Multi-cloud: what, why, how?

Multi-cloud: what, why, how?

The future of intelligent networking

The IT network is the backbone of a mid-sized business. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be flexible. With employees no longer in the same place as the critical resources they need, firms need a new approach to connectivity. Jason Bradbury meets Lee Larter, UK Sales Director for Ne ...   Show more

Big data – It’s not just for big companies

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that data—and big data in particular—are only relevant to large enterprises. In this episode, Jason Bradbury meets Chris Ireson from Dell Technologies to discuss this and more. Listen now to find out why mid-sized firms have a size advantage w ...   Show more

Why employee experience matters now more than ever

2020 transformed the employee experience beyond recognition. How have mid-sized firms adapted to this, and what does the future hold? Andrew McDaniel from Dell Technologies joins Jason Bradbury to discuss what remote working means for workers of all generations and what companies ...   Show more

Remote productivity: a work in progress

Only a year ago, few companies had a large remote workforce. Now, new working styles are forcing businesses to consider how to keep employees healthy, happy and productive. Remote working might have been new territory for many firms, but most adapted quickly and with great succes ...   Show more

Agility in mid-sized firms: combining the best of large and small

When the going gets tough, do mid-sized firms actually have an advantage because of their size? Jason Bradbury meets Elliott Young, Chief Technology Officer at Dell Technologies UK, to find out why size matters when it comes to agility. Listen now to find out how your mid-sized b ...   Show more

Plain sailing after the panic?

You had to move fast, now it’s time to move smart. So, what’s the plan? The boundaries between work and life balance may have blurred, but just like the tech, we’re finding ways to adapt, grow and look to the future. Jason Bradbury meets Dan Homolka, Services Director at Dell Tec ...   Show more

Security in a distributed workforce

When mid-sized companies were scrambling to enable remote working in March 2020, how many had security at the top of their agenda?  Now we’re comfortable with remote working, we need to take a serious look at how we keep people and data secure, says Sean Towns, Endpoint Security ...   Show more

Future-proofing digital transformation

Fail. Fail fast. And fail often. As a mid-sized business, failure is often considered a dirty word, but it needn’t be, says Paul Brook, Pre-sales Manager, Dell Technologies. He talks to Jason Bradbury about how his customers are approaching today’s problems in new ways, taking th ...   Show more

Getting you buy-in for your tech strategy

What do IT pros do when they have a plan but can’t get budget-holders to sign it off? Sue Scriven, from Dell Financial Services, has the answer. In this episode, she joins host Jason Bradbury to discuss how Dell Technologies customers have had to pivot their tech strategies faste ...   Show more

Executing when it matters

When you’re refereeing elite sports events, there’s no room to hide. The consequences of every decision are there for thousands to see. In this episode, Jason Bradbury is joined by former professional rugby referee and Dell Technologies Sales Director Eanna O’Dowd. They discuss h ...   Show more

The freedom to think big

When you spend all your time keeping the lights on, how do you find time to innovate? Jason is joined by Tim Loake from Dell Technologies. They discuss what it means to have the freedom to think big and how careful reinvestment in new initiatives can put your business on the righ ...   Show more

Threatscape 2021

It can seem like a scary time to be a mid-sized company, but living in fear of cybercrime is no way to run a business. Jason Bradbury meets Sonya Mathieu, UK director of cyber resilience and data protection at Dell Technologies, to find out about cyber threats and the defences yo ...   Show more

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