44. Pluck and Purpose with Special Guest Liz Bohannon

44. Pluck and Purpose with Special Guest Liz ...

47. Time Management

How many of you have all of the perfect to-do lists and/or pretty planners and you still get “nothing” done? If you’re constantly asking yourself “where did all of my time go?” Kristen’s breaking down why this is so common and how to combat it so that you can start to harness you ...   Show more

46. Inner Growth as an Enneagram 7 with Special Guest Rachael Rogers

Kristen is interviewing her client and friend, Rachael Rogers, an enneagram 7 who hit a ‘business depression’ after hustling and making it to the top of her company in record time. Soon after, her business came to a halt, she felt no joy in her work, and she realized that her cur ...   Show more


NEW 3 day LIVE EVENT RECRUIT REBOOT Register here:  https://kristenboss.mykajabi.com/Recruit-Reboot https://kristenboss.mykajabi.com/Recruit-Reboot Without question, the number one struggle I see in the social selling industry is RECRUITMENT.  I see so many people who are frustrated, confused, stuck, and in despair because they ...   Show more

45. The Key to Consistency

Are you all over the place in your business with lots of starts and stops based on your feelings from day to day? Do you want to learn how to become more consistent?    Kristen believes that becoming consistent comes from one specific emotion--she’s talking about how to cultivate ...   Show more

43. How to Have a Supportive Spouse or Partner

Does your partner support you and your social selling business? Today I’m sharing with you the reasons many spouses and/or partners don’t appear to be supportive of your social selling business and my best tips to getting your them on board.   How to know if your spouse doesn’t s ...   Show more

42.Finding Success as an Enneagram 9

This week Kristen interviews long time friend, client, and self-declared Enneagram 9, Kelsey Hansen, on her success and how she did things differently to build her business. Kelsey is a six figure earner with her company and is known as the “Sourdough Mentor” on Instagram. Yes, s ...   Show more

41. Bounce Back from Burnout

Kristen is sharing more about her experience with extreme burnout--along with the subtle burnout signs you may not notice and what you can do once you realize you’re burned out.    People in the social selling industry are taught to hustle their way to business success and they a ...   Show more

Bonus Book Announcement

Double Book bonus is for The Confident Copy book and The Purposeful Organic Marketing book. Both are printed and mailed to you when you join the academy 3/26-3/29 Social Selling Academy: https://www.thesocialsellingacademy.com/the-social-selling-academy-ssa https://www.thesocialsellingacademy.com/the-social-selling-academy-ssa    

40. Selling Through Serving

Have you had some success in your social selling business, but you’ve realized that you can’t sustain the hustle for yourself or your team? What about coming to the industry with entrepreneurial success, and you tried to do things the way your social selling company (or so-called ...   Show more

39. Hitting Big Goals with Attraction Marketing

Get ready for some real-time inspiration! Today Kristen interviews two students in The Social Selling Academy as they share about the simple changes they made after they joined The Academy and how they quickly created BIG results in their businesses.   Melissa McGill has been in ...   Show more

38. Ambitious Anxiety

Many people are stuck in the hustle of growing their business and trying to reach their next goal to the point that they can’t take a break or rest without being plagued with an impulse to respond to messages, write another post, or message another person. They think that drive i ...   Show more

37. Default Thoughts

The first step to changing your current reality is to become aware of the thoughts creating it. Today, Kristen is sharing the way our brain likes to stay safe and comfortable by continuing to think negative ‘default’ thoughts.    Default thoughts are like a security blanket that ...   Show more

Special Announcement: Changes are Coming!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes are coming to the podcast!       

36. Leaving the 9-5

When you started your social selling business, you likely had a dream of leaving your “day job.” You probably dreamed about it so much that you ended up romanticising what your life would look like without your 9 to 5.   You may think this dream/goal is motivating you into growin ...   Show more

35. Building Self Trust

As an online entrepreneur, you’re starting from the ground up to build your business. For those of you coming from other career backgrounds, it can be a challenge to realize that there’s no handbook to tell you how to operate. Not knowing whether your decisions are right or wrong ...   Show more

34. Bonus Episode, Just Do The Thing!

How many times have you said, “when I achieve this, then I’ll pursue that?” How many times have you put off your calling by waiting to take perfect action?   In this very special bonus episode from the Becoming Boss archives is a never-before-heard recording of the first ever Pur ...   Show more

33. Overcoming Objections

No matter how amazing a business is, how solid an offer or how fantastic a team is to work with, everyone will face objections. It comes with the territory of the cautious human brain, right? There will be reservations, concerns, and the need to minimize risk. But what often happ ...   Show more

32. Formulas, Scripts, and Strategies

If you have a social selling business, you’ve likely used a script, strategy, or “secret” formula that your leader (or a marketing guru) handed to you. And I’d bet that you didn’t see much return or success when you implemented any of them.   That’s because the script isn’t the a ...   Show more

31. When People Quit Your Team

When you set out to grow your team in the social selling space you knew that sometimes your people quit. It comes with the territory. But it isn’t always easy to see it that way when it actually happens to you. And the way you show up as a leader when someone quits your team can ...   Show more

30. Loving What Is

Have you noticed that when you want to change something about yourself, your health, or your business, that it’s usually something you hate or are frustrated about? We want to change and ‘fix’ things about ourselves from a place of frustration by using negative self-talk. Spoiler ...   Show more

29. The Business Detox

It’s the new year and with every new year comes the NEW YEAR ENERGY. We want to purge, start fresh, set new and amazing goals! This is going to be YOUR YEAR!  Here’s what Kristen wants to say: you need to calm down. Really.  She’s all about setting big goals, but when you set the ...   Show more

28. The Art of Celebration

Do you celebrate even when you miss your goal? If not, you’re missing out on an important piece of your success strategy. The art of celebration is more than simply celebrating when you achieve our big business goals. You can’t beat yourself up about missing a goal and expect to ...   Show more

27. Self Concept

Your self concept is probably the most important indicator of your long-term success. Self concept is how you see yourself and how you perceive how you think others see you. It informs how you think, act, and feel in the world right now.  Today, Kristen shares how your self conce ...   Show more

26. The Truth About Value

One of the biggest pitfalls to achieving success in the social selling/network marketing industry is that people don’t think they have unique value to share as they market their business. It’s the biggest killer to creating consistent and valuable content.  Kristen’s sharing how ...   Show more

25. Confusion vs. Curiosity

Your brain has a default mode that it uses to help keep you safe--none of us is immune to its sneaky strategy. The difference between success and failure is how you handle this default mode when it inevitably comes up. An example of this is when your brain offers you confusion in ...   Show more

24. Suffering for Success

If you’re talking about ‘time freedom’ and then hustling in your network marketing business, you’re out of alignment and your followers and your team can feel it. Your success can be joyful and come to you easily!    Today I’m sharing more about my past story and the story I see ...   Show more

23. The Highest Income Producing Activity

You may think you are moving towards your business goals because you are taking action every day. But there are two types of action: passive and income producing. Which category do your actions fall into?    If you’re working on your gratitudes, meditating, or even listening to t ...   Show more

22. The Belief Plan

How often do you check in with your belief in your business? If you’re not working on maintaining or growing your beliefs every day--your belief in yourself, your business, your offer, your clients, everything--you are missing an invaluable piece of your success plan!    This epi ...   Show more

21. Disciplined Discomfort

Growing a direct sales business, or any business, isn’t going to feel amazing every day. There will be hard days, uncomfortable moments, and painful lessons. But in order to show up consistently and grow, we must learn to work while we feel discomfort. As humans, our default mode ...   Show more

20. Why You Don't Like Selling

In today’s episode, Kristen is sharing exactly why she thinks you hate selling and how you can make it fun, instead. Selling is a completely normal part of life and we are selling and being sold to in our personal lives every day.   Selling is really serving other people, and she ...   Show more

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