Do queer people make better parents? Prof Susan Golombok has all the answers (plus the data)

Do queer people make better parents? Prof Sus...

Adoptive mums; Didi and Priscilla, advocates for adoption, representation and LGBT families.

Didi and Priscilla join as the first adoptive Mums on Some Families. They join the hosts, Lotte and Stu to discuss being two mums who decided to adopt, the process of adopting their daughter Ava, or Miss A, and shed light on post-adoption depression.   See for p ...   Show more

What not to say to LGBTQ+ parents; Sean Szeps breaking down the stereotype of 'Dad’

Sean Szeps is a proud gay dad, writer, comedian and podcast host, and joins Some Families from Austrailia. Sean and his husband are Dads to twins born via surrogacy. Sean discusses what it is like to be an LGBTQ+ parent in Sydney, how to tackle people assuming he has a wife or is ...   Show more

‘Homosapiens' Chris Sweeny starts his surrogacy journey: Who, where, why, how?!

We have podcast royalty Chris Sweeney co-host of Homosapiens Podcast. Chris has started on the surrogacy journey with his husband, which has been halted since lockdown 2020. Chris joins the hosts of Some Families Lotte and Stu for a good gossip PLUS Chris talks about the start of ...   Show more

When Two Became Four: A good gossip about queer parenting with Nana and Rose

Nana Duncan and Rose Frimpong from the podcast TwoTwos, join Lotte and Stu for a podcast love in. Rose has a 9 year old daughter, who she conceived with a friend and Nana is starting to think about having children with her girlfriend. They discuss the stereotypical constructs of ...   Show more

Trans Dad Freddy McConnell: changing laws, changing minds, changing nappies

We are thrilled to have Freddy McConnell on Some Families! Freddy joins Lotte and Stu to talk about his journey to parenthood and how he felt about his body being pregnant. Freddy also talks about the on-going court case that is now being taken to the European Court of Human Righ ...   Show more

Trans-racial and LGBTQ+ Adoption: with Nathan Yungerberg and guest host Leon Wenham

Lotte and Stu are joined by guest host, Leon Wenham. Leon, who spoke about his own adoption journey in Series 1, joins the hosts and invites a friend Nathan Yungerberg from New York, to discuss when someone of one race adopts a child that is different to their own race, aka trans ...   Show more

Equality and the path to parenthood: Laura-Rose Thorogood LGBT Mummies Tribe

Laura-Rose Thorogood, co-founder of the LGBT Mummies Tribe, join Lotte and Stu on this week’s episode of Some Families. Laura-Rose started Mummies Tribe as a space for women and people globally to make friends and meet other families with similar experiences. Since then it has gr ...   Show more

A Truly Grand Mother: Lady Phyll on Motherhood, Chosen Families and Activism

In this international women’s day special Lotte and Stu are joined by the fabulous Lady Phyll to discuss, motherhood, chosen families, activism and UK Black Pride. Lady Phyll is one of the founders of UK Black Pride, she has previously been a trustee at Stonewall, worked for the ...   Show more

Reading is fundamental: The best books about LGBTQ+ Families and why we need more of them

To celebrate World Book Day it’s Some Families inaugural book special! Lotte and Stu talk to different authors and illustrators about LGBTQ+ family books. Stu talks to Carolyn Robertson, author and owner of Sparklypoo Publications. Carolyn wrote Two Dads, that Will Young read on ...   Show more

“My wife and I gave birth on the same day” - The joys and challenges of being simultaneously pregnant

In the first episode of Season 2 of Some Families, Lotte and Stu catch up on lockdown life and parenting in the pandemic. The hosts are joined by Sandeep from Hong Kong. Sandeep and her wife fell pregnant within a few days of each other and gave birth within hours of one another ...   Show more

Coming Soon: Some Families Season 2

Some Families Season 2 is coming soon. Join Lotte and Stu as they share emotional, funny and true stories from the LGBTQ+ community. This series, the hosts delve into topics such as BAME and trans-racial adoption, being an asexual parent, post-adoption depression, the fight for I ...   Show more

"Jingle My Bells" - Some Families Christmas Special

A family-sized helping of queer festive cheer from Lotte and Stu. Your hosts ‘fess up to an Elf on The Shelf massacre, drop an exclusive Kristen Stewart story, discuss a trip to lesbian-friendly Lapland and review the best LGBT books for kids. Alongside other gin-soaked shenaniga ...   Show more

Coming Soon: Some Families Christmas Episode

Some Families Christmas Episode coming out on Friday 18th Dec. Join Lotte and Stu as they ‘fess up to an Elf on The Shelf massacre, discuss a trip to lesbian-friendly Lapland and review the best LGBT books for kids. Alongside other gin-soaked shenanigans and an extra special came ...   Show more

“We Just Want Her To Be Happy” - Jake and Hannah Graf and 8 Week Old Millie

In the final episode of Season 1 of Some Families, Lotte and Stu chat to Jake and Hannah Graf, with their 8 week old daughter Millie. Jake and Hannah are a transgender couple from the UK. They talk to the hosts about how they met, their journey to surrogacy, the pregnancy and the ...   Show more

"You Me And A Lot Of Love" - Being A Single Gay Adoptive Dad

In the penultimate episode in the series, Lotte and Stu are joined by Leon, a single adoptive Dad to a 5 year old. Leon adopted his son a year ago. They discuss Leon’s adoption journey, therapeutic parenting vs.Leon’s traditional Jamaican parenting values and how important his su ...   Show more

"They Have Taught Me Kindness" - Linda Riley On Teenagers, Parenting and Pride

Lotte and Stu are joined by Linda Riley, the publisher of DIVA magazine, and Sophia, one of Linda’s teenage twins. Sophia talks about growing up having two mums, how it is at school and what advice she would have for LGBTQ+ families with younger children. Linda discusses what she ...   Show more

"I Want Our Son To Be Proud" - Talking Surrogacy, Family and Pride with Dustin Lance Black

In this special Father’s Day edition Lotte and Stu are joined by the Oscar winning, writer and director, Dustin Lance Black. Dustin and his husband, Tom Daley had their son, Robbie Ray, two years ago via surrogacy in California. Dustin discusses their journey to surrogacy, the di ...   Show more

"It's Just So Rewarding" - Being an LGBTQ+ Foster Mum

This week on Some Families, Lotte and Stu are joined by Annabelle Avis, a foster parent from Swindon. Annabelle and her wife have been fostering since 2013. They currently have 3 children in their care. Annabelle is a big advocate for LGBTQ+ fostering. She discusses the training ...   Show more

"To Be Fabulous" - Drag Dads and Chosen Families

This week on Some Families, Lotte and Stu chat to the fabulous Mrs Kasha Davis from Ru Paul’s Drag Race about the dynamics of being a step-parent and a drag queen. Kasha is married to her husband, who has two daughters from his previous relationship, and discusses her parenting r ...   Show more

"It's Ignorance Rather Than Hate" - A Mummy and a Mama

This week on Some Families Lotte and Stu are joined by Kym and Jade, from East London. Kym and Jade have a two year old. They discuss the difficulty they had finding a black donor as a bi-racial couple, why some women don’t want to carry and how they discuss having same sex paren ...   Show more

"Whatever Normal Is, We Don't Want It" - Discussing Disability, Adoption And Fostering With The Atwal-Brice Family

This week on Some Families, Lotte and Stu talk to Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice, who are adoptive dads from Yorkshire. Paul and Michael have two sets of identical twins. The eldest twins, Levi and Lucas, have severe autism and epilepsy. They discuss being foster parents, having ch ...   Show more

"Focus On What You Have" - Questions From The Some Families Community

We join Lotte and Stu, still in lockdown, who have some questions from the Some Families community. They cover how to broach the conversation about having two mums or two dads with your kids, their parenting landmarks, making the right decision when going through the adoption pro ...   Show more

"Prejudice Isn't Something You're Born With" - Sharing 'Mum' And Being A Transgender Parent

This week in Some Families, Lotte and Stu are joined by Zoey and Kelly, from ‘Our Transitional Life’. They have been married for nearly 12 years and have two children. Zoey came out as transgender on New Years Eve 2019 and since they have started their blog, ‘Our Transitional Lif ...   Show more

"He's Using It As A Garden Hose" -The Parenting Journey Continues For Lotte And Stu

This week the hosts interview each other on how their parenting journeys have developed since the start of the podcast. Whilst still in lockdown, Stu records his interview in a circus tent and Lotte shares an instagram faux pas. Stu talks about being a father of 3 and how Covid h ...   Show more

"When You’re Young, You Don’t Question It." - Growing Up With Two Mums

This week the Some Families hosts catch up with Mike Wooller. Mike talks about growing up with two mums in the 90s, his experience at school and how having same sex parents affected his own coming out. Our hosts discuss Stu’s son wearing a dress, celebrating identity and gay agen ...   Show more

"I've Become More Dad Material With Each Year That Goes On" - Potential Future Dad, Riyadh Khalaf

In this week’s episode Lotte talks to Riyadh Khalaf, YouTuber, podcaster, documentary maker and the Future Dad. Riyadh explores the idea of being a father and what it means to be gay, how relinquishing control can be difficult for queer parents and what he’s learnt from being the ...   Show more

"Going Down This Path Alone" - A Single Lesbian Mum’s Story

We join Lotte and Stu this week in our remote recording studio as they talk about Stu’s conversation with Holly Ryan, a single lesbian mum of two, and her journey to becoming a mum through IUI. Holly was raised by a single dad, who gave her the confidence to do it alone. Lotte an ...   Show more

"We’re Both The Other Daddy" - Two Dads, An Egg Donor, A Surrogate And A Baby

This week we listen to Stu’s chat with TwoDads.U.K, Michael and Wes, fathers of three; two via surrogacy and one from a previous relationship. Michael and Wes talk about the relationship they have with their surrogate, preparing yourself for every possibility when it comes to fer ...   Show more

"What's It Like Having A Man About The House?" - Birth Mother Through IVF

Lotte talks about her IUI journey, the emotional and physical impacts. Stu shares an update on his family and they are joined in the studio by Producer (and Producer on this show!) Kirsty Hunter. Kirsty talks about her journey through IVF and the decision to be the birth mother.W ...   Show more

"The Three of Us" - Co Parenting with Charlie Condou

This week Stu shares some very exciting life changing family news and then Lotte and Stu catch up with Charlie Condou, actor and Dad of two. Charlie’s family is made up of Charlie, his husband Cameron and Catherine their children’s biological Mum. Charlie talks about the decision ...   Show more

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