Breaking News and TMI

Breaking News and TMI

30 Days to Change your Life

Steph and KB recap the May Challenge and discuss the impact of removing toxic behaviors from your life for 30 days as an experiment to see how life without that particular thing changes for the better.  

May Challenge

On this special Saturday edition of Aktivate, Steph and KB introduce the May Challenge! Aktivators can participate in our "Self Care" challenge for May and be entered to win a HUGE prize! #AktivateYourMay  

Self Limiting Beliefs
Finding Clarity through Sobriety

Jenna Dillulio is a social media influencer with a platform built around makeup, fashion and her sobriety. Her goal is to end the stigma of addiction in a light hearted way, all while providing inspiration with beauty and style.  

In Heaven There Ain't No Beer...But There is in the Carpool Line

Steph and KB catch up on Zoom again this week. Steph gives us a recap of her experience giving blood and Kristin shares how Asher asking questions about heaven would end up softening the blow of losing her grandfather.  

All the Things with Ali Levine

Celebrity stylist and "Bravolebrity," Ali Levine joins Steph and KB to share how she has spent her life pursuing her passions and the way she has had to reinvent herself over the years in order to stay true to her authentic self. She shares her thoughts on skinny jeans and the fr ...   Show more

Turbulence and Tuna Fish
Playing Catch-Up
Keep Moving

Jennifer Blackburn joins us today on Aktivate to share her story of survival, resillience, and overcoming tragedy. She spends her life as a fitness instructor and bravely shares her story to help inspire and encourage others who have faced unspeakable adversity.  

Well this is Embarrassing

In this TMI episode of Aktivate, KB shares the embarrassing reason she had to spend 5 hours in the Emergency Room recently. She also shares the story of her sweet friend's incredible journey with cancer, and how hearing the news created an opening for God to work in KB's life.  

Favorite Things
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

Jennifer Wooten joins Steph and KB in studio for an honest conversation on losing her identity inside of an abusive, unhappy marriage and then the story of how the Lord redeemed her situation by blessing her with the beautiful life she lives today.  

Effective Communication Practices and Living Joyfully

Join Steph and KB as they share tips on how to avoid communication breakdowns and how to stop chasing happiness and start focusing on living joyfully.  

Making Your Social Media Work For You

Today, Social Media Marketing Specialist and CEO of Authentic Empire, LLC, Andrea Dotterer, joins us on Aktivate to discuss tips and tricks for growing your social media and making it work for you.  

Tips for being Productive
CAVA Car Chronicles

Steph and KB catch up in a parking lot this week. We chat about our thoughts on what happened at the US Capitol, our kids, and how 2021 is treating us so far.  

The Fastest Way to Fat Loss

Steph gives an overview of what her new program, Faster Way to Fat Loss entails. Carb cycling, intermittent fasting and macro counting are all part of the discussion.  

How to Set and Achieve your Goals in 2021

Steph and KB kick off the third season of Aktivate with a conversation on setting goals and thriving in the new year.  

You Asked For It

Today on Aktivate, Erica joins Steph and KB for an end of year Q&A. Listen to laugh.  

Goals and Fiddlesticks

Steph and KB recap their 2020 goals and how they pivoted due to COVID. They also discuss how their goals will look different in 2021.  

Godly Influence

Social media influencer and Jesus lover, Christine Fox joins us today on Aktivate. We chat about health, fitness, and overcoming an eating disorder and severe depression. Christine is a health coach who has helped hundreds of women transform their bodies and find their confidence ...   Show more

Lisa, Angry Elves, and TMI

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT LISTEN WITH YOUR CHILDREN IF THEY BELIEVE IN THE ELF! Today on Aktivate, Steph and KB discuss their favorite things and some tips for self care and they laugh A LOT!  

Better to Give than to Receive

Today we discuss gift ideas and multiple uses for a blow dryer. Steph tells us her favorite purchase of 2020 and KB shares her dad's lengthy Christmas list. You're bound to laugh a little between the cringes today!  

Attitude of Gratitude

This week we wanted to just shine a light on the importance of a gratitude practice. Even in this crazy year there is so much to be grateful for. Focus on the good. Happy Thanksgiving, Aktivators!  

Dripping in Rabbit Poop

Today Jen and Chris Brown join us to talk about their love story and what it's like to blend a family! They share about the struggles of coparenting and how virtual school is going with EIGHT children! Jen and Chris are passionate about finding truth in the current climate and sh ...   Show more

Reelection and Recovery

Today on Aktivate, Jolene Roberts joins KB and Steph for a thoiughtful discussion on censorship, the election and eating disorders.  

It's the Final Countdown

Fellow Jesus lover and Patriot, Brandie Barclay joins Steph and KB to talk about the importance of making your voice heard in this election. We also discuss how we will all move forward post election no matter the outcome with the knowledge that Jesus is King and the battle is wo ...   Show more

Love Yo Self

Steph and KB are back in the studio catching up and chatting about self love and why it’s necessary to see yourself as God sees you!  

Gut Feeling

Today on Aktivate, Steph and KB discuss intuition; why it’s important to trust it and how you can be sure you can.  

Homeschool Dropout

Are you struggling with virtual school, Mamas? We see you. Today on Aktivate we offer some tips on surviving being home with the children and/or being in charge of their learning.  

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