Episode 29 - Mythic Quest, Justice League, Falcon and Winter Soldier

Episode 29 - Mythic Quest, Justice League, Fa...

Grayvawd Smash Part 2

This week we have a very a special throwback episode of Sitcomadon.  Rebecca got high so Levi put her on mic to record part 2 of the 'legendary' Graveyard Smash series.  They talk about episode 1 of the hilarious and esoteric Garth Marenghi's Darkplace  

Episode 30 - Valheim, Godzilla vs Kong

This ep we talk Godzilla vs. Kong and wonder why they put people in monster movies at all.  Also Brendan is super jelly of Levi's play through of the survival game Valheim.  

Sweats Off Week - Episode 5 - Male Toxicity

This off week we get serious again and talk about masculinity and how it influenced us growing up.  Further we get into how we recognize current toxic masculine and deal with them.  

Sweats off Week - Episode 4 - Addiction

This sweats off week we talk all about addiction and how it has and is affecting us.  From watching our male role models struggle with their addiction to dealing with our own food addiction.  

Episode 28 - 5 Second Reviews, Wanda Wrap-up, Detroiters

On this ep Levi broke his foot and has way too much time on his hands.  We review all the bad movies he watched, begrudgingly talk about Wanda again and highly recommend The Detroiters.  

Sweats Off Week Episode 3 - Family

On this Off Week we talk about family, going into a brief history of our childhood and then what family means to us today.        

Episode 27 - Star Trek SpecTrekular

This ep we have Brad on to talk about his first and only true love, Star Trek....  Also Brad was supposed to write the notes for this ep, but he just didn't....  

Sweats off Week Ep - 2 - How we Treat Ourselves and Others

This off week we go off topic right away and get introspective about the various aspects of relationships.   We talk about competition, self-awareness, and how our relationships have evolved over time.  

Episode 26 - VR, The Fifth Season

This ep we make some amendments to our top three book series ep and discuss the future of VR.  

Sweats off Week - Ep 1 - Treat Yo' Self

Brendan and Levi go off the topic in this new off week podcast and talk about what self care means to them.   

Episode 25 - Favourite Book Series

Brendan makes Levi discuss their favourite book series.  

Episode 24 - Wandavision, The Vast of Night, Ghosts of Tsushima

This ep we discuss the PS4 game Ghosts of Tsushima, the indie movie The Vast of NIght and whether or not Wandavision is any good.  

Episode 23 - Cobra Kai Season 3 Extravaganza

This episode is all Cobra Kai... deal with it.  

Episode 22 - Top Fives

This Ep we talk top five soundtracks and top five movies of all time.... according to us...  

Episode 21 - The Mandalorian, Cyberpunk 2077, Xmas Movie Picks

In this holiday special we discuss The Mandalorian finale, Cyberpunk 2077, and our favourite Christmas movies.  

Episode 20 - Hellraiser, Fargo

This ep we talk about a disappointing season 4 of Fargo and the disturbing Hellraiser.    

Episode 19 - Marked For Death, Heaven's River, Sci Fi Chat

This ep we talk about Marked for Death, Heaven's River, and our favorite sci fi future.  

Episode 18 - The Expanse, Lovecraft Country Wrap up, Patreon

This ep we talk cheap sci-fi, wrap up Lovecraft, and about how paying for content has changed.  

Spooktacular - 2020

This Hallow's Eve we talk about Nightmare on Elm Street with our good buddy Bread.  

Episode 17 - Among Us, Red Dead 2, Raised By Wolves

This ep we talk about Among us, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Raised By Wolves.  Plus a bunch of other stuff  

Episode 16: Cobra Kai, Little Dark Age, Project Power / Palm Springs

This ep we talk about season 2 of Cobra Kai, MGMT's latest album Little Dark Age and we compare two streaming movies Project Power and Palm Springs.  

Episode 15 - Lovecraft Country, Batman Trailer, Blake Crouch Novels/TV

HBO's Lovecraft Country, The new Batman trailer, The novels and TV of author Blake Crouch.  

Episode 14 - Tenet, Perry Mason, Bill and Ted

This episode we talk about all good stuff; Christopher Nolan's, Tenet, The new HBO series Perry Mason, and the most excellent Bill and Ted.   

Episode 13 - Doom, The Wire, Schitt's Creek

We are back from a summer break with a new regular episode. Where we talk about, the Doom video games, Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek, and the best show of all time, The Wire.   

B-Sides - Vampire Weekend with Brendan

Levi lands a very special guest on this episode of B-Sides.  Brendan stops by to talk about the only band he's listened to in the last 5 years.  

B-Sides Ep. 2 - Beastie Boys With Mike

This episode Levi sits down with Mike to share some Beastie Boy love.  

Episode 12 - Thrawn, The Last of us part 2, We are Legion We are Bob, Jaws

We get together in the garage to record this special literary episode.  

Episode 11 - D&D, Flatliners, A Boy and His Dog and the End of the World

D&D, Flatliners, A Boy and His Dog and the End of the World.  

Episode 10 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Childish Gambino, Wheel of Time

This week we talk about everything but TV because there is none.  We disagree with Dunkey on Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Levi breaks down Childish Gambino's new album, 3.15.20.  Finally we talk about Wheel of Time and hope they make it into a TV series because that's the only ...   Show more

Episode 9 - Thundercat, Final Fantasy 7: Remake, Back to the Future

This episode we talk about Thundercat's new album, It is What it is, The Final Fantasy 7 remake and theorize about Doc Brown's motivations in Back to the Future.   

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