Gardner–Pingree House (Salem, Massachusetts)

Gardner–Pingree House (Salem, Massachusetts)

Tutwiler Hotel (Birmingham, Alabama)

The Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham is one of the nicest places to stay in the Magic City. But below the surface, there is something strange and otherworldly going on in the building that staff members aren't allowed to talk about. Join us as we take a ghost tour of the Tut ...   Show more

Episode 108: The Boston Athenæum

The Boston Athenæum is one of the oldest libraries in the United States. It's also one of the most haunted. While the Athenæum has millions of books, the biography of a hoodlum from the 19th century named George Walton is the most popular. Why you ask? Well, join us as we take a ...   Show more

The Childress House (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Quietly tucked away behind the Murfreesboro Square you will find the Childress House that belonged to the brother in law of former President James K. Polk. Built in 1847, the old house is now a popular Airbnb location in middle Tennessee. The historic home is believed to be haunt ...   Show more

Castle Warden (Ripley's Believe It Or Not)

Built in 1887 the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in St. Augustine, Florida is actually a castle named Castle Warden that was converted into a hotel. The old building was also the scene of a mysterious fire in 1944 that claimed the lives of two ladies. Was the fire an accident ...   Show more

Episode 104: Gallatin City Hall

As one of the original plots of the Gallatin Square, the property now home to Gallatin City Hall was originally owned by Andrew Jackson. Today, a lady in white is said to be roaming the building late at night. Join us as we dig into the history and hauntings of Gallatin City Hall ...   Show more

Episode 104: New Orleans Superdome

The New Orleans Saints are one of the premier teams in the NFL; but that wasn't always the case. The team was believed to be cursed for many years since part of the massive facility was built the Girod Street Cemetery. Join us as we take a deep dive into the Superdome's history. ...   Show more

Madison Square (Savannah)

Madison Square is where General William Techumseh Sherman sent President Abraham Lincoln a telegraph presenting him with the city of Savannah for Christmas 1864. It's also home to a mass grave from the American Revolution as well as one of the most haunted houses in Georgia. Join ...   Show more

Iroquois Park

With hiking trails that include a scenic overlook as well as basketball courts and other amenities, Iroquois Park is one of the largest parks in Louisville. But there is also a dark underbelly that most don't know about. From brutal murders to a supposed Indian attack hundreds of ...   Show more

Episode 100: Luxor

As one of the premier casinos and resorts in Las Vegas, the Luxor is also one of the most haunted. Built on a supposed mobster burial ground, the hotel is said to be cursed. From suicides to bombs in the parking garage, the Luxor has seen its fair share of death. Join us as we ta ...   Show more

The City Cafe (Murfreesboro)

Located on East Main Street in Murfreesboro, Tennessee you will find the oldest restaurant in the Volunteer State. Sine 1900 the City Cafe has been serving up some of the best comfort food in middle Tennessee. But the popular restaurant also has a secret that dates back to the tr ...   Show more

Linn-Henley Research Center (Birmingham)

In downtown Birmingham, Alabama you will find the old Central Library that is now the Linn-Henley Research Center. The building has been serving the people of Birmingham for nearly one hundred years. But, it's also home to the spirit of a faculty member who has been known to make ...   Show more

Van's Cleaners (Melbourne, Florida)

Today we aren't just going to talk about a haunted bicycle shop. We are going to talk about one of the most brutal murder cases in the history of Melbourne, Florida. The building was once home to Van's Cleaners where a local man killed allegedly his family in 1954. The murders st ...   Show more

Travellers Rest

Tucked away in south Nashville you will find Travellers Rest, home of Judge John Overton. Overton isn't a household name but for his time, he was one of the most influential men in Tennessee. With a large plantation that was originally a Native American burial ground, strange thi ...   Show more

The Samuel Pickman House (Salem)

Built in the 17th century, the Samuel Pickman House in Salem, Massachusetts was lost after it was renovated and remodeled over several hundred years. In 1960s a local realtor and a historian rediscovered the historic home and now it is beloved attraction to tourists who flock to ...   Show more

The Kenwood Inn (St. Augustine)

Who are Raymond and Lavender, and why have they decided to spend the afterlife at the Kenwood Inn in St. Augustine, Florida? Love and betrayal are just some of the reason why you some guests check out at the first ever bed and breakfast in St. Augustine. Join us as we take a deep ...   Show more

Calhoun Square

In the heart of Savannah, Georgia you will find Calhoun Square. Named after John C. Calhoun, a prominent politician from South Carolina the square was laid out in 1851. In the square you will find some of the most haunted buildings in the Low Country. But it's not just the old ho ...   Show more

Cave Hill Cemetery

From Harland Sanders to Muhammed Ali, Cave Hill Cemetery is the final resting place for famous residents of Louisville, Kentucky. But the cemetery has a complicated history and was where an infamous grave robber procured fresh bodies from time to time. Those who live nearby claim ...   Show more

The Oaklands Mansion

Built in the early 19th century for the Maney family, the Oaklands Mansion is one of the most historic homes in Murfreesboro. When Nathan Bedford Forrest led his cavalry into Murfreesboro in 1862 his men skirmished with Federal soldiers on the front lawn. Over the years numerous ...   Show more

The Tomb of Marie Laveau

Drawing more visitors to her grave than Elvis Presley, Voo Doo Priestess Marie Laveau is a legend in not just New Orleans, but all over the world! Some say her tomb is haunted, others say it can bring life changing good fortune. Which is true? Maybe it's both! Join us as we take ...   Show more

St. Louis Cemetery #1 (New Orleans)

Laid out in 1789, St. Louis Cemetery #1 is one of the oldest and most historically significant cemeteries in New Orleans. With roughly 700 tombs and 100,000 people interned in walls and tombs sinking into the ground, the cemetery is a site to see. It's also the final resting plac ...   Show more

The Enlow Center

After fires decimated the Gallatin square in the 19th century, hauntings are now a common occurrence. One of the most active haunted areas of the square just happens to be in a hallway that was a small shopping center in the 1980s and 90s called the Enlow Center. Each business th ...   Show more

The Marshall House (Savannah)

Built in 1851, the Marshall House was the most luxurious hotel in Savannah, Georgia of its time. But in 1864, when General Sherman marched the Federal army into Savannah, he took over the building and used it as a hospital for his men. Today the Marshall House is once again a hot ...   Show more

Saint Peter's Episcopal Church (Salem)

Like most places in Salem,Massachusetts Saint Peter's Episcopal Church can trace it's origins back to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Phillip English, a wealthy shipping merchant was accused of being a witch after speaking out about the witch trials when his wife was accused. The ...   Show more

Union Station (Nashville)

Who is Abigail and why is she haunting room 711 in the historic Union Station Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee? The once proud train station is now a luxury hotel where things have been known to go bump in the night. Join us as we take a deep dive into the history and hauntings of U ...   Show more

Beauregard-Keyes House

Built for a slave trader in the early 19th century, the Beauregard-Keyes House is one of the most historic homes in the French Quarter. After the Civil War it was home to Confederate General P. G.T. Beauregard and later acclaimed Frances Parkinson Keyes. The house is said to be h ...   Show more

The Gribble House

On December 10, 1909 one of the most gruesome murders in Georgia's history took place in Savannah. After hearing moaning coming from the boarding house of Eliza Gribble police discovered two dead women and another knocking on death's door. What police discovered sent them on a wi ...   Show more

The Thomas House

In the early 19th century wealthy people flocked to mineral springs resorts for their vacation. One of the most popular resorts was Hotel Cloyd, located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Today the old resort is now a popular inn called the Thomas House. Oh yeah, some consider it ...   Show more

The Old St. Johns County Jail in St. Augustine

Built in 1891 by businessman Henry Flagler, the old St. Johns County Jail was ran by Sheriff Joe Perry who kept inmates in line. After decades of hangings and lynchings in the old jail, it's no surprise that many believe it is one of the most haunted places in St. Augustine. Tour ...   Show more

Sauerkraut Cave

Kids in Louisville grow up hearing about the fabled Sauerkraut cave in E. P. Tom Sawyer Park. Ghost stories and creepy tales surround the the cave that was part of an old mental asylum. But is it really haunted by former mental patients who died while receiving primitive treatmen ...   Show more

Omni Royal Orleans

The old St. Louis hotel was the location for a bizarre suicide that led police on a wild goose chase that found them looking at a partially dismembered corpse that had been cooked inside an oven. Today the hotel is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a main who has been known to tu ...   Show more

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