Creating the Images in Early Modern Printed Books

Creating the Images in Early Modern Printed B...

Underdogs in the American Imagination

“Sports are an important ingredient in building community. Whether you’re a participant or a spectator, sports allow you to take part in a visible, public activity, fostering social connection and a sense of shared identity…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Bruce Berglund.For fur ...   Show more

Intellectuals in Hindustan

“Muhammad Qasim Firishta was a physician, a diplomat and an intellectual. Born around 1570 CE and died sometimes after 1620 CE in the Deccan, contemporary India, he was known for his way around libraries and around circles of power…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Manan Ahmed As ...   Show more

A Season of Stories 6: Books

This special episode combines all of the stories from Season 6…“African American Periodicals and Print History” Dr. Brenna Wynn Greer, Associate Professor of History at Wellesley College“Marketing Books with Peasant Models” Dr. Sky Michael Johnston, Postdoctoral Research Fell ...   Show more

African American Periodicals and Print History

“In 1942, John H. Johnson launched Negro Digest, which quickly became a bestselling periodical among African Americans and building off its success, Johnson launched the black photo-magazine EBONY in 1945…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Brenna Wynn Greer.For further reading:Rep ...   Show more

Religion and the Business of Books

“When is a book not just a book? Well, as almost any cultural historian can tell you, a book is almost never just a book…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Scott McLaren.For further reading:Pulpit, Press, and Politics: Methodists and the Market for Books in Upper Canada by Scott M ...   Show more

Books, Translations, and Audiences

“In the nineteenth century, an ever-increasing volume of political and religious debates played out in the public sphere of printed books and journals. At the same time, more and more books were being translated and adapted for ever-expanding audiences in other countries…So begin ...   Show more

Marketing Books with Peasant Models

“This story is about one of the earliest models to appear on the printed page: the sixteenth-century German peasant…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Sky Michael Johnston.For further reading:Sky Michael Johnston. “Printing the Weather: Knowledge, Nature, and Popular Culture in Tw ...   Show more

A Late Medieval “How To” Book

“Nicholas Neesbett was an experienced healer in fifteenth-century England…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Melissa Reynolds.For further reading:Melissa Reynolds. “The Sururgia of Nicholas Neesbett: Writing Medical Authority in Later Medieval England.” Social History of Medicine ...   Show more

Paper and Books in Early Modern Europe

“Almost every book from the fourteenth century onwards was made of paper, and every letter sent was a paper sheet folded. Early modern Europe was a paper age…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Daniel Bellingradt.For further reading:The Paper Trade in Early Modern Europe: Practices ...   Show more

A Season of Stories 5: Icons

This special episode combines all the stories from Season 5…“Billy Graham: Emblem of American Evangelicalism” Dr. Aaron Griffith, Assistant Professor of History at Sattler College“Katharina von Bora: Paragon of the Protestant Household” Dr. Sky Michael Johnston, Postdoctoral ...   Show more

Diabetes, Science, and Race in the Early Twentieth Century

“In 1916, Elliott P. Joslin, the foremost diabetes specialist in the United States, insisted that…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Arleen Marcia Tuchman.For further reading:Diabetes: A History of Race and Disease by Arleen Marcia Tuchman (Yale University Press, 2020)Episode tran ...   Show more

Stephen Ricks and Childhood in the Antebellum North

“This is a little story about a little child. In 1822 the Philadelphia Shelter for Colored Children opened as the first formalized, private orphanage to admit African American children…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Crystal Lynn Webster.For further reading:Beyond the Boundarie ...   Show more

Black Women’s Exercise at Greater Bethel Gymnasium

“In 1923, a group of black women from the South Side of Chicago did what many women do when they want to lose weight—they joined a gym…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Ava Purkiss.For further reading:Ava Purkiss, “‘Beauty Secrets: Fight Fat’: Black Women’s Aesthetics, Exercise, ...   Show more

Menopause and the Mongols

“Genghis Khan’s mother was abandoned by her clan with seven small children in 1170. Her husband was dead. Her oldest son, who would go on to conquer much of Asia, was nine…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Susan P. Mattern.For further reading:The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, Hi ...   Show more

"Do you Bant?" Diet and Deafness in Victorian England

“William Banting was a British funeral director who, at age 66, was obese, weighing 202 pounds at 5'5", and needed a truss to hold an umbilical rupture in place. His weight was so troublesome that he could not tie his shoes and had to walk down the stairs backwards to limit ...   Show more

Intimate Exchanges and Public Health in Colonial Mexico

“Toward the end of the eighteenth century, the Spanish Crown developed a policy of strict quarantine whenever an epidemic broke out in its American colonies…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Paul Ramírez. For further reading:Enlightened Immunity: Mexico's Experiments with Di ...   Show more

Finding Lu Gwei-djen in the Archive of Chinese Medical Science

“Malta was warm. The afternoon sun stretched across the island as Lu Gwei-djen walked ahead…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Lan A. Li.For further reading:“Escaping Immortality: Science, Civilization, and Lu Gwei-djen (1904-1991)” by Lan A. Li (forthcoming)Episode transcript:htt ...   Show more

Renaissance Women as Frontline Healers

“Bubonic plague ravaged Italy in the summer of 1630. Household healers scurried to make preventive remedies that would ward off this dread disease…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Sharon T. Strocchia.For further reading:Forgotten Healers: Women and the Pursuit of Health in Late ...   Show more

A Season of Stories 3: Family

This special episode combines all the stories from Season 3…“Motherhood and Adoption in Precolonial Uganda” - Dr. Rhiannon Stephens, Associate Professor in the Department of History at Columbia University“Challenging the ‘Family Values Economy’” - Dr. Ryan Patrick Murphy, Associa ...   Show more

Frigid Mothers in Late Chosŏn Korea

“Starting in the late seventeenth century, Korean women’s identities became defined through the familial and domestic roles they performed in their husbands’ households…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Ksenia Chizhova.For further reading:Kinship Novels of Early Modern Korea: Bet ...   Show more

Ulm/Jakarta: Bringing Civic Identity Abroad

“Jakarta in late July, 1681…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Philip Hahn.For further reading:Philip Hahn, “‘Rather Back to Ceylon than to Swabia’: Global Sensory Experiences of Swabian Artisans in the Service of the Dutch East India Company (VOC),” in Embodiment, Expertise and E ...   Show more

Kirkuk: A Highway to Expulsion

“In the 1970s, Iraq’s Ba‘th government escalated a campaign to ethnically cleanse the northern provincial city of Kirkuk, a multilingual town that had long been the hub of Iraq’s oil industry…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Arbella Bet-Shlimon.For further reading:City of Black ...   Show more

Port-au-Prince: Occupation and Solidarity

“On July 28, 1915, under the authority of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, USS Washington entered the harbor at Port-au-Prince…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Brandon R. Byrd.For further reading:The Black Republic: African Americans and the Fate of Haitiby Brandon R. Byrd (Univer ...   Show more

Detroit: Urban Gardening for Sustainability

“If you imagine residents of American cities at the turn of the twentieth century, you probably picture them working in factories, not vegetable gardens…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Joseph S. Cialdella For further reading:Motor City Green: A Century of Landscapes and Environ ...   Show more

Berlin: Little Neighborhood, Big Politics

“Tucked away in northwest Berlin, the quiet residential streets of Moabit’s Beusselkiez belie the drama they witnessed in the early twentieth century…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Teresa Walch.For further reading:Stormtroopers: A History of Hitler’s Brownshirts by Daniel Siem ...   Show more

Atlantis: Plato, Myth, and History

“I’d like to talk about the lost city of Atlantis. Well, it is not lost. It is simply missing…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Benjamin B. Olshin.For further reading:Lost Knowledge: The Concept of Vanished Technologies and Other Human Histories by Benjamin B. Olshin (Brill, 2019 ...   Show more

Hargeisa: Anticolonialism from the Countryside to the City

“On February 1, 1956, the British Somaliland Protectorate’s Radio Somali carried the voice of nationalist Michael Mariano across the northern Somali territories…”So begins today’s story from Dr. Safia AididFor further reading:Somalia: Nation in Search of a State by David D. Laiti ...   Show more

Baltimore: Housing Exclusion in Action

“On January 10, 1928 Assistant City Solicitor William Laukaitis told a real estate salesman he wanted to buy an expensive lot in the suburban Baltimore neighborhood of Homeland…” So begins today’s story from Dr. Paige Glotzer.For further reading:How the Suburbs Were Segregated: D ...   Show more

A Season of Stories 1: Looking the Part

This special episode combines all ten stories from Season 1…“Schoolgirl Activism in French Mandate Lebanon” - Johanna Peterson, PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of California San Diego“Two Doctors, Two Paths in Cold War Brazil” - Dr. Eyal Weinberg, Pos ...   Show more

Missionaries Try to Convert a Desert

“In the mid-eighteenth century, a group of German Jesuit missionaries tried to convert the desert landscape of Baja California.”So begins today’s story from Dr. Sky Michael Johnston.For further reading:Sky Michael Johnston. “‘What is California? Nothing but Innumerable Stones’: G ...   Show more

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