20: Vakeel Saab for MEN | E20 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

20: Vakeel Saab for MEN | E20 | Telugu Podcas...

21: Magadiki Manduthondi | E21 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

No one knows why women get angry! But everyone knows the reason when a man is angry. Isn't it true? Let us know!  

19: Magadiki Em Takkuva | E19 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Why do girls have all the fun? Right from "ladies first" to reservations, everything is in favour of girls. Why can't MEN have such reservations?  

18: Salaam Magada | E18 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Glorifying the life of a man who does everything but doesn't get recognised.   

17: V-Day Kaadhu D-Day | E17 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

V-Day is around the corner. Beware, guys don't get into any trouble!   

16: Aavid Virus | E16 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Aavid Virus has been impacting men for a long time but wasn't discovered. Our Common Man is here to shed some light on this virus.    

15: If 2020 was a Woman | E15 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

2020 and Woman have a lot in common. How 2020 can be compared to a woman and all the men will totally agree!   

14: Girls & Their Assumptions | E14 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Girls can turn the world upside down with their assumptions. In this podcast let us talk about girls assuming everything and anything. Listen and share the podcast strictly with male friends.   

13: Happy Men's Day | E13 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Did everyone forget? Today is our Day! Let's celebrate MEN around us. Wishing everyone a Happy Men's Day.  

12: Non-Violent Men | E12 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Do you think men are violent? You are wrong! You have to listen to this podcast to know why men aren't violent at all.   

11: Men & Cricket | E11 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Cricket and Men are inseparable! No matter how much someone tries to keep him away from Cricket, it is impossible. Watch and share the podcast.  

10: Best Teacher Evaro Telusa? | E10 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

It's teacher's day and we are sure all guys would have a crush on at least one teacher in their life. But do you Life is also a teacher?  

9: Balam Techuko Bhaiyya | E9 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM Telugu

MEN should definitely improve their health, to keep up with WOMEN. Here is a podcast on Men's health.   

8: Rechhipodam Brother | E8 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM Telugu

Let's take public opinion on what they think about the MEN in our society. In this episode, let's talk and share things with our fellow men!   

7: Freedom Ekkadundhi Bhaiyya | E7 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM Telugu

Even after so many years of #Independence, men still don't have freedom. You don't agree? Then you should listen to this podcast.      

6: No Compromise Brother | E6 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Have you ever heard about the compromises made by men? Let us highlight the compromises and sacrifices in our podcast.    

5: Sister = Friend + Enemy | E5 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM Telugu

Sisters can be annoying but at the same time very special. In this episode of Aadu Magadu Ra Bujji, let us talk about how they corner us in some situations and also save us from some.   

4: Bhayapadaku Ra Bujji | E4 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

In this episode of Aadu Magadu Ra Bujji, let's talk about the common fears of a man in this society.   

3: Lite Tisko Mama | E3 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Lite Tisko Mama - In so many ways men are taken for granted. Let's discuss that in detail in this podcast.   

2: Magallu Mathimarupu | E2 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

Magallu Mathimarupu - A very common quality you find in men. Let's talk about it in detail in this episode of Aadu Magadu Ra Bujji.   

1: 'Men'tal Madhilo | E1 | Telugu Podcast | Red FM

He was born and raised with expectations. Often identified as a son, brother & husband. He is struggling for an identity for himself. Dive into the life of the MAN you would relate with, in all the real-life situations.   

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