No Regrets: Modern-Day Louisiana Market Hunter Stories, Part 2

No Regrets: Modern-Day Louisiana Market Hunte...

"Damn at the Ducks!"

Mississippian Alex Littlejohn remembers "Tallahatchie tree line duck hunts" with family members as a youngster, after Canada geese ceased migrating to Mississippi. While in college, he guided duck hunts on South End Trails portion of Beaver Dam, the lake made famous by Nash Bucki ...   Show more

Mama Duck, Liz Bourgeois

"She's probably banded more ducks than any non-biologist in North America," said the mutual friend that introduced us.  Liz Bourgeois grew up alongside 4 brothers, hunting the bayous of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. She was mentored by her father, who instilled in her a strong sen ...   Show more

Louisiana's Most Famous Market Hunter

Preceding the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act, duck hunting was not considered recreational. It was big business. Very big. Who was Florine "Pie" Champagne and how'd he start hunting ducks commercially? What was his daily quota, how'd he hunt and where'd all those ducks go? Where' ...   Show more

Back on the Bayou with Dale Bordelon

Dale Bordelon carries on Louisiana's bayou traditions by making 100% hand-made cane calls and everything else. In today's episode, we talk more about why he prefers hunting over things he hand-makes the way his ancestors did and about him duck hunting this past season with a cent ...   Show more

Obregon Duck Hunts Remembered

Obregon Mexico duck hunting has been a barrel-burner flagship GetDucks destination for nearly a decade, usually booking out over a year in advance. But why?  In today's Duck Season Somewhere podcast episode, Ramsey joins guests for frosty, post-hunt margaritas, listening to what ...   Show more

No Regrets Modern-Day Louisiana Market Hunter Stories, Part 1

Maybe the good old days were different. To hear today's guest tell it, it wasn't a hundred years ago but during my own lifetime that salt and pepper were the only real Louisiana seasons abided. Everything was eaten, by necessity in many cases. Everything. And local wildlife marke ...   Show more

Gringa, Living in Mexico

How did a small-town Tennessee girl end up in Sonora, Mexico and why does she still call it home 40 years later?  When did she and her late husband decide to start Sonora, Mexico's very first duck hunting operation? What was their hallmark menu item, and who were among their gues ...   Show more

Leg Band Bonanza

Like gleaming gold nuggets to '49 boomtown miners, waterfowl leg bands are precious commodities coveted by some duck hunters. But to folks like Dr. Doug Osborne, these data points are a bonanza of much needed information.  Who is Doug Osborne, and why'd he start The Osborne Lab a ...   Show more

Spring Snow Goose Hunting Swindle and Other Stories

Freshly returned from his first real "guided snow goose hunt" in Arkansas, Forrest Russell colorfully describes a school-of-hard-knocks lesson about choosing the right outfitter, and why rolling with good friends takes precedence over all else.  Bigwater then asks Ramsey "questio ...   Show more

Australia Duck Hunting Hanging by a Thread?

Despite other-worldly sightings, things like swamp dwelling kangaroos, unique pink-eared ducks, and beet-topped hamburgers, Australia duck hunting is more readily familiar to US duck hunters than elsewhere hunted worldwide. But they're constantly fighting tooth-and-nail to preser ...   Show more

But What About Bluebills?

Originating in a North Dakota duck blind, where we were targeting divers instead of dry-field puddlers, this scaup discussion was a real eye-opener. Eric Smith cut his teeth on duck hunting while chasing scaup with his dad in northern Minnesota.  Later involved in graduate resear ...   Show more

Feeling Normal Again: Mazatlán Mexico Honeymoon Duck Hunting

Never mind shooting 20-duck, spoonie-and-teal-trifecta limits, drinking pool-side foo-foo drinks, and eating seafood dinners together. Everyone's first international vacation since the pandemic, it had immediately "felt normal" since walking into the beautiful Mazatlán resort, ou ...   Show more

California Dreaming: A Recap of Ramsey's California Waterfowl Hunting Adventures

After an epic final morning, with some beautiful cinnamon teal trophies icing down in the truck and a couple more carry-out world-class lunch burritos stretching their belts and weighing heavy on their eyelids, Ramsey meets with great friend-host Jon Wills at historic Stillbow Ra ...   Show more

I Hunt. I Fish. I Vote. HB 1231 MS Outdoors Stewardship Trust Fund

Just imagine. At a time in history that wildlife resources and hunters need more not less, what could YOUR State Department of Natural Resources and Statewide Conservation Organizations do with FIFTY TO SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS?! OR MORE?! Acquire more public hunting land? Improve e ...   Show more

The White Way: California Goose Hunting with the White Brothers

Right about the time you think you've seen and done it all in worldwide waterfowling, you jump into a California goose spread with Jonathon and Dillon White who show you the White Way. Gnarly, acre-sized flocks of snows and Aleutians overhead, the seething eye of a hurricane grow ...   Show more


Brain Huber is California Waterfowl Association's Waterfowl and Wood Duck Program Coordinator. Late one afternoon, he and I meet across the table at his hunting camp for a mid-blowing discussion about California waterfowl hunting and management, and to plan the next morning's woo ...   Show more

Duck-A-Minute Banta and Other California Duck Hunting Topics

The orange sun melts slowly into the horizon on legendary Suisun Marsh, flocks of ducks are trading overhead and Yancey Forrest-Knowles speaks to the heart of California duck hunting times past, present and future.  A lifetime duck hunter and former director of California Waterfo ...   Show more

The Original: MotoDuck & California Duck Hunting

File this one under "How One Sac Valley Duck Hunter's Idea Changed the Duck Hunting World. Forever." While pass shooting ducks with family members back in the real good ol' days while he was only a child, Andy Anderson likely never dreamed that his idea for attracting ducks in ad ...   Show more

"Lake California", Welcome to Sac Valley California Duck Hunting

Following a kick-butt, pea-soup foggy morning rice field duck hunt, Casey Stafford of CCIC Outdoor Adventures and Ramsey talk about waterfowl hunting in California's Sacramento Valley. What was it like growing up duck hunting this region, who were Casey's mentors and what were th ...   Show more

Golden State Goldeneyes and More, California Duck Hunting

Goldeneyes and bluebills streaking low over the decoys from all directions, so fast and furious as to neaarly be chaotic, but Arkansas buddy Ray Hathaway and myself, along with California hosts Corey Foskett and Guide Charlie Barberini of Golden State Guide Service paced ourselve ...   Show more

SPECIAL: What Might Maryland's HB 0911 Say About the Future of Duck Hunting?

There's a real storm brewing over the Susquehanna Flats near Havre de Grace, Maryland - and it ain't clouds of blackheads and canvasbacks like the good ol' days.  It's about how and where who can hunt in these fabled public fowling waters. HB 0911 proposes limiting certain portio ...   Show more

The Lost Flyway, Alabama Duck Hunting

Located "between the flyways," Alabama may lack sheer waterfowl numbers, but cultural enthusiasm for duck hunting remains strong in Alabama. Today's guests, James Michael Moyer, Jason Russell, and Alabama Migratory Game Bird Coordinator, Seth Maddox, are living proof. How'd these ...   Show more

Georgia Duck Hunt (and the Nut Duster from Hell Story)

Situated in a landscape predominated by long-leaf pines, pecan orchards and peanut fields, everything sprouting from soils the color of rusted farm implements, southwestern Georgia isn't the duck hunting universe's proverbial epicenter. But it's exactly where I fell in with the r ...   Show more

North Carolina Duck Hunting Stories, Allen and Julie Blivens

I'd stopped by to paw their new pintail and swan calls. Never mind that it was Sunday morning, or that a cold, wet rain was falling outside. Turning off the lights, we then had to lock Allen Bliven's shop doors to stall customer traffic long enough to  record uninterrupted. But i ...   Show more

Duck Hunting the Chesapeake Bay, Capt. Todd Sauerwald

Captain Todd Sauerwald is a modern-day waterman. Year-long he plies his trades on the Chesapeake Bay as tugboat captain, crab fisherman and, as owner-operator of Black Duck Outfitters, a professional duck hunting guide. And on his days off? Yeah, he recreationally fishes those sa ...   Show more

Havre de Grace, Maryland Duck Hunting, Jobes Brothers

Stepping into the shop is like walking into the past. Located about a 1/4-miles from the fabled Susquehanna River, it's as much museum as thriving decoy business. Smells of sawdust and fresh paint permeate the air; shelved decoys and pinned photos, a combination of yesteryear and ...   Show more

Real New Jersey Duck Hunting

Following a 4-day stretch of American black duck limits, plenty other ducks and Atlantic brant kicked in for good measure, Ramsey sits with hosts John Daffin and Jim White to sip rounds of "apple pie" and recount the past week's New Jersey duck hunting events. What were these 2 l ...   Show more

New Jersey Barnegat Bay Traditions Endure

Bob Keeney is a 5th-generation duck hunter from Tuckerton, New Jersey. It was supposedly here, in what was formerly one of America's largest waterfowl market hubs, that the earliest incarnations of hand-carved waterfowl decoys originated. It was here, for sure, that the deadly Ba ...   Show more

Floating Artforms: New Jersey Decoy Carver, Mike Braun

Mike Braun learned both duck hunting and decoy carving the old-fashioned way. He was taught by his dad at a very young age. A self-described contemporary artist, he competes at the highest levels but also builds one-of-a-kind traditional gunners that distinctly reflect his New Je ...   Show more

New Jersey Game Warden, Dave Faith

Dave Faith is a Game Warden for New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, but previously conducted waterfowl-related field biology. He's also an avid hunter. How'd he get started duck hunting in New Jersey, what motivates him, and what species does he most like to chase? How much ...   Show more

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