Returning to Normalcy - Nearing 100 Days

Returning to Normalcy - Nearing 100 Days

Returning to Normalcy - Violence Against Asian Americans

Host Amy Siskind talks about the wave of attacks against Asian Americans during the last year and the Biden administration's work toward coronavirus relief.  

Returning to Normalcy - Insurrection Debrief

Host Amy Siskind discuss additional facts about the attack on the Capitol that have come to light in the last few weeks.  

Repairing Our Democracy - Impeachment

Host Amy Siskind talks about Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.  

Repairing Our Democracy - The First Days

Host Amy Siskind talks about the shift to "normalcy" after the end of the Trump administration.  

After - January

January 2021 I am grateful, with all your input, to have continued this project through inauguration. Since I started tracking Donald Trump in November 2016, I have posited that he cared about two things: making money and staying in power; admittedly, events in this final list ca ...   Show more

After - December

In December, Trump continued to push lies and  conspiracy theories about the election, not only failing to concede, but  pushing efforts to overthrow the election results. During this month,  Trump became increasingly isolated as even loyalists pushed back on his  false allegatio ...   Show more

After - November

Summary of the continuing broken norms in the weeks after the election of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.  

Week 208 - Victory

This project could not have ended in a more  perfect way (she writes while sipping champagne): Donald J. Trump was  defeated shortly before noon on Saturday, the cutoff time each week, and  so I was able to gloriously write “THE END” at the end of Week 208   — something I have be ...   Show more

Week 207 - The Final Countdown

In the final full week heading into the  election, the seeds of Trump’s bungled pandemic response came back to  haunt him, with the twin challenges of record daily cases and  hospitalizations in many states, along with the worst week for the stock  market since March. Even as a n ...   Show more

Week 206 - Record-Setting Week

This week, with Election Day nearing, the  coronavirus raged out of control, with a record number of new daily  cases on Thursday, and then again Friday, topping 83,000.  Hospitalizations also soared in many states, and the death toll started  to rise. Trump meanwhile continued t ...   Show more

Week 205 - Early Voting

This week, despite millions of Americans having  voted already, Senate Republicans started the process of confirming  Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. With Republicans in control of  the Senate, there was little Democrats could do to address the hypocrisy  and outrage over ...   Show more

Week 204 - Altered State

This week the public was given little information  about Trump’s health and recovery from the coronavirus, including basic  questions like when he last tested negative or his medical status. Even  by Trump’s standards, this week he acted extraordinarily crazed and  erratic — both ...   Show more

Week 203 - Super-Spreader

On Thursday of this week, around 5 p.m., I  tweeted that this week was unusually quiet in terms of the chaos, and  was on pace for the fewest broken norms in 2020. I wrote that I was not  sure what to attribute it to, but “We might be heading toward the end.”  Hours later, Bloomb ...   Show more

Week 202 - Peaceful Transition of Power

This week Trump said he would not accept a  peaceful transition of power — a remarkable, unprecedented statement.  While there was pushback in the form of the Senate voting for a  resolution affirming its commitment to a peaceful transition — without  mentioning Trump by name or ...   Show more

Week 201 - May Her Memory Be a Blessing

It’s hard to express the sense of loss this year  has brought to the our country: already we’ve endured three years of  division, broken norms, lawlessness, kleptocracy, bigotry and hate,  gaslighting and non-stop lies — leaving our country anxious and  exhausted entering 2020. T ...   Show more

Week 200 - West on Fire

Things are getting worse in America, week by  week. This week, as the West Coast saw wildfires spread, with much of  California, Oregon, and Washington covered in smoke so thick the sun  couldn’t break through and the sky was a hazy gray or shade of yellow  and orange, Trump igno ...   Show more

Week 199 - Vote Twice

This week, with no discernible post-convention  bounce and the election two months away, Trump was frenzied. He started  the week with a storm of tweets, and then embarked on espousing a series  of bizarre conspiracy theories that made him appear mentally unfit to  lead, some of ...   Show more

Week 198 - Republican Nepotism Convention

This week, the Republican Party held its  convention — which was likened to a Trump convention — a four-day span  of shattered norms, and possibly multiple violations of the law. Gone  were names familiar to the Grand Old Party, replaced by Trump loyalists  and his family members ...   Show more

Week 197 - Bannon Charged

This was the longest weekly list, and it was  simply exhausting. The Democrats held a very successful first virtual  Democratic National Convention, while Trump spent the week advancing  lies and conspiracy theories about voting to undermine the election.  Polls continue to show ...   Show more

Week 196 - Post Office Under Attack

This week, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe  Biden chose his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, the first Black and  Asian American vice presidential candidate. An oddly unprepared Trump  campaign and Republican Party reacted with a deluge of sexist and racist  attacks, includin ...   Show more

Week 195 - Back to School

This week U.S. intelligence revealed Russia is  actively interfering in the 2020 presidential election, with a goal of  harming presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Democratic leaders  pressed NCSC Director William Evanina to inform the American people,  while Republicans, ...   Show more

Week 194 - Delay the Election?

This week, for the first time, Trump publicly  floated the idea of delaying the November election, drawing swift  condemnation from Democrats and a mild rebuke from Republican  leadership. The co-founder of conservative Federalist Society said in an  op-ed that Trump should be re ...   Show more

Week 193 - Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

This week, as the coronavirus raged out of  control, passing 4 million U.S. cases and 145,000 deaths, Trump  resurrected his daily coronavirus briefings — by himself, with no health  officials. He also sought to divert attention to Portland, Oregon,  where alarming images of unma ...   Show more

Week 192 - Secret Police

This week, as the coronavirus raged out of  control in many states, Trump sought to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci,  with several members of the regime publicly attacking Fauci’s  credibility. Reporting indicated Trump had lost interest in the  pandemic, with an adviser telling the ...   Show more

Week 191 - Daily Records

This week, the pandemic continued to worsen,  with many states seeing new highs and the death toll starting to rise.  By week’s end, the U.S. registered an unthinkable nearly 70,000 new  daily coronavirus cases. Amid the surge, issues that plagued the April  wave of cases in New ...   Show more

Week 190 - Russian Bounties

This week the coronavirus spread further out of  control, topping 50,000 daily cases for three consecutive days — more  than 10,000 higher than the early peak in April. Trump continued to  largely ignore the pandemic, refuse to wear a mask, and make the most  trusted source of in ...   Show more

Week 189 - Out of Control

This week started with a humiliating return to  the campaign trail for Trump, as a mere 6,200 supporters showed up for  his rally in Tulsa, after the campaign bragged more than one million had  registered. Trump’s poll numbers continue to sag amid his mishandling  of the pandemic ...   Show more

Week 188 - Tulsa

This week grave polling results revealed a  downtrodden country feeling the impact of concurrent and intersecting  crises, as national pride fell to its lowest level in two decades, while  just 20% were satisfied with the direction of the country. Trump  received poor marks for h ...   Show more

Week 187 - Questionable

This week Trump seemed to fade into the  background, unsure of how to respond to a triple set of crises that  gripped the nation: continuing social unrest, a second wave of  coronavirus, and the stock market plunging with the economy officially  entering a recession. Trump spent ...   Show more

Week 186 - Coward-in-chief

This week, in a scene reminiscent of a crackdown  in an authoritarian regime, U.S. troops stationed in our nation’s  capital at Trump’s behest fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful  protestors to disperse them as Trump delivered a “law and order” speech  from the White Ho ...   Show more

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