Versus The Streamers (A Streaming Service Review Podcast featuring Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Peacock, and many more)

Versus The Streamers (A Streaming Service Rev...

Versus Thunderforce

Richard buys a couch! We go to see the amish that is not the amish.We discuss upcoming networking moves and how Richard is going to wire his house.The NFL draft is ongoing as we recorded this, and Johnny was NOT happy.Greg and Johnny watch "Thunder Force" so you don't have t ...   Show more

The Time Travel Burrito (SPOILERS ABOUND) (Falcon and Winter Soldier Post Mortem, Mortal Kombat Review)

We watch "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" and SPOILERS ABOUND! How did we feel like it ended?How did we like the series? Does this excite us for Loki?Was this really a great series?  WHAT IS A SKRULL?The question is asked "What if you could turn time travel into a burrito?"We watc ...   Show more

Versus The Food That Built America, Godzilla Vs Kong (2) and The Falcon and Winter Soldier (Midway)

This week we break down the 4th episode of The Falcon and the Winter Solder.  We talk about the history channel show "The Food That Built America"! Including breaking down random plot points that shine a light on the Johnnys love of White Castle.Johnny finally watches Godzilla Vs ...   Show more

Versus Godzilla Versus Kong Versus Falcon and The Winter Soldier!

This week, without going into spoilers we review Godzilla versus Kong and it warrants a possible rewatch from our most discerning member of the cast! Richard finally watches Falcon and Winter Soldier!Johnny finally watches Ford Vs Ferrari! Johnny enters the world of clear vision ...   Show more

Versus the Snyder Cut of Justice League and Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1!

We have a special guest, @Redslantern joins us this week! This is the big Justice League show! We talk about our review of the Original Justice League. Steve subjected himself to both movies this week! This gives Johnny a great chance to flex his Ezra Miller hate muscles.You&apos ...   Show more

Wait, what is Paramount Plus?

We discuss operation mincemeat a book that Richard started!Greg has a tough week! Starting at around the 20:00 mark Richard gives out tips for getting a covid vaccine. What the heck is paramount plus?Paramount is paying who what now?  

With apologies to Elizabeth Olsen

Welp, we got something wrong.  We fell for the click bait and now we have to come to terms with it. This is the big Wandavision finale show, Ashley is back and we spend more time talking about this show than the episode is long!Greg finally watched it as well! How long did he mak ...   Show more

Versus Man of Steel

We watched Man of Steel in an effort to prepare for ZS Justice League!Who would we recast? What did we like the most? Why does Johnny want Pa Kent to die horribly?Richard watches Superman and Lois AND LIKES IT!Many DC Rumors abound!Wandavision! We don't go deep this week, bu ...   Show more

Versus Monster Hunter

We spend way too long talking about Monster Hunter, Milla Jovovichs career, Resident Evil, and how Paul W S Anderson continues to work. Mortal Kombat the movie 2021 is coming! What are we excited about? Who does fatalities? WHAT?Diablo 2 remaster is coming! This leads to a long t ...   Show more

Bleak A Bleak Movie Podcast Watches Parasite

Richard is lulled into watching Parasite with promises of humor and fun.  Hilarity ensues.We all discuss our feeling on Parasite and what has brought this upon us.Wandavision is discussed really heavily, Whats up With Monica Rambeau? Richard blows Johnnys socks off with a Wandavi ...   Show more

The WandaVision Spectacular!

The Wandavision Specatcular! How did we get here in Wandavision?Why are the episodes so short?Theories going forward!We get behind the Jimmy Woo Darcy Lewis buddy cop x-files show idea!The gang watches "Promising Young Woman" and we look at if its a "Bleak" movie or not.Lots of c ...   Show more

Versus GameStonk

Johnny laments snow and taunts Richard with tales of Bagels.GODZILLA VS KONG IS COMING! We discuss what we saw and if we're interested in it.We discuss what is going on with Gamestops stock.We talk about the new Harry Poter prequel series!NBC signs on WWE Network for Peacock ...   Show more

Versus Wandavision

Greg studies!Richard has laptop and internet issues!Would you watch more golf with Mauro Ranallo.Johnny attempts to bring Nascar up.A kitty gets lost and found.We watched Wandavision! We talk theories!What would you like to see sony do with their movie slate?What about Warner Bro ...   Show more

Versus Random Topics!

We talk about our sports fandoms and why we're not fans of some teams that others tell us we should be.Richard goes on his long waited rant about UC being left out of the college football playoffs.What is going on with the collectibles market? The SNES games are going for ho ...   Show more

Where the hell is Greg?

This week Greg goes full on missing!  Theres a mystery afoot and we must find him! Do we find him?  When do we find him? Is this all just filler for someone who oversleeps and shows up halfway through?Richard reminisces about going to a soccer game while in Chelsea at Stamford Br ...   Show more

Versus The New Year

What to watch to have a positive start to 2021.Richard watched Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks and WW84 again!Greg watched people stream Rust!Johnny watched Peaky Blinders!Does Greg like Roleplaying?Johnny upsets Ashley with a Rogue one viewing.We remember Brodie Lee.  

Versus WonderWoman 1984

The Trio have all watched Wonder Woman 1984 and have strong opinions. What did we like? What did we dislike? Who is to blame?We review The Mandalorian season 2 and we have one person dissenting from the rest.Richard watched Soul and has good things to say!Greg gets a 23 and me te ...   Show more

Versus Christmas Day W/ Julie

6 minutes with Julie talking about her Christmas so far!Favorite Gifts!Favorite Food!Favorite Ever!  

Versus The Wedding Planning

Johnny moves to the US.Johnny is Big Mad online about our picks from last week and is ready for us to hear about it.Favorite wedding moviesSongs to get people to dance to What are we looking forward to for the holidays?  

Versus The Road Trip

This week, we have a special guest host.  I think you're going to enjoy it!Disney breaks the internet about 3 dozen times and announces among other things a bunch of new star wars and marvel shows!  We discuss what we're excited about!What are our top 3 Road Trip Snacks ...   Show more

Versus The New HBO Max

Johnny comes home!Warner Bros blinks and makes a shrewd announcement about the future of their theatrical features and HBO Max!Will Theater owners get their revenge?Greg and Richard Explain Among us to JohnnyA Muppet Christmas Carol is our recommendation for next week!  

Versus Ready Player 2 and Truth Seekers

We review "Ready Player 2" and Amazons "The Truth Seekers"How do we feel about Chuck E Cheese and other companies trying to hide their identity to sell through door dash?  What did we think of Ready player 2? Is it a worthy sequel? At what point does Greg decide to try to be devi ...   Show more

Versus The Supernatural Finale and Ghostbusters

We talk about the Supernatural Finale and our overall thoughts. We have spoilers! We also talk about our overall feelings on the show and how we thought this wrapped up.We deep dive into Ghostbusters and our fandom. Whats its lasting impact? Who were the players who made it great ...   Show more

Versus Fast Times At Ridgemont High

This week we discuss Fast Times at Ridgemont High!Richard has never watched the movie before! So a completely fresh look is made.We discuss the many stars that got their start here, the inspiration behind the movie, and our reaction to its pop culture impact.Whats happening with ...   Show more

Versus The Mando

Johnny has returned from Chicago with stories!The Mandalorian has returned to the air!Did Sony make the right decision going online only with PS5 sales?Greg got his GPU! Did he get Nvidia or AMD?Does anyone care about wow?The future of the podcast is discussed!  

Versus Julies Halloween

Its Halloween day and Richard and Julie sit down to talk about Halloween. Julies favorite costume, favorite Halloween movies and Halloween plans are discussed!  

Versus Supernaturals Return, The Baseball playoffs burning, Jurassic World Shutdown, The Green Lantern Show, Schitts Creek, The Boys Finale, AMDs New Chips, and Canadian Internet

This week we discuss the return of Supernatural!The Boys Finale!Why Johnny's internet is so bad!Baseballs playoffs burning as the astros tear through them again.Jurassic World pushed!Schitts Creek in a first watch almost entire binge!New AMD Chips!   

Versus The House of M

The post mortem of the baseball season leads into a conversation on the Ted Lasso season finale "The hope that kills you."Richard discusses when you get that soda you weren't expecting much to johnnys baffle.The second to last episode of the boys is discussed including a few ...   Show more

Versus Caffeine Deficiency

We decide to make white noise this week! We also discuss 50s jazz trumpeters! Richard poorly attempts to recommend Archer on FXX!John Cena gets a show on HBO Max as the Peacemaker!We talk sports!Ted Lasso comes back up!Greg goes on a long long long talk about video card technolog ...   Show more

Versus Ted Lasso Part 2

This week we get crazy into Ted Lasso again now that everyone is caught up.Greg gets a webcam!We talk the boys in dept after Johnny decided not to watch it anymore!Richard and Johnny talk about the disinformation that's available on the internet.  

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