Chaos or Community (inspired by Dr. King)

Chaos or Community (inspired by Dr. King)

Why are there still Denominations???

Why do we still let denominations separate us a Christian which prevents us from being on one accord as a body?  

Are you offended or un-healed?

Are we really offended by somethings or have we not healed in those areas which causes us to lash out.  

Can you lose salvation???

Is the gift a salvation something that God will take back if you begin to backslide back into your worldly ways  

Religion(Tradition) v. Relationship

Are we being pushed more toward the traditions of the Church or toward a relationship with Christ.  

Generational Curses!!!

We discuss are generational curses real or do we accept generational sin...  

What is the role of the Church???

Other than services what role should the church play in the lives of believers and the city and municipalities where they reside.  

Is it God or is it me

How well do you discern the voice of God over our own opinions, fears, desires, and the world  

Pro Life and Pro Choice (Part 2)

We put a bow on the conversation of Pro Life and Pro Choice and the political long term ramifications.  

Pro-Life & Pro-Choice

We discuss the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice and the nuances of the movements that aren’t often discussed. (Had to make this episode a 2 parter because of so much conversation)  

Correction and Discipline!!!

What does correction and discipline look like in the church? Why are people scared to correct and discipline ? Why don’t people accept correction and discipline?  

Church Hurt!!!

Does Church hurt exist, if it does how do we prevent it and how do we help those who have been damaged by it  

The Church, Politics, and Trump

Benjamin Dixon (The Benjamin Dixon Podcast) join us as we discuss the Church and Politics as well as Soon to be former President Trump and the embrace of Conservation White Evangelicals and the storming of the Capital building.  

Law versus Grace...

Why do we continue to follow the Mosaic Law even though we are now under Grace.  

The Problem with The Prosperity Gospel...

The history and problems the prosperity gospel has caused for todays church!!!  

What is true Forgiveness?

Man can’t forgive like God does but how do we forgive and heal and can we put a timetable on when to heal.  

When Tragedy challenges Beliefs

What is the proper response to tragedy? And is it Gods fault when tragedy strikes...  

Pastors/Ministers have we elevated them to much...

Has the years of fawning over Pastors/Ministers created a Frankenstein’s monster for the Church  

Social Justice

Today’s Church has been silent on Social Justice issues, should they start to make more noise and to what extent.  

Talking Sex and the Church

Why the church not addressing the reality of sex can be detrimental...  

Is it ever ok to lie...

Is it ok to lie and if so when and do we just prefer a lie to the truth  

Social Media (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

Social Media a blessing, a curse, or perhaps a little bit of both!!!  

Being Intentional in an Unintentional World

Is living for the moment (Y.O.L.O) stopping you from planning for the future...  

“Are You Strong Enough to have Weak Friends”

Can you move up with the dead weight of weak friends holding you down. We discuss this week.  

Road 2 Damascus Part 3

People who left Christ and What compells them to comeback!!  

Road 2 Damascus Part 5

Being single in todays church climate!!  

Road 2 Damascus Part 4

Pastor Vincent Warren joins the show discussing the church and the role it plays in politics!!  

Road 2 Damascus Part 2

Discussion on Christian expectations of one another  

Road 2 Damascus Part 1

The events that happened on the road to Damascus relate not only to the apostle Paul, whose dramatic conversion occurred there, but they also provide a clear picture of the conversion of all people. While some have an extraordinarily dramatic conversion known as a “Damascus Road ...   Show more

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