Episode 35: Interview with Darlene Dingess-Adkins

Episode 35: Interview with Darlene Dingess-Ad...

Episode 36: Supporting Mental Health in the Classroom

Student mental health is currently a big focus in education. But what do educators need to know about mental health and where can they begin? Sara Hutchinson and I sit down to discuss these questions and more as we focus today’s conversation on the West Virginia Tiered System of ...   Show more

Episode 34: Summer Learning Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on education and student learning. With the uncertainty of how much learning loss has occurred, how can districts, community partners, and educators ensure that summer programming is effective in helping students recover from the pandem ...   Show more

Episode 33: Interview with Vanessa Harlow

The Science of Reading is not a new idea, but it is currently trending in the literacy world today. What are some examples of how district leaders and educators can take the science from the Science of Reading research and apply it to their schools and classrooms? Today, Maggie L ...   Show more

Episode 32: The Science of Reading

Science and Technology have contributed to many advancements in the way we live, learn, and work. One such advancement is the science behind how we develop as readers, known as the Science of Reading. The research and knowledge behind the Science of Reading have been gaining more ...   Show more

Episode 31: Interview with Amanda Peyton

In education, family engagement and family involvement are often used interchangeably; however, the distinction between these two terms is crucial to understand how to build strong, meaningful partnerships with parents and families. Today, Blake Turley and I sit down with fellow ...   Show more

Episode 30: Interview with Milagros Nores

Engaging parents and families and working to create strong partnerships is an important way for educators to enhance the overall well-being of the children in their classroom. During the recent unprecedented times we have experienced, the home-school connections and the strength ...   Show more

Episode 29: Interview with Dr. Doug Fisher

Engaging students in learning is a complex process that involves many different elements that are intricately woven together. Balancing these various elements can at times be overwhelming, regardless of the environment in which learning is taking place. Listen as Dr. Doug Fisher ...   Show more

Episode 28: Wonderfully Unexpected Moments of 2020

It is no secret that the 2020 school year had its fair share of challenges. However, teachers across our state have experienced a number of “wonderfully unexpected” highlights over the course of the past year as well.  This very special bonus episode is not only a celebration of ...   Show more

Episode 27: Student Engagement During Remote Learning

Engaging students in a remote learning environment is a new challenge for many teachers. In this episode, fellow Early Literacy Specialist, Samantha Statler, joins me to discuss the importance of student engagement.  We talk about how teachers can monitor and promote student enga ...   Show more

Episode 26: Interview with Dan Torres and Cathryn Miller

It is never too early to begin supporting the healthy growth and development of a child. The first years of a child’s life are a period of incredible growth and development.  By building relationships as well as social and emotional skills, caregivers can promote healthy brain de ...   Show more

Episode 25: Building Foundational Interactions to Support Child Development

Building foundational interactions with young children is not only crucial to their development but it is also vital for future success. Building these foundational interactions to support a child’s development is not only limited to parents and caregivers but successful developm ...   Show more

Episode 24: Interview with Silas KulKarni

Currently, educators are trying to balance the issue of remediating skills that resulted from last spring’s school closures with teaching grade-level content. It can seem like a daunting task but there’s hope. Accelerating student learning is the key to helping teachers balancing ...   Show more

Episode 23: Accelerating Student Learning

Educators across West Virginia are continuing to face challenges surrounding the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on education. The biggest challenges are addressing the unfinished learning that occurred as a result of the school closures while also ensuring that studen ...   Show more

Episode 22: 21st Century Skills: A Close Look at Communication

We navigate our world through communication.  Our lives are largely impacted by our ability to effectively communicate with others both locally and globally. With advancements in technology, we find ourselves redefining and refining what it means to effectively communicate. With ...   Show more

Episode 21: 21st Century Skills: A Close Look at Creativity

The world around us is currently enveloped in innovation. Everyday modern technologies, medical advancements, and improvements are being developed at a rapid pace. The individuals behind these innovations are undoubtedly creative likely because they were taught and actively encou ...   Show more

Episode 20: 21st Century Skills: A Close Look at Collaboration

Currently, our world is grounded in innovation which has created a workforce that is team-oriented. This has made collaboration a desired skill for employers to seek out in potential employees, which in turn makes it a critical skill for our students to develop for the future. To ...   Show more

Episode 19: 21st Century Skills: A Close Look at Critical Thinking

In recent years, our workforce has changed at a rapid pace. In order to adapt to these changes, the world has realized that our students need to be prepared for the careers of tomorrow. The focus in education has adapted to reflect this realization and out of this, the 21st Centu ...   Show more

Episode 18: Interview with John Lydon

Cultural responsiveness is a critical component to achieving educational equity and it is easily left out of many conversations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges faced by marginalized students have intensified, making it even more prudent to address this inequity now. ...   Show more

Episode 17: Contrasting Realities

Right now, our world is full of contrasting realities and those differences will be evident in classrooms across West Virginia this fall. In order to improve the way in which we do “school” and to counterbalance these vastly different realities, educators can begin building their ...   Show more

Episode 16: Interview with Bailey Cato Czupryk and Kate Glover

Today Brandie Turner and I are talking with Bailey Cato Czupryk and Kate Glover from the non-profit organization TNTP, about Summer Learning Loss and the projected effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on those losses.  

Episode 15: Effects of Covid-19 on Summer Learning Loss

Today I am talking with my colleague and fellow State Early Literacy Specialist, Brandie Turner, about Summer Learning Loss and the projected effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on those losses.  

Episode 14: Interview with Dawn Miller

Interactive read alouds are one of the most powerful practices that both educators and parents have to increase children's vocabulary and knowledge about the world. Today, I sit down with Read Aloud West Virginia's Executive Director, Dawn Miller, to discuss how this organization ...   Show more

Episode 13: Interview with Kelly Bryant and Mimi Browning

Remote learning is something that most educators have limited knowledge and experience in navigating, but something almost all educators are learning to navigate during the Covid-19 pandemic. This episode follows the remote teaching and learning journey of two inspirational teach ...   Show more

Episode 12: The Power of Interactive Read-Alouds

Classroom "read alouds" have traditionally been part of the elementary classroom for a very long time. However, the way in which we read aloud to children has evolved into an interactive process with the power to increasingly enrich children's literacy skills. Today, I am talking ...   Show more

Episode 11: Interview with Anna Rowe

Today, Brittany Fike and I sit down with childhood trauma expert and trainer, Anna Rowe. Anna’s experience both professionally and personally on childhood trauma gives her a unique perspective of this crucial topic that impacts so many students.  

Episode 10: Interview with Amber Nichols

Today, I sit down with Amber Nichols to discuss the remote teaching and learning journey that she has been on over the last month. Remote learning is something that most educators have limited knowledge and experience in navigating, but something almost all educators are learning ...   Show more

Episode 09: Childhood Trauma: Unlocking the Door to Learning

Childhood trauma impacts more students every year. But what is childhood trauma? What events cause trauma? How can educators become trauma-informed? Today I am talking with State Early Literacy Specialist, Brittany Fike, about childhood trauma and the initial steps that educators ...   Show more

Episode 08 Interview with Pooja Patel

Self-talk is a skill that we use to coach ourselves through any challenging or mundane task. How can educators embed this skill into the classroom in order to help students feel successful in all content areas and in life outside of the classroom? Today, Maggie Luma and I are tal ...   Show more

Episode 07: Interview with Kelcie Blankenship and Claire McCoy

Remote learning is uncharted territory for most public educators, but it is a topic almost all educators are learning to navigate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, I sit down with Kelcie Blankenship and Claire McCoy about their journey in providing instruction remotely.  

Episode 06: The Power of Self-Talk

Self-talk is a powerful life skill that adults use to help them get through challenging situations and that it is typically developed through many years of experience. Is there a way that we can speed up this process and help students develop this vital life skill in our classroo ...   Show more

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