Ep. 152 - The Last Train to Paris

Ep. 152 - The Last Train to Paris

Ep. 153 - The Kingfish

Hey everyone, here’s the latest conspiracy-laden episode, featuring guest host Rob Kristofferson of "Rolling Through the Realms", "The Order of Podcasters" and "Our Strange Skies".During the 1930s, Huey Long was the ultimate political heavyweight in Louisiana. He simultaneously a ...   Show more

Ep. 151 - The Anthology

Hey listeners, while I'm recuperating from surgery, here are three of my favorite spooky mini episodes Patreon to tide you over: The Valley of the Headless MenThere's a massive section of pristine wilderness in Northern Canada  called the Nahanni National Park Reserve. But legend ...   Show more

Special Announcement

Hi listeners, I need to share with you a special announcement regarding the future of the show.   

Introducing: Spy Affair

A charismatic Russian woman arrives in the US on a mission to improve relations between the two countries, and she soon makes some powerful friends. But who is Maria Butina? And who is she working for? As Maria gets closer to the rich and connected she also attracts the attention ...   Show more

Ep. 150 - The Final Flight

In December 1945, a group of five TBM Avenger bombers carrying 14 crewmen took off from a naval base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This should have been a normal training flight, but instead things took a bizarre turn when the group of airplanes known as Flight 19 vanished without ...   Show more

Ep. 149 - The Crime of the Century

Throughout the annals of true crime you'll often hear certain murders being described as "The Crime of the Century". Back in 1924, the press dubbed the kidnapping and murder of a 14 year old boy named Bobby Franks with that title. But what was especially unusual about the crime w ...   Show more

Ep. 148 - The Haunting of Girlstown

Between 2006 and 2007, something strange was happening in a girls school in Mexico. More than 600 students began complaining of phantom pains in their legs and other mysterious ailments. But what was even stranger was the fact that the girls also began to believe their school was ...   Show more

Ep. 147 - The Changeling

During the late 19th century, there still remained a pervasive fear throughout rural Ireland about fairy changelings, who were said to steal your loved ones, and replace them with inhuman duplicates. It was this sort of fear that would drive a man named Michael Cleary to commit a ...   Show more

Ep. 146 - The Detective in Black

In the early 1900s there lived one of the most remarkable detectives in history that you've likely never heard of. Her name was Grace Humiston, although back then newspapers began singing her praises, and dubbed her Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theconspira https://www.patreon.com/theconspira ...   Show more

Wondery Presents: The Apology Line

If you could call a number and say you’re sorry, and no one would know…what would you apologize for? For fifteen years, you could call a number in Manhattan and do just that. This is the story of the line, and the man at the other end who became consumed by his own creation. He w ...   Show more

Ep. 145 - The Lost Treasure of Victorio Peak

In New Mexico's Hembrillo Basin there stands a small mountain called Victorio Peak. Back in the 1930s, a man named Doc Noss claimed to have discovered a secret passage into the mountain leading to an enormous cavern. Inside that cavern, Doc Noss claimed to have discovered a treas ...   Show more

Ep. 144 - The Hotel Savoy

One of the most remarkable stories to come out of World War II is that of Jan Baalsrud. He was a Norwegian saboteur who found himself wounded, barefoot and on the run from German soldiers swarming the country looking for him. Listen as I tell you what happened on the man's harrow ...   Show more

Ep. 143 - The Bones of the Saints

Throughout its long history, the Catholic Church has anointed countless saints. And with all those many, many saints there also come many strange stories. Some of the strangest tales have occurred long after these saints were dead. Listen as I tell you some tales of miracles, of ...   Show more

Ep. 142 - The Apprentice

The 1980s were a dangerous time to be a child in Ohio. Throughout the decade, several young girls were abducted, raped and murdered in seemingly connected crimes. Although one man, Robert Buell, would be convicted and sentenced to death for one of these crimes, some investigators ...   Show more

Ep. 141 - The Monster of Glamis

In the Scottish lowlands there stands an ancient castle that some historians claims holds a terrible secret. Although Glamis Castle has more than its fair share of ghost stories attached to it, there's an even darker rumor that a flesh and blood creature once lived inside the cas ...   Show more

Ep. 140 - The Affair of the Poisons

In the late 1600s, King Louis XIV's kingdom was rocked by a deadly scandal that threatened to destroy his monarchy. There was a rash of poisonings going on throughout France, often perpetrated by the king's fellow noblemen who were murdering one another in order to speed up their ...   Show more

Halloween 2020 Mini Show

Hey everyone! Halloween is my favorite time of year. So as a special treat, no tricks, I wanted to share with you two extra spooky mini stories which have never appeared on this show before. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!Notes: http://weekinweird.com/2016/01/31/silver-bullets-in-talb http://weekinweird.com/2016/01/31/silver-bullets-in-talb ...   Show more

Ep. 139 - The Path of the Skinwalker

The Uintah Basin in Northeast Utah has long held a reputation for strange occurrences. Within that area is a 480-acre ranch that has gained a reputation for a laundry list of practically every paranormal occurrence imaginable. UFOs, poltergeist activity, strange cryptids and much ...   Show more

Ep. 138 - The Rising

Voodoo is a religious practice that grew up in Haiti after the Spanish imported tens of thousands of African slaves to the island, bringing their beliefs and religion with them. One of the core beliefs in the religion is that some powerful voodoo practitioners have the ability to ...   Show more

Ep. 137 - The Satin Man

On Australia Day in 1966, three young children, Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont, went to Glenelg Beach in Adelaide and never returned. The disappearance of the Beaumont children has proven to be one of the most enduring and widely investigated mysteries in Australian history. And ...   Show more

Ep. 136 - The Bluebeards

The story of Bluebeard, the wealthy man how murdered his wives, has become so lasting it's actually become a recognized term in true crime lore. In this episode I tell you about two such Bluebeard killers, Henri Landru, one of the most infamous French serial killers in history, a ...   Show more

Ep. 135 - The Mad King of Clipperton Island

There's a tiny atoll of the western coast of Mexico called Clipperton Island. Back in 1917, a group of women and children had to fight for survival, against a monster who held them in terror. Check out our new merchandise store! https://www.teepublic.com/stores/the-conspirators-po https://www.teepublic.com/stores/the-conspirators-po ...   Show more

Ep. 134 - The Predator

In 2012, an 18-year-old woman named Samantha Koenig mysteriously disappeared in Anchorage, Alaska. Her case would lead police to arrest a man named Israel Keyes, who may just be one of the most terrifying serial killers you've never heard of.Episode Sponsor: RayconGet 15% of your ...   Show more

Ep. 133 - The Psychic Spies Pt. 2

In part two of our special two-part episode about the U.S. Government's psychic spy program, we talk about what happened after the military took over the project that would eventually come to be known as Project Stargate.Episode Sponsor: ButterclothGet 20% off your first order at ...   Show more

Ep. 132 - The Psychic Spies Pt. 1

For 23 years, the United States Government secretly ran a research program into using alleged psychics for intelligence gathering purposes. What's truly bizarre about the program, is the final report by the government might prove psychic abilities are real. Notes: https://www.amaz https://www.amaz ...   Show more

Ep. 131 - The Miser

In 1973, John Paul Getty III, the grandson of J. Paul Getty, the world's richest man, was kidnapped in Rome. What happened next was one of the most bizarre and twisty kidnap stories in history. My special guest for this episode is Moxie LaBouche of the "Your Brain on Facts" podca ...   Show more

Ep. 130 - The Massacre

Normally I release new episodes every Monday, but I'm releasing this special episode early in honor of Juneteenth. In this episode I discuss one of the ugliest racist incidents in American history, the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. It started with allegations of a black man assaul ...   Show more

Wondery presents Murder in Hollywoodland

It's February 2nd 1922, and all of Hollywood is about to wake up and learn that William Desmond Taylor, the most famous film director in town, was murdered in his home last night. The investigation will shine a light on some of Hollywood's most scandalous affairs, backroom deals, ...   Show more

Introducing Truth vs Hollywood

Introducing the newest Audioboom original podcast, Truth vs Hollywood. Join Film lovers David Chen and Joanna Robinson as they do a deep dive into well known films and discuss how similar they are to the actual story.  Truth vs Hollywood premieres 6/12. Subscribe to Truth vs Holl ...   Show more

Ep. 129 - The Antichrist Slayer

One of the most terrifying stories to come out of the Bible, is that of the Antichrist, the evil opposite number of Jesus who is said to be planning on bringing about Armageddon. Back during the mid-19th century, a woman named Rhoda Wakeman gathered a group of religious followers ...   Show more

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