Help! I Can't Find Someone to Disciple Me (Garrett Kell)

Help! I Can't Find Someone to Disciple Me (Ga...

The Meaningful Work of Church Deacons (Matt Smethurst)

In this episode, Matt Smethurst discusses the important role that deacons—model servants—should play in the life of a local church. He walks us through the biblical basis for viewing the diaconate as a formal office; he explains the proper relationship between t deacons and a chu ...   Show more

What Your Marriage Needs Most (Paul David Tripp)

In this episode, Paul Tripp discusses how the gospel comes to bear on the day-to-day realities of marriage and why that's more than just a platitude. He reflects on important but sometimes painful lessons he has learned on decades of marriage to his wife, Luella, shares some of t ...   Show more

Why Did God Let Job Suffer? (Christopher Ash)

In this episode, Christopher Ash discusses the story of Job to answer the question "Where is God in the midst of suffering?" With honesty and compassion, he explores the roles Satan, the fall, the cross of Jesus Christ play in human suffering, and how we can find assurance that G ...   Show more

Trauma, Pain, and Loss: A Doctor's Story of Faith and Healing (Kathryn Butler)

In this episode, Kathryn Butler discusses her work as a trauma surgeon working in an ICU. She shares what it was like to be inundated with life-and-death situations, day in and day out; how she coped with the stress and eventually began to see God’s grace at work, even in the mid ...   Show more

How Should We Define the Gospel? (Greg Gilbert)

In this episode, Greg Gilbert discusses why Christians so often struggle to clearly define a simple yet foundational concept: the gospel. He highlights the temptation we all face to subtly subtract from or add to the gospel in response to various cultural pressures; he explains w ...   Show more

Faith, Family, and the Creative Life (Ruth Chou Simons)

In this episode, Ruth Chou Simons discusses her life as an artist. She digs into what makes her tick, including her passion for creating beautiful pieces of art that reflect the beauty of our Creator, shares her journey from doing watercolor paintings in her kitchen to starting G ...   Show more

Surviving College With Your Faith Intact (Michael Kruger)

In this episode, Michael Kruger discusses what it takes for Christian college students to make it through college with their faith intact. He highlights the top intellectual challenges to biblical Christianity many students will face on a secular campus including unprecedented pr ...   Show more

Full Audiobook: 'The Biggest Story' by Kevin DeYoung

The Bible is full of exciting stories that fill children with awe and wonder. But kids need to know how all those classic stories connect to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s plan to redeem his rebellious people.In The Biggest Story, Kevin DeYoung—a best-selling author ...   Show more

Delighting in the Ten Commandments (Jen Wilkin)

In this episode, Jen Wilkin discusses a well-known yet, according to Jen, often misunderstood and misapplied section of Scripture: the Ten Commandments. She explains why the Ten Commandments are more interesting and more applicable than we might think, what's wrong with the way w ...   Show more

Preview: 'Ten Words to Live By' by Jen Wilkin

We’ve all heard it before: Christianity isn’t about following rules, it’s about a relationship. Unfortunately, the rise in popularity of this phrase coincides with a growing disinterest and misunderstanding about the role of God’s life-giving, perfect law in the Christian life. R ...   Show more

Why Your Church Needs Plural Leadership (Dave Harvey)

In this episode, Dave Harvey discusses why plural leadership, a team of elders, is so crucial for the health of a local church. He explains why he thinks the term plurality is often affirmed, but then also often misunderstood and misapplied, highlights the need for transparency, ...   Show more

Preparing Our Kids for a Post-Christian World (Rebecca McLaughlin)

In this episode, Rebecca McLaughlin discusses what it looks like for parents to prepare their teens for a life in a post-Christian world. She reflects on kids' propensity to ask hard questions and why that's a good thing, highlights some of the key challenges to a Christian world ...   Show more

God's Plan for Corporate Worship (Matt Merker)

Matt Merker discusses the central importance of corporate worship for the life of the Christian. He shares his thoughts on the effect that COVID-19 pandemic could have on church gatherings in the future, explains why the concept of a church liturgy is a good and necessary thing, ...   Show more

Q&A: Dane Ortlund Answers Your Questions about the Heart of Christ for Sinners

A couple of weeks ago, we asked readers to submit their questions for Dane Ortlund, and many of you sent in questions from around the world. Questions like how Christ's gentleness fits with his wrath, whether or not we should really say God has emotions and if so, what they're li ...   Show more

Preview: 'R. C. Sproul' by Stephen Nichols

R. C. Sproul (1939–2017) was a pastor, a professor, an author, and the founder and president of Ligonier Ministries. His contributions in the areas of biblical studies, theology, worldview and culture, Christian living, and church history continue to be held in high regard.This s ...   Show more

The Life and Legacy of R. C. Sproul (Stephen Nichols)

Stephen Nichols discusses the fascinating life and ministry of the late R. C. Sproul. He reflects on the first time he met Sproul and talked with him face-to-face, shares more about how R. C. was like in private as a husband, father, and friend, including his passion for hunting ...   Show more

Diagnosing the Heart of Anger (Christopher Ash)

Christopher Ash discusses why anger is such a powerful, dangerous emotion for the Christian. He walks through some of the key Bible passages that address the topic of anger, explains how we should think of imperfect, often selfish human anger compared to God's perfectly righteous ...   Show more

God's Work in the African Church (Conrad Mbewe)

Conrad Mbewe discusses what American Christians should know about the church in Africa. He dispels common misconceptions related to African Christianity; summarizes the big issues facing local congregations including unbiblical superstitions, widespread poverty, and a lack of the ...   Show more

The Power of Habitual Gratitude (Sam Crabtree)

Sam Crabtree discusses what the Bible really means when it says to be "thankful always and for everything" in passages like Ephesians 5:20. He explains why the topic of gratitude is actually more foundational to the Christian life than you probably think, offers practical advice ...   Show more

Inherent Dangers of the Information Age (Brett McCracken)

Brett McCracken discusses what it looks like to pursue true wisdom in a noisy and confused age. He highlights the dangers of living in a constantly connected, information-saturated world, explains why the local church, good books, and even nature are crucial for our spiritual hea ...   Show more

Honoring God in Singleness and Dating (Marshall Segal)

Marshall Segal discusses singleness and dating as a Christian. He shares some of his own story including his struggle with contentment as a single person, how to deal with feelings of guilt and shame related to your past, and advice for discerning whether or not you and your sign ...   Show more

Help! I'm Married to My Pastor (Jani Ortlund)

Jani Ortlund discusses the joys and challenges of being a pastor's wife. She reflects on what it's been like to be married to a pastor and immersed in full-time ministry for nearly five decades, shares advice related to how a ministry wife should respond to criticism of her husba ...   Show more

Should Christians Fear God? (Michael Reeves)

Michael Reeves discusses what the Bible is actually getting at when it commands us to "fear the Lord." He makes the case for the difference between rightly fearing God and sinfully being afraid of him, explains why the fear of the Lord is so often paired with examples of God's gr ...   Show more

Practicing Hospitality in a Pandemic (Rosaria Butterfield)

Rosaria Butterfield discusses what it looks like to embrace the Christian call to radical hospitality even during a pandemic. She shares about how her family has sought to continue reaching out to those around them with the love of Christ, reflects on our tendency to spend more t ...   Show more

Disciplines of a Godly Woman (Barbara Hughes)

Barbara Hughes discusses why discipline is important for Christian women. She highlights her own struggle to cultivate a disciplined life over the years, reflects on an important lesson she learned from key mentors like Elisabeth Elliot, and offers encouragement for the listener ...   Show more

Disciplines of a Godly Man (Kent Hughes)

Kent Hughes discusses why discipline is so important for the life of a Christian man. He explains how discipline is actually aimed at freeing us to be the men that God called us to be, how to fight the addiction to entertainment so common among men in our culture today, and why w ...   Show more

How to Lead God-Glorifying Worship (Bob Kauflin)

Bob Kauflin discusses his work as a songwriter and worship leader. He reflects on how God led him into a career in music, what his process looks like when it comes to writing songs for the church, and what it's like to lead a crowd of thousands in worship at a conference like Tog ...   Show more

How to Become Fluent in the Gospel (Jeff Vanderstelt)

Jeff Vanderstelt discusses what it means to be fluent in the gospel and why that's an essential part of what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus. He reflects on his own journey as a pastor and efforts to cultivate a culture of gospel fluency in the churches where he has minis ...   Show more

A Christian Scientific Perspective on Evolution (Stephen Meyer)

Stephen Meyer discusses the controversial topic of theistic evolution. He explains what the term does and doesn't mean, describes the amazing digital code at the heart of all life on earth, and highlights significant scientific and philosophical problems with many forms of theist ...   Show more

Do You Know That Jesus Is Praying for You? (Joel Beeke)

Joel Beeke discusses the doctrine of Christ's ongoing intercession in heaven. He explains what that doctrine is all about, where we find it in the Bible, and why it is more important and spiritually edifying than you may realize. Joel Beeke is the author, with Paul Smalley, of Re ...   Show more

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