How to future proof our high streets, with James Daunt, founder of Daunt Books

How to future proof our high streets, with Ja...

The power of vulnerability, with Anna Mathur, psychotherapist, speaker and author

This week’s episode of Conversations of Inspiration sees Holly speak with psychotherapist, speaker and author, Anna Mathur. Anna is a strong believer that needing help and support isn’t failure; it’s a prerequisite of being human.  It’s easy to feel like a failure. It’s easy to f ...   Show more

Know your value, with Natalie Campbell, CEO of Belu Water

Natalie Campbell, CEO of Belu Water is the very embodiment of female empowerment.After deciding at 15 that her life's mission was to be a CEO (thanks to Puff Daddy), she embarked on her journey with such drive and determination that she started her own business at the age of 19. ...   Show more

You can't make a science out of creativity, with designer and founder, Jenny Packham

In this week’s episode of Conversations of Inspiration Holly talks to designer and founder Jenny Packham. Raw, open and searingly honest, this interview will leave you in no doubt of the burning energy and powerful impact that living creatively can have on the world.Jenny Packham ...   Show more

Through creativity comes regeneration, with Anna Lewis, founder of Sketchy Muma

Finding personal fulfilment through creativity and regenerating after times of darkness define this week’s conversation with Anna Lewis, founder of creative small business, Sketchy Muma.Anna has the unique ability to draw beautiful, honest and heartfelt illustrations that depict ...   Show more

Self belief and taking risks, with modern day ‘Journey Man’ Ben Fogle

Self belief, taking risks and a lust for finding the path less travelled defines this week’s Conversation of Inspiration with Ben Fogle. With a successful TV career, a passion for the environment and more than 20 years of monumental global challenges, Ben’s life has been one of h ...   Show more

Growing a mission led business from the ground up, with Sebastian Pole co-founder of Pukka Herbs

How do you turn a passion for herbs into one of the most pioneering and sustainable companies of our time? That’s the question Holly poses to Sebastain Pole, co-founder of Pukka Herbs on this week's episode.After years of studying to become a Master Herbsmith,  Sebastian spied an ...   Show more

The secret to building an iconic beauty brand, with Liz Earle MBE

With a strong mission to share her passion for the power of botanicals,  Liz Earle MBE has revolutionised the wellbeing sector and forever changed the connection between beauty and health.Liz shares her story from her early career spent writing for beauty magazines, researching e ...   Show more

100: Living a life less ordinary, with Holly Tucker MBE, founder of Holly & Co

This week we celebrate the 100th episode of Conversations of Inspiration. In her most in depth and personal interview to date, Holly recounts her own journey. Interviewed by the small business community as well as close friends and family - Holly delves into who, and what, has sh ...   Show more

From supermodel to pub landlady, with Jodie Kidd, Supermodel & Entrepreneur

In a rare and candid conversation, Jodie Kidd shares with Holly her journey. A journey full of twists and turns and highs and lows, that ultimately brought her full circle to becoming the proud owner of her local pub.Recounting her youth spent growing up in the British countrysid ...   Show more

Changing the craft landscape, with Sophie Sellu, founder of Grain & Knot

This week Holly talks to Sophie Sellu, founder of Grain & Knot. Born from a love of nature and the need for purpose in creation, Sophie makes beautifully tactile, fully functional kitchen utensils using modern design and traditional tools and methods. After being made redundant a ...   Show more

Taking responsibility to build a life you love with Jake Humphrey, broadcaster and founder

A familiar face across our TVs, this week broadcaster and founder, Jake Humphrey shares a rare insight into his background and personal philosophies - both of which he credits with finding success today. Growing up in Norfolk, Jake’s childhood was not an easy one after suffering ...   Show more

Holly’s Christmas Special 2020

In this festive special, Holly revisits some of her favourite interviews and guests from 2020. Delving back into the archives, Holly is joined by guests including Sir Tim Smit, Kanya King CBE, Paul Lindley OBE, Jacqueline Gold CBE, Lord John Bird, Jay Blades, Samantha Renke and M ...   Show more

Flourishing in a traditional industry, with Aron Gelbard, co-founder of Bloom & Wild

This week Holly speaks with Aron Gelbard, co-founder of Bloom & Wild. A founder passionate about making people happy, Aron knew he could only build a brand that evoked emotion. A florist first and foremost, that has broken new ground in an already established industry, Bloom & Wi ...   Show more

Pioneering a literary revolution, with Andy Hunter, founder of

This week's episode with Andy Hunter, founder of, brings us a modern day David vs Goliath story. His mission is to make it as easy as Amazon to shop responsibly and ethically, ensuring that books and local bricks and mortar bookshops remain part of popular culture.Wi ...   Show more

Building an ethical chocolate empire, with Angus Thirlwell, co-founder of Hotel Chocolat

As the son of the founder of Mr Whippy, perhaps Angus Thirlwell was always destined to build his own brand. But his path to success has not been without some hard won lessons and deep personal insight into his own motivation in life. Angus’s vision for Hotel Chocolat has always b ...   Show more

Challenging the conventional by curating beauty, with Alexia Inge, co-founder of Cult Beauty

How do you build a business by challenging the conventional? In this episode, Alexia Inge shares her lessons as she recounts her story building the online beauty empire Cult Beauty.Growing up in a village in Somerset, Alexia’s background in the fashion and PR world gave her an in ...   Show more

Championing charitable change through creative imagination, with Alistair Hall and Kirsty Telford

Hidden behind a secret door, in a fantastical shop, lies an ingenious organisation that is unlocking societal change in the most creative of ways.In episode 1 of series 10, Holly meets Alistair Hall, one of the founders, and Kirsty Telford Deputy Director of the charity, The Mini ...   Show more

Building legacy through passion with Sir Tim Smit KBE, founder of The Eden Project - part 2

The final and truly inspiring installment of a conversation that Holly believes will fundamentally change your life.In part 2 of our Conversation of Inspiration ‘Building Legacy through Passion’ Sir Tim Smit shares with Holly his first vision of Eden and the incredible journey le ...   Show more

Building legacy through passion, with Sir Tim Smit KBE, founder of The Eden Project - part 1

A conversation that Holly believes will fundamentally change your life - a brilliant, straight talking and accomplished storyteller, Tim’s journey to building Eden (billed as the 8th wonder of the world) will have you captivated from the very start. So for the first time ever on ...   Show more

Fighting for fairness and equality, with Samantha Renke

Samantha Renke has written her own remarkable story by living with huge tenacity, courage and determination all wrapped up in an infectious personality. Born with brittle bone disease, as a child Samantha knew she was different and recalls all the things she was told she wouldn't ...   Show more

SME:SOS Live with Will Butler-Adams, CEO Brompton Bikes and Richard Callender, presenter and fitness expert

In the final episode of this SME:SOS series Holly speaks to Will Butler Adams, CEO of Brompton and Richard Callender, presenter and fitness expert. Both guests share the most incredible lessons and insights - not only from a business perspective, but fundamental life lessons too. ...   Show more

Designing with purpose, with Wayne Hemingway MBE

Purpose and building a brand with integrity is at the very heart of this inspiring conversation with renowned designer Wayne Hemingway. A true example of creativity supporting and championing the strong values and vision that Wayne holds for the future. Born in the seaside town o ...   Show more

SME:SOS with Wayne Hemingway MBE, designer and Mary Hormer, CEO of The White Company

This week Holly welcomes two titans of industry. Mary Homer, CEO of The White Company and Wayne Hemingway MBE, designer and co founder of Red or Dead and Hemingway Design. With a shared passion and knowledge in retail, Mary and Wayne impart years of industry knowledge and experti ...   Show more

Living a colourful and creative life, with Annie Sloan

Named one of Britain's most influential female designers, Annie has always been passionate about art and creativity.Annie shares her colourful life, starring in a successful girl band, before becoming a mother and reviving her love of creativity and art. It was when working as an ...   Show more

SME: SOS Live with Anna Hill, General Manager of WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) and Marisa Hordern, founder and Creative Director of Missoma

From tangible tips on getting traction in the digital space, to the pitfalls of white labelling and the vital qualities as a leader, this week's guests are two inspiring and shining examples of brilliant female leaders.  Marisa Hordern, founder and Creative Director of Missoma an ...   Show more

Pioneering change for future generations, with Kristin Hallenga, founder of CoppaFeel!

How do you navigate being diagnosed with incurable cancer aged just 23? And not just navigate it, but take control of your future and build a legacy...This is Kris’ story, but instead of being defeated by such devastating news, Kris began working tirelessly to create a movement f ...   Show more

SME: SOS with Thomasina Miers, co founder of Wahaca, and Kate and Kathy, authors of The Illustrated Guide to Dyslexia and Its Amazing People

This week’s guests are three women who are passionate campaigners for change in their sectors. They are a true testament to the power we all have to lead change and make the world that little bit better in our own way. Whether it be championing sustainability in our food chain, t ...   Show more

Finding ‘the gap’ and redefining a sector, with Taymoor Atighetchi, founder of Papier

Is it really possible to carve a new genre within a sector dominated by huge brands? Well, Taymoor Atighetchi proves it is. Coming from a long line of antique dealers, Taymoor shares his story, from a teenager selling his wares at Portobello Market to building a digital business ...   Show more

SME: SOS with June Sarpong OBE, Broadcaster and Author and Dr Emma Hepburn, Clinical Psychologist

This week we tackle some of the biggest issues facing society and women - from imposter syndrome and feminism, to white privilege and guilt. Both June Sarpong OBE, and Dr Emma Hepburn, break down, step by step, exactly how we can tackle these issues and share the tools for you to ...   Show more

Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur, with Marcia Kilgore, founder of Beauty Pie

What is the secret to entrepreneurial success after success - ‘failure’ says Marcia. From growing up in Canada and losing her father at just 11 years old, Marcia Kilgore talks to Holly about her journey to becoming a serial entrepreneur.Hailed by Oprah as one of the most inspirin ...   Show more

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