In this episode I tell a quick story about how mechanics at an oil place tried to hustle me out of money. I then get into a throwback story of freshman year when me and Sheep was out here in them screets. Thanks to all my listeners that give me their time every time a episode dro ...   Show more

Father Time

In this episode I talk about the importance of having a male role model or a father figure in your life as a young man. I also talk about some instances when I let my emotions get the best of me. If you listen to the show and would like your music featured on an episode. Contact ...   Show more

21 Skunk

In this episode I talk about the famous (hood) Madden term 21 Skunk! I also discuss skipping school just to play Madden and playing Madden for money. Per usual make sure you like and hit the notification bell to be notified about new episodes when they drop. Thank you to all my l ...   Show more

Uno Uno Out

In this episode I talk about the our legendary games of Uno. Uno was taken very seriously in my household. Make sure you share the podcast and hit the notification bell. Thank you to all my listeners!  Social Media: Twitter: @King_me13 IG: Kevlar386 Kevlar386 Email: ...   Show more

First Class Kock Blocker

In this episode I talk about the time I had a bad day at work that eventually sent me to the walk-in clinic. Also how I'm adjusting to life as a father. Make sure you hit the notification bell so you know when a new episode is out. To all my listeners I appreciate you all as alwa ...   Show more

Paranormal Edible

In this episode I talk about the times I experienced paranormal events. I can still remember each event vividly and the way they made me feel at the time. I also share my experience about the time I forgot I took an edible and went to the movie theaters. If you're an up and comin ...   Show more

Everyday I'm Struggling

In this episode I tell a story about a time in my life when I was struggling. Overwhelmed by the cycle of events took a toll on me. The easiest thing to do during those times was to give up. Down 0-3 as a +2500 underdog, I rose to the occasion! Make sure you: Subscribe Rate Revie ...   Show more

Beats By K/The Girl

In this episode I tell a short story about how you should follow your dreams and then I get into the main episode which is about the time I worked at a haunted place. As always I add humor leading up to the incidents. Stick around for the entire episode to hear the full song at t ...   Show more

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