How “Crying In H Mart” Helped Michelle Zauner Grieve Her Mother

How “Crying In H Mart” Helped Michelle Zauner...

Reconsider The Lobster

In colonial times, lobster was routinely served to prisoners. It was called “the cockroach of the sea.” So what changed? On today’s show, we’re bringing you an episode from our friends at Gastropod, a podcast that looks at food through the lens of science and history. They take a ...   Show more

Mission: ImPASTAble 6 (Update) | The Future of Cascatelli

The first run of cascatelli sold out almost immediately. In the weeks that followed, the pasta basically went viral. In this update, you’ll hear how Dan and his family reacted. Then, Dan weighs his options for the future of cascatelli. For help, he turns to die maker Chris Maldar ...   Show more

In Search Of Rosa Parks' Pancakes

In 2016, the Library of Congress posted Rosa Parks' personal documents online for the first time. Buried under postcards from Martin Luther King and lists of volunteers for the Montgomery Bus Boycott was a pancake recipe, written on the back of an envelope which included the ad ...   Show more

Cooking With Brain Injury — And Finding Humor In It

How does a traumatic brain injury affect the way you cook and eat? Filmmaker Cheryl Green, who has a brain injury, satirizes her own experiences in the kitchen in a short video called “Cooking With Brain Injury.” This week Dan talks with Cheryl about what it means to live with an ...   Show more

Mission: ImPASTAble 5 | A Shape Is Born

After months of revisions, Dan thinks he’s got his shape. But he’s been working on this for so long, he’s not sure he knows what’s good anymore. So he brings in an all-star panel of taste testers, including Sohla El-Waylly, Francis Lam, Dorie Greenspan, Christopher Kimball, Clair ...   Show more

Mission: ImPASTAble 4 | Where The Ruffles Meet The Road

The first test batch of Dan’s pasta rolls off the presses, but problems crop up almost immediately. In order to save his shape, Dan has to make some big decisions that come with a high price tag. Then just as things start coming together, a die redesign goes very wrong.  Want to ...   Show more

Mission: ImPASTAble 3 | What Would Juan Guzmán Do?

Dan dusts himself off and goes on the hunt for a pasta company to partner with. Plus, he edges closer to a design for his shape. But the real challenge is convincing pasta industry insiders to take him seriously.  Want to see photos and videos from Dan’s journey? Follow The Spork ...   Show more

Mission: ImPASTAble 2 | Slanting The Floors

Dan seeks inspiration for the design of his new pasta shape, a process that includes an epic pasta tasting and a chat with an architect who points him to a very radical concept. But after a meeting with a pasta maker, Dan learns exactly how much these big ideas will cost him. Wan ...   Show more

Mission: ImPASTAble 1 | Spaghetti Sucks

Spaghetti doesn’t hold sauce. Angel hair goes from zero to mush. Wagon wheels are gimmicks. These are just a few of Dan’s many frustrations with classic pasta shapes. Three years ago he set out to do better when he embarked on a quest to invent a new pasta shape, actually get it ...   Show more

Mission: ImPASTAble Trailer

For the last three years, Dan has been on a quest to invent a new pasta shape, actually get it made, and actually sell it. And things have not gone as planned. Starting this Monday, March 1, we’re telling the story of this quest in a five-part series.// Get 500+ more great Sporkf ...   Show more

Are All Vodkas The Same?

Putting our own homemade vodka to the test... Dan’s friend Alex Goldmark insists that cheap vodka makes his face turn red; Dan doesn’t believe him, because Dan thinks all vodka is the same. We team up with NPR’s Planet Money, where Alex happens to be the senior supervising produc ...   Show more

The Sporkful Dating Game!

It’s not for foodies, it’s for lovers… Could listening to The Sporkful be the fertile soil out of which true love grows? We put out the call for Sporkful listeners looking for love, and hundreds of you responded. This week, we listen in on two blind Zoom dates that resulted from ...   Show more

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon Eat Differently Now

Cauliflower rice biryani anyone?… When Kumail Nanjiani was cast as a Marvel superhero, he decided to transform his body. Gone was the guy who played a schlubby coder on Silicon Valley Kumail got jacked. To many of his fans, and to anyone who heard him wax poetic about his favor ...   Show more

Celebrating Other People’s Holidays

Plus, a surprising new update… Do you drink a Guinness on St. Patrick's Day, even though you're not Irish? Do you eat chips and salsa on Cinco de Mayo, even though you're not Mexican? Here at Sporkful HQ, we sure do. When one culture's holiday becomes everyone's excuse to party, ...   Show more

Men Have Eating Disorders, Too. Why Don’t They Seek Help?

Three personal stories about an overlooked problem…Public discussions about eating disorders tend to focus on women, and in the past, so have our episodes on the subject. But millions of men also struggle with some form of disordered eating, though they’re far less likely to be d ...   Show more

Julián Castro On Nachos And Government

And why hunger in America became partisan… When Julián Castro sought the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, he made hunger one of his key campaign issues. The former HUD secretary and San Antonio mayor joins us to discuss food policy, the power and limitations of boycot ...   Show more

Free Ice Cream For Science!

The laws of gastrophysics at work… How do background music, the shape of a spoon, and your DNA affect your taste? These are just a few of the questions that psychologist Charles Spence looks at in his research in the emerging field of gastrophysics. This week, we talk with Charle ...   Show more

This Food Stylist Is Bringing More Compassion To The Kitchen

And the importance of representation in food photography… Elle Simone Scott once said that a food stylist’s job is to tell the story of the food and in her work on shows for Bravo, Food Network, and America’s Test Kitchen, she’s gone to great lengths to do just that. Combing th ...   Show more

New Year’s Food Resolutions 2021

What foods do Sporkful listeners resolve to eat more of in the new year, and why? And what’s Dan’s New Year’s food resolution for 2021? All is revealed in this annual tradition. Plus we replay one of our favorite episodes of the year… Earlier this year (before Covid), Sotheby’s p ...   Show more

The Fruitcake That Wouldn't Die

Our gift recommendations…Fruitcake has long been the butt of jokes, an inedible brick that people receive around Christmas, don’t eat, then regift the next year. But it’s also been a beloved baked good for generations. And one of the most famous is Jane Parker Fruit Cake. Jane Pa ...   Show more

Two Books For The Food Science Nerd In Your Life

Do roses really smell like poo-poo-oo?... From tortilla chips to tree bark, from fancy cheese to toe cheese, there’s a world of smells all around us that tell us a lot about food, drink, and everything else. So says legendary food scientist Harold McGee in his new book, Nose Dive ...   Show more

LeVar Burton Even Reads Recipes Dramatically

Plus, dishing on Patrick Stewart’s weird lunches… You may think you know LeVar Burton. After starring in the seminal 1977 mini-series "Roots," he hosted "Reading Rainbow" and starred alongside Sir Patrick Stewart on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." These days he hosts the podcas ...   Show more

A Writer Who Finds His Characters Through Their Food

Bryan Washington on how meals can fill silence… In Bryan Washington’s acclaimed debut novel, Memorial, Benson and Mike, a couple living in Houston, are going through a rocky patch in their relationship. Mike leaves to take care of his sick father in Osaka, just as his mother come ...   Show more

Hitting The Texas Taco Trail With José Ralat

Why Tex-Mex is just as legit as Mexican food…José Ralat’s job at Texas Monthly magazine is so unique that when he got it last year, it made national news. One headline read: “The Job You Wish You Had: Taco Editor.” Yes, taco editor. And this fall the magazine is releasing its spe ...   Show more

Can Jelly Donuts Be Fixed?

Listeners call in with food issues… The perimeter of a jelly donut is devoid of fruity goodness, while the epicenter is a blob of jelly mess, says listener Larry in New York. Dan thinks he has the solution. Barbara and Bruce clash over how to dissect a corn muffin. Can they find ...   Show more

Samin Nosrat And Hrishikesh Hirway Are Just Here For The Cookies

Is the ideal cookie chewy, crispy, or crunchy?... Earlier this year, “Salt Fat Acid Heat” author Samin Nosrat and “Song Exploder” podcast host Hrishikesh Hirway teamed up to create “Home Cooking,” a podcast where they answer listeners’ cooking questions, make lots of bad puns, an ...   Show more

10 YEARS #5 | Notes From A Young Black Chef Pt 2 (Update)

A lot’s happened this year… After starting his own catering company and going to the Culinary Institute of America, Kwame Onwuachi enters the world of fine dining. Soon, investors want him to open his own restaurant. But when he does, things go wrong fast. His comeback involves ...   Show more

10 YEARS #4 | Notes From A Young Black Chef Pt 1

In honor of our 10th anniversary we’re re-releasing three all time favorite stories, as selected by listeners, each with a brand new update. This story is in two parts. Part 2 is in your feed now, with a special update… In 2019, Kwame Onwuachi became one of the fastest rising sta ...   Show more

10 YEARS #3 | Katie’s Year In Recovery (Update)

The next chapter... In honor of our 10th anniversary we’re re-releasing three all time favorite stories, as selected by listeners, each with a brand new update at the end. In this episode we follow one woman's attempt to recover from an eating disorder over the course of a year. ...   Show more

10 YEARS #2 | Aleppo Sandwich Pt 2 (Update)

Three years later... A famous sandwich shop in Aleppo, Syria, played a key role in changing Shadi Martini’s life forever. Today on The Sporkful we hear the rest of Shadi’s story, and conclude our quest to find out what happened to the shop during the civil war in Syria. (In honor ...   Show more

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