Episode 39: Birthday Special B2B

Episode 39: Birthday Special B2B

Episode 42: TGB SERIES 11 - DADZHES

Too nice! let me not spoil the deepfun. ENJOY! and KEEP IT LOCKED!  

Episode 41: TGB SERIES 11 - RAMS

An episode of deep awesomeness Salute! It's time to haak!  

Episode 40: TGB SERIES 11 - Frost De Deep

Ola! Eita! Episode 11 is out. Yerrr!.. let me tool and let's get deep into krenkos. Enjoy and Keep it Locked!  

Episode 38: TGB SERIES GUEST MIX - EnoSoul

Ola! Eita! The wait is finally over.. On our first Guest mix we have EnoSoul.The master needs no explanation on this EPISODE of a musical trance,deep and exclusive. ENJOY and KEEP IT LOCKED. It's time to HAAAK!!  

Episode 37: TGB SERIES 10 - Dadzhes

Heavyweight Dadzhes back on the decks. A session to touch your soul. Jam with passion.  

Episode 36: Back2Back Deephouse Session

Dadzhes & Shumi'Shustar on the one's and two's. A session dedicated for the brave ears. Groove with passion.  

Episode 35: TGB SERIES 10 - Rams

Ola! Eita! Episode 10 is out!! Rams on the 1's and 2's, Jam on it. ENJOY! IT'S TIME TO HAAK!!  

Episode 34: TGB SERIES 10 - Frost De Deep

Ola! Eita! Episode 10 is out!! Hope you guys are keeping it safe. On this episode you have myself on the local mix as usual.. Deep house from the finest Artists in Mzansi . ENJOY! IT'S TIME TO HAAK!!  

Episode 34: TGB SERIES 10 - Shumi'ShustaR

Live and Let Live..................  

Episode 33: TGB SERIES 09 - Rams

A session that will pleasure to your mind and soul. A session by Rams  

Episode 32: TGB SERIES 09 - Shumi'ShustaR

Time to revive your musical emotions, nothing of hardcore elements, just vibrant music. From Shumi'Shu, to your ears and soul.  

Episode 31: TGB SERIES 09 - DADZHES

When words fail, Music Speaks! Spreading love musically on this episode 09. Enjoy!!  

Episode 30: TGB SERIES 09 - Frost De Deep

Ola Eita!! Episode 09 ( Spread Love ) Is out . nothing but Deep House tunes from the finest in Mzansi.. "The musically deaf shall listen"  

Episode 29: TGB SERIES 08 - DADZHES

To those we've lost. ENJOY!  

Episode 28: TGB SERIES 08 - RAMS

A stay home.. stay safe episode. ENJOY!!  

Episode 28: TGB SERIES 08 - Frost De Deep

Selected a few of my classics on this first episode of the year. In respect of those who lost their loved one's due to covid 19. Stay safe and ENJOY!  

Episode 27: TGB SERIES 07 - RAMS

Festive offering of finely selected afro tunes to usher in the new year. Enjoy!  


Yours truly Dadzhes, has done it again. A second session of hit after hit. Let's keep it deep, lets keep it pure. Enjoy!  

Episode 25: TGB SERIES 07 - DADZHES

Deep House tunes to keep you company during the festive. With love from : DADZHES  

Episode 25: TGB SERIES 07 - Frost De Deep

Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy and keep it safe. With love from : De Frost.  

Episode 24: December Sessions - Shumi'ShustaR

December's Variant Deep House Sessions Groove Session  

Episode 23: TGB 06 - Shumi'Shustar

November session. Listen!  

Episode 22: TGB SERIES 06 - RAMS

On this episode the true beauty of music that connects people from all over the world. It's time to HAAAK!!  

Episode 21: TGB SERIES 06 - DADZHES

A jolly good vibe as we enter the festive.. A birthday special selection.. Its time to HAAAK!  

TGB SERIES 06 - Frost De Deep

Ola! Eita! TGB SERIES O6 is out for the ears of the nations to enjoy. Nothing but local Deep House tunes to enter the festive season,from the finest artist in Mzansi. Its time to HAAAAK!  

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