Episode 11 - Usher Bucks with Juice

Episode 11 - Usher Bucks with Juice

Episode 13 - The Beach with Juice

We got K back in the building for this week's smoke session along with a special guest as we talk about Beach Day preparations, Ben Affleck showing up on dating apps, the things that come with dating people with different professions, and we close things out with another funny "A ...   Show more

Episode 12 - Collecting Rings with Juice

K is back in the building for this week's smoke session and we talk about celebrating 4/20, weed edibles, the Lakers Twitter Catfish scandal, how J-Lo is collecting rings like Thanos, and we end with a special "Am I The Asshole?" question. #420 #WeedEdibles #LakersCatfish #Catfis ...   Show more

Episode 10 - Wake and Bake with Juice

Yenandjuice rolls a solo blunt this week and gets personal. Join the wake and bake session and reminisce about how Mary J has brought many friendships to fruition, and being tempted to break my personal rule at a new job. We also dive into "Am I The Asshole?" questions that need ...   Show more

Episode 9 - Online Dating with Juice

This week, I roll up some fire and chat with Bambi, a self-proclaimed Z-llenial, about dating post-Covid, and not so great dating app matches. We also get into celebrating break-up season, celebrity updates, and give some advice on an "Am I the Asshole?" dinner date question. #Da ...   Show more

Episode 8 - Wholesome Cheaters with Juice

K returns for this week's smoke session and we talk about the return of the reckless spring breakers in Miami. We dissect a video of a very popular "dating coach" embarrassing his wife all over the internet, and bring up the question of how much money would you need to put up wit ...   Show more

Episode 7 - Gender Reveals with Juice

Spark up and join the smoke session as K and I get into the Lady Gaga dog snatching scandal! We also dig deep into the popular gender reveal fad that has turned into a dangerously outrageous event, and we catch up with why Bam Margera from Jackass, who used to be a little cutie, ...   Show more

Episode 6 - Free Britney With Juice

Spark up and join the smoke session while K and I look back on how we fell in love with smoking weed, break down what's going on with Britney Spears, Texas chillin with no masks, NBA All Star Weekend, and Bobby Shmurda coming home! #FreeBritney.  

Episode 5 - A Pisces With Juice

Spark up and join the smoke session while Tru and I reminisce on our “I got 5 on it” days, discuss the stereotypes of Pisces and Scorpios, and we explore the truth about the “it’s all pink on the inside” saying. Plus we dissect a new hip hop love match.  

Episode 4 - Sex With Juice

Let’s roll up and have sex talk. Grown folks talk about sex, sex, and more sex. How important is it and can it work with someone who doesn’t match your nasty? Martin and Coretta are back and we get into it! We also get into B. Simone’s new controversial PSA message to women.  

Episode 3 - Strip Clubs and Juice

Spark up and join me as I welcome two Miami natives and long time lovers, Martin and Coretta, as they help me navigate my way around the strip clubs of Miami and discuss the positives and negatives of sexual preferences and fetishes. We also get into a little Serena Williams talk ...   Show more

Episode 2 - Valentine's Day With Juice

Light one up, and join me and K while we discuss all things Valentine's Day for the new couples, old couples, single people, and even the ones that hate it altogether -- we got you too.  

Episode 1 - Rollin With Juice

Recorded NEW YEARS : Spark up and join me and K while we discuss transitioning into a new year, what COVID means in Miami, and the culture shock we went through moving from NY to the Devil's Playground. Also, some red flags and bad dates we didn't ignore....  

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