94 | How To Mobilize Throughout Your Day

94 | How To Mobilize Throughout Your Day

100 | Answering YOUR Questions + Bonus Giveaway!!

“Pain is our protector...the goal is not to feel pain. It is how we are going to move through life with pain signals,” says DocJen. DocJen & Dr. Dom take a deep dive into 3 of your questions! Firstly, through the biopsychosocial lens, DocJen & Dr. Dom address chronic pain and how ...   Show more

99 | Exercise & Therapy for Pregnancy & Post-Partum with Physical Therapist, Lashonda Jones

Curious about pelvic floor health? Need some pregnancy or postpartum core guidance? Heard Kegels are your one-stop solution? Loshonda covers it all from rehabilitating that core for pregnancy to diastasis recti to incontinence. As a mother of two, Loshonda talks about how she bou ...   Show more

98 | Strength, Mobility, or Corrective Exercises? What Should You Do Daily?

What is the Optimal Body really about? This PT Pearl breaks down all the components of the Optimal Body Membership. Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom talk about how the 30-day challenges can be used as a guide to kickstart your personalized journey and help you navigate what true health looks li ...   Show more

97 | The Importance of Telemedicine with Physician Dr Shani Muhammad

Finding it difficult to address your medical issues and navigate the traditional health care system? Feel rushed or like there is never enough time? Perhaps it is the fact that you don’t feel heard? You are not alone. Dr. Shani takes you through her brief, yet insightful story on ...   Show more

96 | Knee Osteoarthritis? Reduce Pain & Improve Function

Feeling pain in your knees? Worried about getting Knee Osteoarthritis? When we think of knees, bones, and aging, osteoarthritis seems to be what we fear most. But, it does not have to be that way. Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom address the fears associated with the diagnosis and the physiolog ...   Show more

95 | Understanding the Gut Stuff from the Mac Twins

Curious about or fascinated by the Microbiota? Feeling bloated too often than not? Struggling to figure out whether you are allergic or intolerant? Take a deep dive into your gut bugs with the Mac Twins. Through a brief introduction into the origins of their passion for the gut, ...   Show more

93 | Addressing the Root Cause of Pain & Treatment with Dr. Leada Malek

You are not defined by your injury, your pain, your diagnosis, or what the MRI scan depicts. Dr. Malek emphasizes the significance of rapport and her ultimate goals of creating a brain-safe environment for all “athletes of life.” Through her unique and individualized method, Dr. ...   Show more

92 | TMJ (Jaw) Pain or Symptoms? What You Can Do

Do you get jaw pain when opening your mouth? Maybe pain associated with clicking noises from your jaw? Heard of TMJ pain? Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom explore TMD or temporomandibular disorders and address the factors that may contribute to the symptoms you are experiencing in and around th ...   Show more

91 | Exploring the Use of Manual Therapy & Shoulder Rehab in Physical Therapy with Dr. Mike Reinold

Got a nagging shoulder issue? Wondering if physical therapy is for you? Interested in how you can perform better? This episode covers it all. Dr. Mike Reinold speaks to his expertise with the shoulders, and why shoulder issues are common. By exploring movement through the context ...   Show more

90 | Is an Adjustment or Manipulation Really Putting You Back In Place?

Love the feel-good crackles and pops when you receive an adjustment? Feeling helpless and in pain, because you can’t get to your PT during lockdown? “Once you pop the fun don’t stop?” Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom spill the truths about what is really happening when you receive an adjustment ...   Show more

89 | Exploring Masculinity & Feminity in Relationship with Mat Boggs

“Relationships is a skill,” says Mat. It is common to feel this expectation to have all your relationships, whether romantic, familial, or professional, figured out. But, in reality, most of us don’t really have them all perfect. Relatable right? Mat explores the dynamics of rela ...   Show more

88 | Hot Therapy - Heat Packs & Saunas

Are you wondering whether heat packs actually work? Wondering if saunas are more than just a spa day treat? Tune in to Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom explain how heat relates to physiological, localized, and systemic effects throughout the body. With an initial conversation about localized he ...   Show more

87 | Overcoming 17 Years of Adderall Use for ADHD and Anxiety with Sheeva Rouhanifard

Do your doctors prescribe an end-all-be-all generalized medication protocol to your unique condition? Contemplating what life might look like off medication? Tune in as Sheeva shares her experience coming off 17 years of Adderall. Sheeva walks you through her story that started w ...   Show more

86 | Foam Rolling - What is it really doing?

Confused about the different opinions on foam rolling? Feel an immense and soothing release when you foam roll? Breaking up tissue adhesions or getting more flexible with foam rolling? Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom dive into the science behind foam rolling and how foam rolling is a tool for ...   Show more

85 | Clean Up Your Environment To Clean Up Your Health with Allison Evans

When we approach health holistically, it becomes more than diet and exercise. True health encompasses everything in our environmental umbrella, including the chemical toxins we inhale, ingest, and come into contact with. Allison Evans, the co-founder of Branch Basics, takes you o ...   Show more

84 | Slipping Ribs?! Is That Really What's Happening?

Are you feeling excruciating pain around the ribs? Have you been or know anyone diagnosed with slipped ribs? Doc Jen & Dr. Dom begin the conversation by talking into the ribcage and addressing the fear that commonly surrounds diagnostic verbiage, particularly with the use of “sli ...   Show more

83 | Exploring Psychadelics in Therapy for Healing with Lauren Taus

Ever been curious about psychedelics? Looking to learn more about plant medicine? This episode has got you covered with the healing effects of psychedelics and the therapeutic benefits of drug therapy. Drugs have been stigmatized and have received a bad rep. However, Lauren Taus, ...   Show more

82 | Rounded Shoulders?! What Should You Do?

Feeling aches and tightness around your upper back, shoulders, and neck? Take a moment to reflect back on the last 24 hours and notice how many different positions you’ve moved into. We tend to find ourselves stagnant in one position for long periods of time. Our bodies crave mov ...   Show more

81 | Trust Your Truth with Shannon Algeo

Do you find yourself stuck in the past? Are you seeking but cannot seem to move on? Is your go-to solution to triggers and “undesirable” emotions to suppress and repress them? The truth is, we all suffer from trauma in some way shape or form. We live in a society that stigmatizes ...   Show more

80 | Cold Therapy - To Ice or not to ice?

To ice or not to ice an injury? With different health professionals advising for and against using ice post-injury, you are not alone if you are feeling confused. From RICE to PEACE & LOVE, Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom uncover the evolution of the ice protocol, and simplify explanations sur ...   Show more

79 | The Truth Behind Fat Loss with Dr. Andy Galpin

Find yourself in a vicious diet-binge cycle? Overwhelmed with all the fat loss advice out there? We are all exposed to a multitude of fad and short-term diet hacks and training programs that are band-aid and unsustainable approaches to weight loss. Dr. Andy Galpin uncovers the tr ...   Show more

78 | Carpal Tunnel: What is it and what can you do?

Do you feel pins and needles around your wrist and fingers more often than not? Feeling tingling sensations down your arm when you move your neck around? Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom may have your answer. Listen in as they lay out the specifics as to why you may be feeling the sensations ...   Show more

77 | Overcoming Epilepsy & Disease through Holistic Health & Diet with Scott Sommer

Tired of reading all the contradictory perspectives on health and diet? Are you or do you know someone struggling to figure out their diet with a diagnosis, like epilepsy? This podcast is for you! This is your one stop shop to your questions regarding diet and optimizing your hea ...   Show more

76 | Tech Neck & Forward Head Posture

“It’s natural and normal for the head to follow your gaze and your gaze to follow attention,” says Dr. Jen. But, do you find yourself staring down at your screen for hours at a time? As we progress further into the digital age, especially in times of a pandemic where everyone is ...   Show more

75 | Optimizing Brain Health through Exercise with Ryan Glatt

Want to boost your brain health?! Looking for ways or reasons to spice up your physical activity? Listen in as Ryan Glatt explains why aerobic activity may not be the BEST exercise for brain health. He will guide you through what a “3 Macronutrients” approach is, a metaphor descr ...   Show more

74 | Neurotension: Numbness, Tingling, Pain!? What Should We Do!

Ever wonder why you feel your pinky tingling when you hit your funny bone? Feeling radiating pins and needles? We’ve all felt pins and needles in our feet and hands, but neurotension is a little different. Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom break down the knits and grits of different types of p ...   Show more

73 | Reversing Autoimmune Disease the Natural Way with Dr. Brooke Goldner

Need some reassurance that you're not "crazy"? That what you feel is REAL and there could actually be solutions? Confused as to why your complications are persisting or might be driving your mind or mood down? Interested in the concept of  “disease reversal?” Perhaps you are or k ...   Show more

72 | Scapular Winging? What Can You Do!

Seen or been told your shoulder blade is in a funky position during exercise? Perhaps popping out a little bit? Heard that scapular winging will cause pain inadvertently? Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom have your back as they explore all things scapular and debunk the common myths surroundin ...   Show more

71 | Managing Stress, Anxiety and Gut Health with Jacquelyn Umof

Stuck in a mind rut? Ever felt ashamed to have body-appearance related goals? Trying to figure out your gut issues but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Jacquelyn Umof, former dancer and current fitness instructor, opens up about her story and struggles through anxiety ...   Show more

70 | Hamstring Strains & Overuse: Help Prevent them with These Exercises

Ever wonder why your hamstrings are always tight? Do you find yourself constantly stretching, only to feel tight again in a few hours? Are you a runner but feel discomfort in the back of your thighs? Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom dive into the hamstrings, culprits to hamstring strains and ...   Show more

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