Celeb Snacking: Why The Eff Do We Care?

Celeb Snacking: Why The Eff Do We Care?

Eating Disorders Across Gender Expressions

Registered Dietitian and body and gender activist Lindsay Birchfield explains how gender dysphoria, barriers to medical treatment, and media are contributing to skyrocketing eating disorder rates in the transgender and non-binary communities. They touch on the struggles so many f ...   Show more

So You're Pissed Off At Diet Culture — Now What?

Australian Clinical Psychologist Louise Adams, who hosts the popular podcast All Fired Up, joins Diana and Lisa to talk about how anger can be a positive and productive emotion for seeing through the bullshit of diet culture and healing from an eating disorder, as well as how you ...   Show more

Men Suffer From Eating Disorders, Too

Diana and Lisa chat with Dr. Roberto Olivardia about the many reasons why more men are being diagnosed with eating disorders — from confusion over the role masculinity plays in modern-day life and the popularity of restrictive diets like Keto to the rise of muscular ‘80s film her ...   Show more

Loss and Eating Disorders

Lisa and Diana catch up with journalist Mallary Tenore to discuss how loss the loss of a parent, a loss of control, and even the loss of the sense of smell can send someone into an eating disorder tailspin. We discuss Mallary’s New York Times article “When I Lost My Sense Of ...   Show more

Body and Pole

Lisa and Diana chat with NASM-certified, award-winning, brilliant AND hilarious Roz the Diva Mays about pole dancing, her career as a personal trainer, struggles with body neutrality/love, and finding passion for fitness in whatever size body you have.  

Religion & Wellness: Cut From The Same Cloth?

Diana and Lisa chat with Religion Scholar Dr. Alan Levinovitz about religious food restrictions, how they relate to eating disorders, and the modern day phenomenon of achieving a spiritual state through practices like Intermittent Fasting and keto diets.   

Wellness, Wokeness & The Anti-Diet Movement: Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?

Diana and Lisa chat with UK-based Registered Dietitian Laura Clark about the state of diet culture in the United Kingdom, the confusing messages around the anti-diet movement, and making peace with past dieting advice regrets.   

COVID Vaccines and Fat-Shaming: Why You Need To BMInd Your Business

Lisa and Diana catch up with Emily Duke, comedian and fat activist, to discuss her Slate article, “I Am Fat. To Get the Vaccine, I Had to Say I Am ‘Obese.’” We dive into her struggles with an eating disorder, recovery, navigating a fat-phobic medical system, and her vaccine exper ...   Show more

How American Healthcare Is Failing People With Eating Disorders

Why are so many people who suffer from eating disorders going without help? And why is the relapse rate for people who get help so high? Professor and clinical social worker Rebecca J. Lester, who was diagnosed with anorexia at 11 and is the author of award-winning book Famished: ...   Show more

Perimenopause and Menopause: This Is Not Your Gramma's Problem

Lisa and Diana chat with fitness expert Amanda Thebe about her informative book Menopocalypse: How I Learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too to demystify the very real and normal process of perimenopause and menopause. We touch on the physiological and psycho-emoti ...   Show more

In Sickness and Health: Eating Disorders and Romantic Relationships

Lisa and Diana face the harsh realities of learning what it is like to live with and love a person who struggles with food by listening to spouses' perspectives.   

BMI: Gold Standard or BS?

Lisa and Diana chat with Alissa Rumsey, RD, about the history of the Body Mass Index (BMI) and its controversial influence on health access and medical treatment in American society.   

Leather, Lace, Spandex & Strategic Seams

From the ‘90s Wonderbra and Spanx to inclusive modern brands like Savage X Fenty, Diana and Lisa’s special Valentine’s Day episode is a love-hate letter to lingerie. How are sexy garments marketed to women of different body sizes? And is lingerie really empowering? Or is it anoth ...   Show more

Horsin' Around With Amanda

Lisa and Diana are reunited with their high school classmate, Amanda-lee Seely, to chat about Amanda's struggles with an eating disorder while working as a professional equestrian. Amanda recalls how she found salvation from her body and food struggles through motherhood, recover ...   Show more

From da Vinci To Duck Face

Diana and Lisa chat with art historians Dr. Heidi Strobel and Dr. Amber Ludwig about women’s changing body ideals throughout art history, the role of the female muse, and how art influences the way women portray themselves on social media.   

Cultural Consumption: Food Attitudes Around the World

Lisa and Diana take a trip around the world with Anthropologist Dr. Erick Castellanos to uncover how different cultures approach food, guilt, women’s changing body expectations, and the role that women play as food caretakers.   

Cloak of Invisibility

Lisa and Diana take a trip back in time to adolescence to make connections between puberty, male attention, and their eating disorders. They also explore the “cloak of invisibility” that body extremes provide and how girls cope with “blossoming” into women.  

Feeling Our Way Through Intuitive Eating with Kirsten Ackerman, MS, RD

Lisa and Diana discuss the concepts and principles of Intuitive Eating (IE) with guest Kirsten Ackerman,  a non-diet registered dietician who strives to help her clients restore trust with their bodies, food, and explore practices of body image healing.  

Really "Real" Women

We explore what it means to look like a “real woman,” a phrase that has become ubiquitous in our society. Also: women policing other women’s bodies on social media and how our eating disorders and body image affect our relationships with other women.   

Guilt, Fear, Sex & Pepsi

From Cindy Crawford’s sexy Pepsi commercial to Snackwell’s fat-free cookies and “guilt-free” nonfat yogurt, we explore how guilt, shame, fear, virtue signaling, and the hyper sexualization of women in diet and lifestyle advertising affect women. Plus: the trope of the woman who e ...   Show more

The Hunger Trap Podcast

Food, Morality & Mixed Messages. In this first episode of The Hunger Trap Podcast, Diana and Lisa chat about a classist New York Times political fridge quiz, the screwed-up messages we receive about food and weight, and the moral connections we associate with food.    

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