Political Spirits Ep 136 - Sinister Reason for SCOTUS Court Packing Threat

Political Spirits Ep 136 - Sinister Reason fo...

Political Spirits Ep 139 - Rayshard Brooks Death - Officer Rolfe Reinstated, Syracuse University Smacked by Court

Signs Courts and Other Entities pushing Back Against Politicised Rulings  Officer Rolfe Reinstated in Atlanta Court Overturns Syracuse University Fraternity Suspension   

Political Spirits Ep 138 - Reasons Why Democrats Want a Fast Food Labor Shortage

Federal unemployment supplements causing labor shortages Why the Democrats want them Perverse incentives for Democrats to tank the economy   

Political Spirits Ep 137 - Columbus Shooting Outrageous Coverage & Our Political Future

Columbus shooting coverage was dishonest, outrageous & corrupt Will the Republicans win midterms and Presidential elections Trump or DeSantis Transgender athletics    

Political Spirits Ep 135 - Shocking Chauvin / George Floyd Case News & Media Deception

Chauvin prosecution stumbles & most media fails to report Chauvin could be acquitted  Media reports only what fits the narrative Appellate court found 15 minutes of prone restraint resulting in death to not be excessive force        

Political Spirits Ep 134 - Colorado Wants to Decriminalize Crime in School, Vermont Race Based Vaccine

Absurd legislation in CO likely to pass and decriminalize even violent crime in school Vermont Covid vaccine eligibility based on race Dr Seuss Sneetches story in Vermont  

Political Spirits Ep 133 - Biden Press Conference Embarrassment, New Georgia Election Law & Covid Travels

Biden brain to mouth connection in question Biden deterioration Georgia Election Law changed Covid restrictions on the road  

Political Spirits Ep 132 - State Capitol Funny Stories, Biden Stumble & Covid by Movie Quotes

Florida Capitol humor Legislative bars Biden triple stumble  Evaluating Covid response through movie quotes     

Political Spirits Ep 131 - Kamala Mask Slip, Nevada Socialism Slide & Scottish Authoritarianism

Subtle communication loss from masks Another Biden malfunction Kamala's thoughts behind the mask Nevada Dems descent into Socialism Scottish authoritarian proposal    

Political Spirits Ep 130 - Biden Can't Speak, Paying for Bad Policy & London Hope

Biden won't take questions Covid Bill incentivizes bad govt policy London Mayoral Candidate Fox attacks woke policy        

Political Spirits Ep 129 - Appalling Video Shows Leadership Class Disconnect, plus CPAC Rumor Revealed

Big CPAC Rumor Revealed  DeSantis & Trump CPAC  World Economic Forum Appalling Video  2018 was turnaround year for salaries   

Political Spirits Ep 128 - Interview with Chicago Thinker Editor in Chief Audrey Unverferth

Rush Limbaugh tribute Interview with Editor of University of Chicago Conservative student paper Chicago Thinker Conservatives on Campus Suppression of speech on campus Diversity of thought Republican divisions on campus      

Political Spirits Ep 127 - Impeachment Movie Scene, Journalism Returns & China Population Crash

Trump Impeachment Win Impeachment as a movie scene from Planes, Trains & Automobiles Ducklo resigns Is Journalism back? China population plunging    

Political Spirits Ep 126 - Impeachment Farce, Move on MTG Dooms Dems, Hollywood Hypocrites

Impeachment is unjustified and unconstitutional  Stripping MTG of her committee assignments will blow back on Democrats after coming elections Dems who've said worse than MTG Hollywood is blacklisting again    

Political Spirits Ep 125 - Gamestop, Potential Trump Run & Hope for Republicans & America

Wild ride on the market for Gamestop Establishment protecting the hedge funds Will Trump Run? Hopeful Republican future     

Political Spirits Ep 124 - Biden isn't Seeking Unity

Biden Inauguration Speech Biden isn't really seeking unity What Biden should have said America's history should unite us, not divide us    

Political Spirits Ep 123 - Impeachment & 14th Amendment Absurdity, Political Mean Girls & Tiki Trauma

Impeachment Trial after Trump leave office would be absurd Crazy attempt to expel Cruz & Hawley under 14th Amdt Democrats are The Plastics in movie Mean Girls SJW objection to Tiki drinks  

Political Spirits Ep 122 - Free Speech Crackdown by Big Tech

Trump forced off Twitter and Facebook Parler under attack from Big Tech Left looking to punish Trump supporters  Capitol Building attacked    

Political Spirits Ep 121 - Cruz Electoral Commission & Flawed Covid Risk Analysis

Ted Cruz & other Senators request Electoral Commission & 10 day delay to investigate election fraud Push for 12 day delay for state legislatures to investigate election Why can't we analyze Covid risk correctly?  

Political Spirits Ep 120 - Never Give Up, Never Surrender & Andy Ngo Lawsuit

Andy Ngo lawsuit against Antifa reinstated  Conservatives and traditionalists must keep up the fight Christian doesn't give up with Amazon and wins  Christmas cards and the culture war  

Political Spirits Ep 119 - Freedom of Speech Threatened & Snowflakes Practicing Law

Attacks on Freedom of Speech Safe space craziness  Law school weakened   

Political Spirits Ep 118 - Trump Odds Revised, TX Loss, Tulsi Trans Bill & Dems Hate Bars

Impact of SCOTUS rejection of TX case on Trump odds  Tulsi Gabbard Bill re Transgender Sports Democrat Restriction of Bars & Restaurants for Covid prompts analogy to  Soviet Union  

Political Spirits Ep 117 - The Great Reset Threat & Journalism's Death

The Great Reset & its Link to Covid Restrictions World Economic Forum & use of Covid to remake Capitalism How far journalism has fallen Rare to find actual journalists   

Political Spirits Ep 116 - SCOTUS Speaks & Election Fights

Supreme Court smacks down NY Governor Cuomo Justice Gorsuch blunt concurring opinion New Trump Election challenge developments  Pennsylvania developments  

Political Spirits Ep 115 - Is there Election Fraud & What's with Sidney Powell

Was there Election Fraud? What are Trump's chances to win his election challenge? The impact of the internet on journalism Wild Sidney Powell developments  

Political Spirits Ep 114 - When Massive Election Fraud Will be Apparent, Global Eco Police Power Grab & Republican Populism

Timing for when we will learn about voter and election fraud  Frightening globalist environmental criminal prosecution proposal  The Republican Populist future  

Political Spirits Ep 113 - Trump Election Challenge & Shocking Senate Angle

Trump challenges vote counts in multiple states Ballot and election fraud alleged  Hammer & Scorecard software Senate election results  

Political Spirits Ep 112 - Election Predictions & Democrat Insanity & Censorship

My election predictions Democrats & the Left are aligned & have gone insane Censorship & suppressing speech Big tech  Is New Mexico in play for Trump?    

Political Spirits Ep 111 - 4 Reasons Why Most Polling Is Useless, Media Federal Bureaucracy Complex & Twitter Anti-Republican Bias

Disturbing entanglement of media and federal bureaucracy Why most polling is useless but Rasmussen rebounds Latest instance of Twitter Anti-Republican Bias   

Political Spirits Ep 110 - Biden Scandal, Funny Caddyshack Election Comparison & Shocking New Polls

Biden Scandal big picture breakdown How the election is like the movie Caddyshack Shocking new polls boost Trump  

Political Spirits Ep 109 - Interview with Joe Collins Running Against Cong. Maxine Waters, AMPFest Commentary & Rasmussen Poll Scare

Interview with Joe Collins Running California 43rd Congressional District against Maxine Waters American Priorities Conference thoughts Rasmussen Poll Results Scary for Trump, but need perspective  

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