum wage hike (good idea? bad idea?) Please check out www.millsknowsbills. ...   Show more

Ep. 67 There are Levels

Is cheating a deal breaker ? Relationship expert and Youtuber Derrick Jaxn admits to cheating. Are flirty text messages the same as cheating? (we have a story you should hear) Gun's and mass shootings. Are AR-15's the problem ? Run time 49:29 --- Support this podcast: https://anc https://anc ...   Show more

Ep. 66 Is your Ex your next?

Pfizer planing to hike vaccine prices. Spring breakers gone wild (Miami edition) Can it work out with your Ex? Cardi B. vs Candace Owens Run time 39:42 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ep. 65 Is your ex your next?

Pfizer planing to hike vaccine prices. (Smh) Spring breakers gone wild (Miami edition) Can it work out with your Ex? (probably not) Cardi B. vs Candace Owens (conservatives vs. twerking) Run time 39:42 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ep. 64 God save the Queen?

Alexsis quit her 9 to 5! Best way to leave that corporate job Passion vs Steady paycheck Meghan markle vs The Monarchy  Run time 26:16 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ep 63 Body Issues.

Cellulite: deal breaker or non factor? Men vs women on body issues. Were we too mean to Paris Hilton and Kim K? Dr. Seuss has been canceled, who's next? Things get worse for Cuomo.  Run time 37:31 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ep. 62 Come Mierda Cuomo

This weeks topics included.  The power of music to influence.  NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is embroiled in controversy. Tiger woods car accident.  El Chapo's wife is still slanging dope. We made it to Mars (do you care?) Why don't successful criminals stop while they're ahead? (Fran ...   Show more

Ep. 61 The Mandalorian (Now Hiring)

China passes a law requiring a cool down period before being (allowed) to get divorced.  The late Larry King has his last will and testament (which was sloppily written on a napkin or some kind of scrap piece of paper) contested in court by his ex wife since she was cut out of th ...   Show more

Ep. 60 Dating After Tragedy

Episode recorded 2/10/21 Topics this week. -Dating after losing your spouse.  -Democrats reluctant to criticize their own.  -Weed stocks exploding. (things have since cooled off)  -Larry flint (hustler magazine) passing away.  -Stiff socks under the bed.  -(27 min run time) --- S ...   Show more

Ep. 59 Did Joe Lie About the 2k Stimi

This week we talked a lot! we talk new stimulus bill, we talk Brady back in the Superbowl we talk Robinhood ( stock trading platform not English fictional folk hero) and lastly talk about Stehphen A Smith being sexist. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdoz https://anchor.fm/dimeughdoz ...   Show more

Ep. 58 Reddit vs Hedge Funds vs Robinhood

This week we covered quite a few topics. Surely you've all heard about the GameStop (stock) frenzy and the controversy surrounding the Robinhood app. If you haven't heard about it come hear about it in this episode. We also discuss the current situation with Pablo Escobar's hippo ...   Show more

Ep. 57 Inauguration Station

This week we go over some Inauguration highlights, meme culture & why it might be a good idea to become an influencer. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ep. 56 Social Media > President

Well it turns out the most powerful person in the world is Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO and cofounder), he made the highly controversial decision to ban the President from Twitter. That decision would prove to be both hilarious and confusing (Yes hilarious). It would also prove to ha ...   Show more

Ep. 55 Twenty Twenty One Day at a Time

2021 is off to a rocky start, but we're sure things will get better.....right? Please say yes! Today we covered this week’s dramatic event that took place in the nation’s capital, New Year expectations and resolutions (we both don’t do resolutions). We also talked a little bit ab ...   Show more

Ep. 54 Trump to the Rescue ?

Merry Christmas! On this episode we discussed some of the details of the stimulus package approved by congress. Trump vetoed the bill and now we're in limbo. Alexsis explains her hesitation regarding the Covid vaccine and Ely finds a way to talk about sports (James Harden trade d ...   Show more

Ep. 53 One Year Anniversary

This is our ONE YEAR anniversary episode!!! Thanks for sticking with us!  We covered a ton.  Ely mostly yelled about how much he hates Joel Osteen. Is it OK for pastors to be rich?  Is it unethical to be a billionaire?  Which is the most iconic Tom Cruise moment: COVID meltdown o ...   Show more

Ep 52. Are Aliens Real!?

Would you live on Mars? The good news is in a few years you may have the option, the bad news... its a 7 month long trip to get there!! : ( . If aliens exist why isn't there 100% accessible, concrete proof after all this time? Does South Florida suck? Is it time to move in search ...   Show more

Ep. 51 Turkey is Overrated & So are Reboots

Will Nate Robinson recover from the memes about his knock out last weekend? Is kevin Hart still funny? why doesn't Dave Chapplle do traditional stand up anymore? Is it wrong to keep old letters/pictures of an ex? Are you excited about the Saved By the Bell and Fresh Prince reboot ...   Show more

EP 40. Welcome to the Zoo Feat. Lisa

Lisa our resident animal expert stops by to talk about all things animal kingdom. Are zoos unethical ? whats worse mosquitos or wasps? is a bird flying 100mph impressive? Is global warming real? somehow we even got on the topic of Monat and mlm's again (oh oh). Enjoy!! --- This e ...   Show more

Ep. 39 "Money is Emotional" feat. Mills

This week we did a deep dive into the world of budgeting and money management. Financial expert Mills was kind enough to join us and share some insights on personal finance. If budgeting intimidates you or you're not sure where to start, this episode is full of practical tips and ...   Show more

Ep. 38 The Truth about The Breonna Taylor & George Floyd case (Featuring State Prosecutor Adrian Bishpam)

Assistant District Attorney Adrian Bishpam came back to share his perspective on some recent high profile cases. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support https://anchor.fm/dimeughdozen/support  

Ellen DeGeneres May be the Devil (we don't know)

First of all this is the least edited episode in DUD history, we hope you enjoy the new format (if you hate it we're sorry).  Is Ellen a terrible person? why are social media companies censoring user content even more then before? Is the movie 50 shades of gray trash? (it is)  Ar ...   Show more

Fraud, Investing and WAP? feat Matt (CPA)

This week Matt paid us a visit, he works in data analytics as an internal auditor for a financial institution.  We covered a wide variety of topics (As usual). The current state of the economy, investment opportunities, stocks, real estate, crypto currencies and even the cultural ...   Show more

Is MONAT a Scam?

This Week our guest couldn't join us do to technical difficulties, we both found out 5 min into the recording the episode!! Never the less "The show must go on" We proceeded sans guest.  Whats up with MLM companies? are they scams ? how do you react to pushy sales people? Does Dr ...   Show more


Is there a cure to Covid-19?  Why did Kodak's Stock price surge a whopping 1500% in 2 days? Is organic chemistry hard? Do we care that Mike Tyson is back? How do write-in candidates work? Lets discuss all these things and more.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easi ...   Show more


This week we talk about the rise of Onlyfans.com, the popular premium content site, (should Ely start one?). We also discuss a few current hot topics; The potential reopening of schools, Kanye West, and the cold war with China. We promise this is the best episode we ever release ...   Show more

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