Episode 45: Episode 46

Episode 45: Episode 46

Episode 44: Anne Jantzen: When you can't wear enough makeup to cover up the exhaustion anymore!

In this FlashCast with Anne, she poignantly describes how her exhaustion wasn't just from having young twins but the money stresses happening within her home too! As the tiredness kept ramping up, she'd increase her makeup regime until she couldn't get ahead of it anymore and her ...   Show more

Episode 43: Sara Montagnolli: Retired Pro Athlete finds her new Body Balance

Wearing a bikini for your job makes retirement hard. When Austrian "Monti" gained some kgs after she stopped playing sport, she loved the structure and then plan of this nutrition system. But it wasn't readily available in her home country of Austria (yet) and so she used the sys ...   Show more

Episode 42: Jane Pelusey: Shake hater turned lifer!

Having tried every diet under the sun and hating on shakes, it didn't look promising for Jane. But, by Day 5, she was experiencing a spike in energy like never before. Listen in as she describes how her initial desire to lose the weight (which she did), has been minimised by her ...   Show more

Episode 41: Robb Evans: Proving that 6 pack abs are possible at any age!

Robb Evans was already a fit guy. What could be gained by incorporating a nutrition program after all?? Listen in as Robb describes the abs he had given up on and how as a single Dad, he has really come alive with the unexpected magic that this system offered him!  

Episode 39: Leadership Legacy Series 5: Jen & Jono Patch on Influencing a Nation

Welcome to the fifth edition of our Legacy Leadership Series: Today’s couple Jen & Jono Patch live near the ocean in Ballina, Australia with their two children - yet its all about farm life and horses these days. Jen is now in her element back to her roots having grown up on a fa ...   Show more

Episode 39: David Gilks in the 4th edition of the LEADERSHIP LEGACY SERIES

Welcome to the fourth edition of our Legacy Leadership Series. My name is Sarah Maxwell and I am very excited to be hosting this series over the next 12 months. The inspiration to bring you the incredible stories of Legacy Leaders in our upline came from my own journey with Isage ...   Show more

Episode 39: Amie Kelly: micro sleeps were preventing her from even driving her car!

Amie is so honest and forthright in her cranky and withdrawn state that had gotten so bad that she couldn't even drive her own car to work anymore because micro sleeps had overcome her! Listen in as this young 30yr old starts to feel life pulsing back in to her. Collagen has real ...   Show more

Episode 38: Ivor Thomas: Dad cycling his way to more Meaning in his life

In this episode with Ivor, you really get the sense of this tired, smoking, checked out Dad who was able to say YES to his health and go from a little casual running to now competing in A grade race cycling! And that doesn't even touch on the transformation in his relationship wi ...   Show more

Shawn & Kari-Lyn Owen in the 3rd edition of the Leadership Legacy Series

In this 3rd edition of the Leadership Legacy Series, Shawn & Kari-Lyn Owen describe how they went from using the products to giving a one-year commitment (1 hour a day) to the business of Isagenix. "What if?" they thought... Listen in to hear the infectious energy of having a COM ...   Show more

Legacy Leadership Series (#2) with Kyle & Megan Nekrash

Welcome to the second edition of our Legacy Leadership Series. Our aim with this series is to introduce you to the HEART of Isagenix, the people who wake up every day to make a difference. You are part of a bustling team of over 467 000 team members in over 18 countries. There ar ...   Show more

Warren & Arlene Lance on The Legacy Leadership Series

In this interview with the stewards of the Take Action Team (with more than 467000 team members), you will hear stories of unparalleled persistence, a commitment to legacy and the long term vision, and why this company has a bustling "middle class"! Listen in to hear from the top ...   Show more

Transformers Connect Call 31 - 26 October 2015

Hosted by Melissa Sheridan McNabb, Shane Rice shares his story, Justin Fox talks about IsaDelights Plus, Melissa Sheridan McNabb trains on building a better you, and Julie McDonald talks about IsaPodcast.  

Transformers Connect Call 30 - 19 October 2015

Hosted by Kerri Pottharst, Bec Robertson shares her story, Maartje Theunissen talks about Ionix, Kerri Pottharst trains on attending events, Bec Robertson discusses the Isagenix YouTube channel  

Transformers Connect Call 29 - 12 October 2015

Hosted by Deanne Bulstrode, Kristy Gallen shares her story, Vicki Patton talks about IsaFlush, Deanne Bulstrode teaches Building Belief in the 5 key areas, and Melissa Sheridan McNabb discusses IsaFYI.  

Transformers Connect Call 28 - 28 September 2015

Hosted by Melissa Sheridan McNabb, Armanda Ho shares her story, Michelle Politi discusses how IsaPro and IsaLean Shakes work well together, Melissa Sheridan McNabb trains on how to support your people, and Liese Ho talks about Launch parties / in-homes.  

Transformers Connect Call 27 - 21 September 2015

Hosted by Sange Carter, Karina Barrett shares her story, Melissa Sheridan McNabb makes a guest appearance to assist with some technical issues, Sange Carter trains on Talking to the People you find, and Anne Jantzen talks about IsaMovies.  

Transformers Connect Call 26 - 14 September 2015

Hosted by Esther Wallace-Hill, Cathie Denehy shares her story, Sara Montagnolli talks about how to use E+Shots and Want More Energy effectively in the same day for performance, and Vicki Patton guides us through isagenixhealth.net.  

Transformers Connect Call 25 - 7 September 2015

Hosted by Sarah Maxwell, Karla KJ shares her story, Karina Barrett discusses Natural Accelerator, Sarah Maxwell trains on 3 way calls Sarah Maxwell, and Bec Robertson talks about the Isabody Challenge.  

Transformers Connect Call 24 - 31 August 2015

Hosted by Matt Burrie, Anna Hodge shares her story, Bec Robertson talks about IsaFlush, Matt Burrie trains on Autoship, Cathie Denehy discusses Getting to your Why.  

Transformers Connect Call 23 - 24 August 2015

Hosted by Sange Carter, Karina Barrett shares her story, Harriet Keneston talks about Natural Accelerator, Deanne Bulstrode trains on Belief in Network Marketing, and Sange Carter discusses the 820 script. **The call finishes after 25 minutes, but for some reason the recording la ...   Show more

Transformers Connect Call 22 - 17 August 2015

Hosted by Rowan WH, Bec Robertson shares her story, Robert Eli Hookey talks about Ionix, Rowan WH trains on Belief in You Doing Network Marketing, Justin Fox discusses the "What do you do?" template.  

Transformers Connect Call 21 - 10 August 2015

Hosted by Melissa Sheridan McNabb, Sara Montagnolli shares her story, Maartje Theunissen talks about IsaLean Shakes, Melissa Sheridan McNabb trains on Belief on the Product, Julie McDonald discusses the Contact List.  

Transformers Connect Call 20 - 3 August 2015

Hosted by Sarah Maxwell, Anthony Moore shares his story, Ali McIntyre talks about IsaPro, Sarah Maxwell trains in Belief in Yourself, and Corbin Hoppe discusses the isagenixbusiness.com tour.  

Transformers Connect Call 19 - 27 July 2015

Hosted by Natalie Cook, Kristy Gallen shares her story, Louise Hanford-Ewart talks about IsaDelights, Nat Cook trains on Belief in the Company, and Bec Robertson discusses IsagenixHealth.net. Excuse the background noise in the first half (one of the live listener's children!).  

Transformers Connect Call 18 - 20 July 2015

Hosted by Linda Horton, Corbin Hoppe shares his story, Ramana Dix talks about IsaLean Bars, Linda Horton trains on Belief in the Compensation Plan, and Anne Jantzen discusses the Isagenix products site.  

Transformers Connect Call 16 - 6 July 2015

Hosted by Ben Milligan, Cheryll Harper shares her story, Cathie Denehy talks about e+shots, Ben Milligan trains on the Placement Tree & Crystal Executive Map, Jennifer Tapper discusses the Holiday Bonus Pool.  

Transformers Connect Call 15 - 29 June 2015

Hosted by Mandy Combes, William D'Arbe shares his story, Kathleen Richardson talks about IsaLean Sachets, Deanne Buldstrode trains on Duplication, and Kieran Mcdowell discusses the You+2, Them + 2 template.  

Transformers Connect Call 14 - 22 June 2015

Hosted by Lyndon Galbraith, Natasha Edwards shares her story, Mandy Napier teaches us about IsaGenesis, Natalie Cook trains on becoming a Better You, and Anne Jantzen talks about Double PIBs & Rank Advancement Bonuses.  

Transformers Connect Call 13 - 15 June 2015

Hosted by Melissa Sheridan McNabb, Vicki Patton shares her story, Jane Pelusey talks about Ageless Actives, Sarah Maxwell trains on 100% Belief, and Cathie Denehy discusses the 30 second story.  

Transformers Connect Call 12 - 1 June 2015

Hosted by Deanne Bulstrode, Sara Emr shares her story, Bec Robertson talks about IsaSnacks, Sean McNabb provides training on Talking to your Team, and Troy Jantzen discusses IsaMovies.  

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