67 - Bitcoin & Cryptos (Part 2) (Burger Stories)

67 - Bitcoin & Cryptos (Part 2) (Burger Stori...

68 - Ramadan (Burger Stories) (Re-run)

RAMADAN KAREEM to all our listeners! Malda Smadi and Moe Abuzayed join us in a Burger Stories episode edition as we share our personal experiences with Ramadan, Fasting, Food and everything in-between. Happy Listening Burgers! P.S. We are on Patreon! If you LOVE the Hamburger Gen ...   Show more

66 - Bitcoin & Cryptos (Part 1) (Burger Stories)

Tarik and Moe join us for a “burger stories” edition about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies. According to his Instagram bio, Tarik is into Science, Astrophysics, Space, Bitcoin & Humanism. He formerly worked at the UAE Space Agency and Google! Find him on Instagram here: https://www.in https://www.in ...   Show more

65 - Where Is My Ring?!

Safeguarding your most important belongings is a skill that Isra learned the hard way. What happens when Isra has in her hands the most precious diamond ring her eyes have ever seen? Happy Listening Burgers! P.S. We are on Patreon! If you LOVE the Hamburger Generation then please ...   Show more

64 - The Proposal

Today’s story is a special one for Moe and his fiancé Suzy. Listen to all the twists & turns of Moe’s elaborate plan to execute the perfect proposal. Happy Listening Burgers! Thank you to our sponsor, Storytel, which is an audiobook & e-book app with a huge collection of Arabic & ...   Show more

63 - الهَوَس بيقتل

ايش صار بالظبط براس فارس لمّا كان لازم يسكن لحاله بالسعودية لمدة أسبوعين؟ Happy Listening Burgers! P.S. We are on Patreon! If you LOVE the Hamburger Generation then please consider supporting us for as little as $1 a month or claim awesome benefits starting from $5. HG Patreon Li ...   Show more

62 - The Life Of OT

Omar Tom, also known as OT, tells his story of rising through the ashes of multiple health issues throughout his life to becoming the hard-working entrepreneur he is today! We hope that this story reminds us to be thankful for all the health we have and inspire us to grab life by ...   Show more

61 - Tsunami

When we invited Khaled Abuljebain to the podcast we asked him.. “What’s that one golden story that you love to tell?”, his reply was one word “TSUNAMI!” .. we were hooked and here we are publishing that story to you. Make sure to check out Khaled’s awesome podcast “Hope it Helps” ...   Show more

60 - Logistical Nightmare!

Elisar is a dedicated and hard-working businessman in the industry of logistics & shipping. In his line of work he faces many challenges, but none of his difficult experiences match this one particular client from HELL! This order begins as a simple shipment to Jordan and turns i ...   Show more

59 - How Do You Know?!

Moe recently got elevated to the higher echelon of the banking world where he gets all the millionaire perks and benefits from his bank along with the intense moment of rubbing shoulders with a fellow platinum member. Listen in on this story by the bank's platinum member, Mr. Moe ...   Show more

58 - Strip Club & A Banana

Jamil, Moe and their friends naively journey to the dark side of town to visit the legendary strip club. Little did they know that Jamil was going to confront a familiar face which lead to one of the most gangster moves of all time… involving a banana. Thank you to our sponsor, S ...   Show more

57 - I'm Adopted?!

Zandy-Sue tells her story of finding out that she is adopted and her unique journey in light of the fact. A truly beautiful story! Shout-out to the awesome fellow podcast and community of "True Story Tent" for helping us to find Zandy-Sue. If you haven’t heard of them yet make su ...   Show more

56 - A Model From Hell

As we have heard in previous episodes (such as Ep.22) Khalid just loves to escalate things unnecessarily. So when a particularly difficult model pushes his buttons and uses the “Race Card” against Khalid things go haywire! Happy Listening Burgers! P.S. We are on Patreon! If you L ...   Show more

55 - Horoscopes

Do you believe in Horoscopes? or Are you a skeptic? On this episode Moe and Rami join us to share some stories and have conversations about Horoscopes. Find us on Instagram and share your thoughts to us about Horoscopes, we’d love to hear what you guys think! Happy Listening Burg ...   Show more

54 - The "My Parents Are Divorced" Guy

Shawn Chidiac, who has gained quite a following on Instagram for his hilarious sketches, joins us to share his journey in creating all these different characters such as Randu from India, Biso from Lebanon, Darwin from Philippines, Farzad from Iran and many more. Listen on as we ...   Show more

53 - Arranged Marriage

Moe’s parents have been hunting for the perfect wife for their son and when when they set their sights on this one particular girl at the hospital they thought they found the one! Arab parents just LOVE to play matchmakers.. listen on to this story how Moe goes into this matchmak ...   Show more

52 - بتشبه إمّي

في هذه الحلقة رفيقنا فارس بخبرنا عن قصّة زواج كان رح يصير بس ما صار مع بنت بتشبه إمّه كتير و لكن اكتشف أنّ العكس صحيح نحن كتير حابين نعرض قصص أكثر و أكثر بالعربي و لكن لحتى هذا الشي يصير منحتاج ناس يجولنا و يحكولنا قصصهم بالعربي. فلو عندكم قصّة حقيقية صارت معكم و حابين تحكوها، رج ...   Show more

51 - The Sweater at Evolve

This is a story about the sweater of the most chivalrous gentleman at Evolve Music Festival. What happens when Jamil lives off the brotherly-&-sisterly love of the festival and decides to help a girl in need? Happy Listening Burgers! P.S. We have finally established our Patreon p ...   Show more

50 - It's Not Your Father's Car Anymore

We are finally back to recording stories face-to-face! Moe and Jamil invested $800 into a 1985 Cutlass Oldsmobile during their college years in Canada. The legendary Oldsmobile resurfaces into our lives as Moe catches a glimpse of it on the popular Netflix show Ozark.. and we cou ...   Show more

49 - Motorcycle Diaries

Welcome to the 1st episode on Hamburger Generation recorded remotely! Our ever present guest, Moe Abu Zayed, tells his story of backpacking across Vietnam from the south (Ho Chi Minh City) to the north (Hanoi) on a 50 year old kickstarter engine, clutch challenging, communist, Ho ...   Show more

48 - Georgian Rollerluck

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Fajer & Alison went on a good/bad luck whirlwind of a trip to Georgia. Listen to their story as they recount the ups & downs of their time leading up to and during their trip. A Video version of this episode will be available soon on Hamburger Genera ...   Show more

47 - A Belated COVID Episode

A bit of context before listening.. This episode was recorded at the beginning of March 2020; before this pandemic spiraled out of control. This episode is about Corona Virus (COVID-19) & it might be a bit outdated since it was recorded back in the good ‘old Corona days where you ...   Show more

46 - Rock-Bottom

Our guest is fellow podcaster, DigitalHoos. He is the founder of “Let’s Take This Online” & “The Tangent” which are two awesome podcasts worth checking out (links below). Hoos exemplifies Drake’s “Started from the bottom now we here” because he has hit rock-bottom and took the ne ...   Show more

45 - Baby Zayn (Part 2)

We continue on with Part 2 of the “Baby Zayn” episode as Isra tells us about putting her daughter Tamara into an Arabic school in Zarga in Jordan. We also discuss all the gritty details of giving birth through C-section and finally a short story Jamil as a baby and the famous Por ...   Show more

44 - Baby Zayn (Part 1)

Basel Anabtawi & Dana Al Adham have brought to the world their new son Zayn (NOT Zayn-Alabideen!) So we thought we’d sit with our good friend Basel (who btw is the host of the awesome podcast Basel Meets) so he could share his experience before, during and after the birth of his ...   Show more

43 - Coliseum Gaming

Moe and Jamil went to university together in Canada where they’ve had to find jobs in order to fulfill multiple working semesters for their business program. After a horrid experience in their first working semester they set out to weasel their way around the 2nd working semester ...   Show more

42 - FIFA Interactive World Cup

In 2010 Moe’s obsessive personality lead him to become a real playa ;) .. *ahem* not exactly THAT type of player, but more like a video gaming wizard. As soon as his parents setup a TV for him in his room, Moe was on-course for a memorable year in competitive e-Sports. Follow us ...   Show more

41 - I Almost Died (Part 2) (Burger Stories)

Yasmine joins us in Part 2 of Near Death Experiences (Her life was in danger so many times we needed to create 2 parts!). Also, since this is a Burger Stories* category, Jamil and Isra share some life threatening situations they have been in. Just imagine, Hamburger Generation wo ...   Show more

40 - I Almost Died (Part 1) (Burger Stories)

Rami & Yasmine join us on another Burger Stories edition* to share stories where our lives flashed before our eyes, moments where we truly believed our end in this life had arrived! Spoiler Alert: We all make it out alive. You can catch some video clips of the episode on our YouT ...   Show more

39 - Blank Canvas Community

Christina Awad & Tanya Awad tell us the story of how they started their AMAZING initiative, that is Blank Canvas Community! Blank Canvas Community is a platform for Self Expression & Community Building. Exploring the human experience through Communal Art, Music & Poetry. You can ...   Show more

38 - Italian Suit Mafia Syndicate

On his way home from work one rainy afternoon, Othman is approached in the parking lot by an overly friendly, and overly Italian figure in need of help. Could this be the work of an Italian suit mafia syndicate or just a kind man in need of help? We have launched our YouTube chan ...   Show more

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