Money Hot Topics: Investing 101

Money Hot Topics: Investing 101

Steven Pressfield—This One Thing is Keeping You From Making Money

I know you have a dream or a big idea that you’re holding on to—and today you’re finally going to get the kick in the pants to take action. Best-selling author Steven Pressfield explains how Resistance, with a capital R, is that negative force that keeps people from pursuing thei ...   Show more

Erin Lowry—3 Ways to Win at Awkward Money Conversations

Author of the “Broke Millennial” book series, Erin Lowry, explains why money conversations can be so uncomfortable. She discusses the unique money challenges that millennials face and offers practical strategies so you can have important conversations with your parents and your k ...   Show more

Jon Acuff—Stop Overthinking and Start Living

Overthinking is costing you money and keeping you from living the life you want. Author Jon Acuff says it starts with your “soundtracks” - the loudest thoughts that play in your head. Jon shares how if your soundtracks aren’t speaking truth, his three-step strategy will change th ...   Show more

Why the World Needs the Good Money Framework

The tables have turned and Derrick’s on the hot seat. One of our favorite guests, Bea Boccalandro, pulls no punches as she asks Derrick why he sold a very successful financial planning business to launch the Good Money Framework and the Good Money podcast. He shares why his funda ...   Show more

Sharon McMahon—Politics and Money: Who Says We All Have To Agree?

Fed up with biased reporting and inaccuracies in the news and on social media, former government teacher Sharon McMahon decided to do something about it. She began posting non-partisan educational videos on Instagram to break down misinformation and give viewers easy-to-understan ...   Show more

David Allen—Productivity Hacks to Make You Money

You know that nightmare where you wake up in a cold sweat worried you missed something uber-important? Productivity guru (and To-Do List myth buster) David Allen is here to help you get tons more done - the right way. In our conversation, he explains how trying to keep track of t ...   Show more

Bob Beaudine—The Power of Who

Here’s a mind-blowing concept: You already know everyone you need to know. That’s according to best-selling author and CEO Bob Beaudine. Turns out he’s right! He shares why you should stop networking (which he calls not working) if you’re trying to move up the career ladder. And ...   Show more

JV Crum III—How To Be a Conscious Millionaire

JV Crum III understands exactly what it's like to have everything—the house on the water, the dream car, money, status—and still feel unsatisfied. At 5 years old, he declared that he wanted to be a millionaire—and at only 25, he achieved that dream. In our conversation, JV candid ...   Show more

Justin Donald—Stop Investing Like Everyone Else

If you want to become wealthier and make the world better, start by giving money away. In this week’s Good Money Tip, we reveal a secret of successful people—how to quickly get back up when failure throws you a knock-out punch. Derrick also talks with lifestyle investor, Justin D ...   Show more

Barbara Huson—Is Money Guilt Costing You Cash?

Newly divorced with three children and a million dollars of debt, Barbara Huson had to get smart with her money—and fast! In our conversation, she talks about the challenges many face with their finances and strategies you can use to rewire your brain and achieve success. She say ...   Show more

Dan Price—Does a $70k Minimum Wage Work?

Would a minimum wage of $70,000 actually work? And to pay for it, cut your own $1 million salary? This bold decision by Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price skyrocketed productivity, boosted sales and created happier employees. Labeled by some as pure socialism, the controversial move ...   Show more

Bola Sokunbi—Ditch Debt and Build Real Wealth

Where does 80% of wealth building take place? In your head! As the founder of Clever Girl Finance, Bola Sokunbi says if you want to make money it comes down to good habits and a laser focus on what matters most. If you want to avoid the worst financial blunders people make, she s ...   Show more

Ram Charan—3 Secrets of Thriving Companies

What do the world’s top CEO’s know that you don’t? Ram Charan reveals the valuable insights he uses to guide these impactful business leaders. He says mistakes are normal, but bad decisions are what lead to disaster. By asking one simple question, “What’s the problem?” you open t ...   Show more

Jason Feifer—Giving Back Is Good Business

Jason Feifer shares how companies that have clear missions are better at navigating challenges and embracing change. If you’re wondering how your company can stand out in the marketplace, he says that first, you should make a great product, but it’s how you tell your story and re ...   Show more

Ramit Sethi—Spending Less is the Wrong Strategy

What does a rich life look like? Ramit Sethi shares how having a clear vision of your rich life allows you to use your money on the things that matter most. He says it’s normal to make mistakes with money and that you should start building habits early so you don’t make the same ...   Show more

Matthew McConaughey—Who Said Money Is Bad?

Are your bank account and souls account out of balance? Matthew McConaughey shares how a risky career move paid off big and brought him the fulfillment he was looking for—and the Academy Award for Best Actor. He also gets candid about relationships, money, and the legacy he’s bui ...   Show more

Marc Randolph—Turn Everyday Problems Into Extraordinary Profits

You would think the most brilliant of entrepreneurs would rarely face failure. After all, didn’t they just come up with one genius idea and money started flooding in? Not the case for Netflix co-founder, Marc Randolph. The truth? Marc was told, “That will never work,” more times ...   Show more

Morgan Housel—How To Make More Money Than Most People

Save like a pessimist, invest like an optimist! Morgan Housel explores how people think about money and why amateur investors can do just as well or even better than financial experts. If you are worried about the pandemic’s impact on your personal economy, he reminds us that set ...   Show more

Tom Golisano—Billionaire Secrets to Grow Your Business

Do you think about starting your own business? Or do you want to grow the one you have? Billionaire businessman Tom Golisano shares how he started his small payroll processing company and grew it into a multi-billion-dollar empire. He explains how he evaluates new business ventur ...   Show more

Kelsa Dickey—Budget Isn’t a Bad Word

Is “budget” a bad word in your house? Kelsa Dickey shares strategies to help you take control of your finances and practice good money habits. If you worry about how money impacts your family, she explains how a family creed can help guide your money decisions to line up with you ...   Show more

Exclusive: Sean Astin—Is Your Self-Doubt Keeping You From Success?

Is self-doubt holding you back from your dreams? Sean Astin shares how a sense of perspective and a sense of humor can help you overcome obstacles and achieve what you want in life. If you’ve suffered a setback, he says it’s good to acknowledge your pain, just don’t wallow in it. ...   Show more

Andy Andrews – The Missing Ingredient For Your Next Big Decision

Is life just a lottery ticket, or are there choices you can make to direct your future? Andy Andrews shares how a few key decisions at critical moments in life can ultimately determine your success. If you’re feeling anxious or worried, he cautions that it can become a self-fulfi ...   Show more

Dr. Mike Norton – Money Can Buy You Happiness

What if money really can buy happiness? Dr. Mike Norton shares how it isn’t the amount of money you have, but how you use it that matters. If you’re dreaming about a big purchase he says to consider how it will impact your overall life so you get the biggest bang for the buck. An ...   Show more

Dan Miller – How To Love Mondays & Find Your Purpose

Is your Sunday evening filled with the dread of Monday morning? Dan Miller shares how to use your unique skills, abilities and personality to create a career that is meaningful and profitable. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to make a career change and feel stuck, you’l ...   Show more

Bonus: Peter Shankman—Productivity Hacks To Make You More Money and Get More Done

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Peter Shankman shares how he’s maximized his productivity by learning how his brain works and putting rules and routines in place that work with his brain and not against it. Use Peter’s powerful strategies to build a business, bec ...   Show more

Michael Gerber—3 Secrets to Be Your Own Boss

Do you desire to make more than just a living? Like many small business owners, you want to grow but don’t know how. Michael Gerber has revolutionized how small businesses can strategically build and expand. If you want to be a true entrepreneur, he says you need repeatable syste ...   Show more

Rabbi Daniel Lapin – Why the Pursuit of Money is Not Bad

Does your desire to make more money leave you feeling selfish or guilty? Rabbi Daniel Lapin shares how the pursuit of money can actually bring out the best in people and lead to greater freedom. Are you worried about how to grow your income and your business? Rabbi Lapin says to ...   Show more

Charles Antis – Give More to Grow More (Why Every Nail Matters)

What if the more you gave away, the more your business grew? In 1989 Charles Antis embarked on a mission to change the world, one roof at a time. He shares how giving grows his revenue, increases employee engagement, and weaves his business into the fabric of his community. If yo ...   Show more

Ken Rusk – Be a Millionaire (No College Required!)

Were you taught that college was the only path to a successful career? Ken Rusk spent his younger days digging ditches and working construction. Now he’s built a thriving business and coached countless others to do the same. Ken shares that a blue-collar career is one of the fast ...   Show more

Lara Casey – Take a Risk for What Really Matters

Do you feel stuck and anxious for something more? A decade ago, Lara Casey found herself with a growing business, but a crumbling marriage. By shifting her focus to what mattered most, Lara’s marriage was restored and she launched a new venture helping women set goals and live in ...   Show more

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