Episode 327 - Biblical Sexuality (Revs. Jeremy Britt & Greg Meyer)

Episode 327 - Biblical Sexuality (Revs. Jerem...

Episode 329 - Biblical Sexuality: Preaching & Sexuality (Rev. Caleb Cangelosi)


Episode 328 - Biblical Sexuality (Becket Cook)
Episode 326 - Biblical Sexuality: Pornography (Dr. Deepak Reju)


Episode 325 - Biblical Sexuality (Revs. Joel Smelley & Jason Wredberg)


Episode 324 - Biblical Sexuality: Transgenderism (Dr. Walt Mueller)


Episode 323 - Biblical Sexuality: SSA & Transgenderism (Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin)


Episode 322 - Biblical Sexuality: Christians & Cohabitation (Dr. David Ayers)


Episode 321 - Biblical Sexuality: Dating & Relationships (Rev. Kurt Cooper)


Season 9 Preview
Episode 320 - Teens & Technology (Chris, Kyle, & Scott)
Episode 319 - Teens & Technology (Amy Crouch)

The author of, My Tech-Wise Life, joins the podcast to discuss her new book (www.rym.org).  

Episode 318 - Teens & Technology (Lynne, Charles, & Willis)
Episode 317 - Teens & Technology (Susan & John)
Episode 316 - Teens & Technology (Jason Thacker)
Episode 315 - Teens & Technology (Dr. Walt Mueller)
Episode 314 - Teens & Technology (Scott Sauls)
Episode 313: Teens & Technology (Linda Oliver & Kurt Cooper)
Update & Season 8 Preview
Episode 312 - Covid Discipleship: Youth Ministry During a Pandemic (Dr. David Murray)

Dr. David Murray joins the podcast to discuss his two new books dealing with anxiety and depression in teenagers (www.rym.org).  

Season 7 Update 2
Episode 311 - Covid Discipleship: Youth Ministry During a Pandemic (Emilio Garofalo)
Episode 310 - Covid Discipleship: Youth Ministry During a Pandemic (Guest: Kurt Cooper)

In this episode, Kurt discusses ways in which he's discipling students during this season of life (www.rym.org).  

Episode 309 -Covid Discipleship: Youth Ministry During a Pandemic (RYM Staff)

The entire staff of RYM joins the podcast to share their perspective on this season of ministry (www.rym.org).  

Episode 308 - Covid Discipleship: Youth Ministry During a Pandemic (Scotty Smith)

Rev. Scotty Smith joins the podcast to talk about youth ministry during this season (www.rym.org).  

Episode 307 - Covid Discipleship: Youth Ministry During a Pandemic (Chantel & Katie)

Chantel and Katie join the podcast to discuss youth ministry during this pandemic (www.rym.org).  

Episode 306 - Covid Discipleship: Youth Ministry in a Pandemic (Guests: Grayson & Greg)

In this episode, Grayson Baird & Greg Meyer share what life and ministry has been like during this pandemic (www.rym.org).  

Episode 305: Covid Discipleship - Youth Ministry in a Pandemic (Guests: Lynne & A.J.)

In this episode, A.J. Swanson & Lynne Grosso join John to discuss ways in which youth workers can be faithful during this pandemic (www.rym.org).  

Update & Season 7 Preview

John gives a brief update, discusses some helpful resources, & then gives a preview for season 7 which drops on September 24th (www.rym.org).  

Episode 304 - Post-Pandemic Productivity (Reagan Rose)

304 - In this episode, John talks with Reagan Rose, creator of the Redeeming Productivity blog and podcast (www.rym.org).  

Episode 303 - Post-Pandemic Productivity (Matt Beham & Scott Herron)

303 - In this episode, Matt & Scott reflect on their youth ministries and how the coronavirus is shaping the way they think about life and ministry (www.rym.org).  

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