#180 Destination Bathroom (w/ Jason Concepcion)

#180 Destination Bathroom (w/ Jason Concepcio...

#183 Barking Method

Folks, after Kath takes over Eli's rant corner we talk about the Japanese town that spent it's stimulus money on a squid statue, the kid who bulk ordered Spongebob popsicles, why rare condors are taking over someone's porch, the animal debate that allegedly started a fight with t ...   Show more

#182 Important Blood

Folks, on this week's ep we hear about an old hermit being kicked off an island, a beaver who kicked everyone off the internet, a mayor who wants his wrestling identity kept secret, why smuggling finches for singing competitions is the hot new crime, and the Russian guy stuck on ...   Show more

#181 Threat Display (w/ Luke Mones)

Folks, we conclude Better Show Month with a list of stories curated by show favorite Luke Mones. Including but not limited to: how a missing rented VHS tape unraveled a woman's life, the London mayoral candidate who drinks his own piss, the stolen Big Bird costume worth $160k, ho ...   Show more

#179 Kid Not Know Swim? (w/ Griffin Newman)

Folks, Better Show Month continues with Griffin Newman, cohost of 'Blank Check with Griffin & David' as we talk about the demise of Yahoo! Answers, how a temperature check refusal can get you booted from Disney, the giant snake loose in the forests of Pittsburgh, how France is us ...   Show more

#178 Baby Wig (w/ Katie Nolan)

Folks we kick off Better Show Month with ESPN's Katie Nolan to hear about how a worm tornado in New Jersey may be affecting Katie personally, why French monks are having a difficult time getting rid of cheese, why the U.S. Strategic Command sent out a gibberish tweet, an octopus ...   Show more

#177 Apophis Returns

Folks, on this week's episode, we hear about a little jockey who did a lot of cocaine, a local stop sign that nobody stops for, why one dog kept stealing a unicorn stuffed animal, why an asteroid isn't set to hit us for another hundred years, and the big boat blocking the Suez Ca ...   Show more

#176 Self SWAT

Folks, on this week's ep we hear about a rich guy that can't stop crashing luxury cars, why people in Taiwan are changing their last name to 'salmon', a woman who loves to get caught sneaking on flights, why one mom committed cyber crimes to help her daughter become homecoming qu ...   Show more

#175 Reginald Footsucker

Folks, on this 'What A Time To Be Alive' we learn about the foot centric owners of a U.K. shoe store, how a cat on top of a train delayed everyone, the rocks fir copper switcharoo of the century, why a new picture identifying A.I. is really easy to fool, and which Muppet is makin ...   Show more

#174 Kilostrikes

Folks, on this week's 'What A Time To Be Alive' we learn why big tires will not get you out of a speeding ticket, why a sword will not net you a lot of cards in a robbery, how a cat in the cockpit forced a plane to land, how much Hitler's old toilet was sold in auction, and how a ...   Show more

#173 Hair vs. Fur

Folks, on this week's episode we learn about a lost sheep that was in desperate need of a shearing, which celeb wax statues you can eat a steak dinner next to, why naming a new snow plow is getting complex for Minnesota residents, why faking your own death to avoid your job isn't ...   Show more

#172 Strega Nona Face

Folks, after finding out what T.V. show is scaring Kath & Eli, we learn about how not to get the city to plow your street, the best disguise to get the COVID vaccine with, why one man decided to take a dip in the Red Lobster tank, a pervert bear that hid in a toilet, and why you ...   Show more

#171 Ancient Bobo

Folks, after giving it up for senior citizens we learn why one elderly man is very pissed off about his internet connection, the Koala that caused a multi car pile up, how an ancient conch was discovered, how pigs now have the ability to play video games, and the creepy object on ...   Show more

#170 Born With Haters

Folks, on this week's episode we learn why you can't smuggle succulents into New Zealand, what Apple product a man swallowed while shoveling snow, by bills in D.C. are having a hard time being delivered, why the evil Chucky doll may be missing, and the baby that recorded an album ...   Show more

#169 Alleged Allegations

Folks, after learning who kidnapped Eli in a recent dream we learn about why Subway's tuna might not actually be tuna, why wombat poop is actually square, why a German man was impersonating an air traffic controller, why some loud French frogs may protected by law, and TAIWAN's r ...   Show more

#168 Human: The Forbidden Meal

Folks, on this week's ep we learn what state is starting Bigfoot hunting season, a misunderstanding over some horny horse names, why one barbershop is holding haircut auditions, how Microsoft will allow you to chat to chat from your grave, and why Adobe flash caused a major Chine ...   Show more

#167 Cocktail Milk (w/ Avery Moore)

Folks, the hilarious Avery Moore joins us on this week's episode where we get an update on the hacked dick cage before learning about an ancient pig cave painting, Rudy Giuliani's 'Game of Thrones' knowledge, the saga of Joe the Australian pigeon, the controversy over a Russian N ...   Show more

#166 Catholic Staircase

Folks, on this week's What A Time To Be Alive, we recap the big man getting banned from Twitter, the hamster that braved a blizzard for some candy, why the earth is spinning faster, why a vicious turkey was put down, and the big dick Danish cartoon We are on Patreon! Become a pat ...   Show more

#165 Dragon Ball Cooper

Folks, we kick off the new year where nothing bad will happen by hearing about the kid who held a rave in his school's bathroom, the fast food restaurant discovered in Pompeii, why Dippin' Dots has the perfect freezer for the COVID vaccine, the Goku action figures that were tragi ...   Show more

#164 The Best Of 2020

Folks, we've compiled some of our favorite moments from the pod this year (and a couple from Patreon) including England's Bussy Bear mascot, the monkey busters of Japan, Kath learning to draw the planets, the ghost pepper world record attempt w/ John Cullen, Casey James Salengo s ...   Show more

FREE Patreon Bonus Ep #99: Cookout In Progress (w/ Tom Scharpling)

The hilarious Tom Scharpling joins us on the week's bonus ep as we close out BETTER SHOW MONTH by learning why one Philly resident was tricked into eating Chuck E. Cheese pizza, how cops found the culprits in a meat theft case, and Fred Durst's run-in with Eddie Van Halen from th ...   Show more

FREE Patreon Ep #98: Puberty 2 w/ Karen Kilgariff

BETTER SHOW MONTH just keeps getting better as the hilarious Karen Kilgariff joins sus as we discover how the French desperately need cigs during the quarantine, and GHOOOOOOOSTTTTSSSSS!!! For more bonus eps and other stuff subscribe at patreon.com/whatatimepod  

FREE Patreon Ep #97: Roughing Up The Suspect (w/ Jesse Farrar)

We continue BETTER SHOW MONTH with the hilarious Jesse Farrar, to talk about the pizza delivery robot, how the wife of one town's mayor broke his quarantine rules, and how one Italian mayor is using drones to yell at his constituents Follow Jesse on Twitter @BronzeHammer, listen ...   Show more

FREE Patreon Ep #96: Toilet For Virgins (w/ Stefan Heck)

We kick off the first week of BETTER SHOW MONTH with the hilarious Stefan Heck, to talk about our biggest bar orders, how big Shaq's toilet is, why the new Tesla truck still sucks, and the town overtaken by goats during the quarantine Follow Stefan on Twitter @boring_as_heck, lis ...   Show more

#163 Cliff Guy (w/ Chris James)

Folks, the hilarious Chris James joins us on this week's episode where we learn why grasshoppers will not help you poop, one man's victory over his lost porn collection, where some Alabama residents had a secret winery, controversy over a new stadium name in Malaysia, and how it' ...   Show more

#162 Apex Ike (w/ Ike Barinholtz)

Folks, the hilarious Ike Barinholtz returns to the show where we learn about the wrong way to use an extension cord for Christmas lights, the latest in artificial skin technology, a mixup at the boner pill factory, why a Soviet Cookie Monster mural was mistakenly painted, and a N ...   Show more

#161 Maximum Pleasure

Folks, after Kath and Eli commiserate over 'The Mentalist', we learn about how government officials secret dumpling racket, a penis shaped ice asking rink, controversy over William Henry Harrison's surviving grandson, why Kangaroo's are attracted to Sarah Jessica Parker's officia ...   Show more

#160 Lad Mag Meetup

Folks, after dealing with parental tech problems, we hear why you shouldn't do massive car burnouts indoors, the world's biggest fake ketamine bust, why we now have facial recognition for bears, if Eve was really made from Adam's dick bone, and why you shouldn't poop on video dur ...   Show more

#159 Virtual Shillelagh (w/ Tommy McNamara)

Folks, Tommy McNamara returns to the show where we learn about how one man became rich off of a crashed meteor, how an elderly Chicago man fought off some intruders, why an underwater ski doo isn't made for escaping police, how A.I. wrote a fake Obama autobiography, and if the po ...   Show more

#158 Tinker Tailor Black Gay (w/ Jon Gabrus)

Folks, the hilarious Jon Gabrus joins us on this week's episode where we learn about how a 25 ft. pine tree was stolen, why you shouldn't impersonate an FBI officer at Chick-fil-A, why playing dead won't get you out of breaking COVID rules, how a meatball sub almost ruined a coll ...   Show more

#157 Dry vs. Wet (w/ J.P. McDade)

The hilarious J.P. McDade returns to the show as be bask in Donald J. Trump's election defeat before learning about Japan's questionable politics-themed burgers, if the new gritty Barney movie is real or not, and how some MAGA chud's were tricked into praying to the devil Check o ...   Show more

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