#63 - How to Collect Testimonials

#63 - How to Collect Testimonials

#65 - Why You Haven't Cleared 5K Yet

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/5k-per-month/ If you still haven’t cleared 5K a month in your business (or even 2K or 3K), that’s OK! You just need some guidance! I’m laying down all the reasons why you haven’t experienced success in today’s epi ...   Show more

#64 - Is it Time To Outsource?

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode64 Outsourcing is one of the most important things you can do in your business EVEN WHEN you are a spring chicken health coach. Yup I said it. And in today's episode I'm going to tell you why you need to st ...   Show more

#62 - How I Went From Broke to Multiple 6-Figures

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode62 What does it really take to build your business from nothing to 6-figures? It might not be what you think it is. As someone who has built two multiple 6-figure businesses in the past 6-years, I might kno ...   Show more

#61 - How Jennifer Created a Waitlist Practice in Less than 90-Days!

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode61 With the right support, the right strategy and the right mindset, you can start making the BIG money in your coaching practice a lot quicker than you think. My amazing HCA student Jennifer Woodward prove ...   Show more

#60 - How Angela Successfully Launched her First Group Program

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode60 If you have been listening to the Wealthy Coach Podcast, you know I love group coaching programs and also feel that they are a strategic lead into eventually launching an online passive course. I have in ...   Show more

#59 - SEO for More Organic Leads with Cinthia Pacheco

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode59 Have you been seeing things like SEO and search engine optimization but not really sure what it means or what it can do for your business? I brought SEO expert, Cinthia Pacheco onto today’s Wealthy Coach ...   Show more

#58 - The Comparison Trap - Lesson Learned!

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at https://kendraperry.net/episode58 https://kendraperry.net/episode58 I got jealous of someone else’s success last week. It’s true. I’ll admit it. Jealousy is a normal human emotion and we are bound to feel it now and then, especially when we are comparing ourselve ...   Show more

#57 - Stop Creating Your Program & Selling it After!

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at https://kendraperry.net/episode57 https://kendraperry.net/episode57 If you create something before anyone commits to buying it, you immediately lack market validation (ie. proof that people actually want it and will pay for it). Without market validation - you ta ...   Show more

Get instant access to my Price for Profit Calculator

I just wanted to hop on for a quick announcement...I'm giving away $500 cash! Do you want to know how you can win that? If you want to be entered to win PLUS get instant access to my Price for Profit Calculator (so you can intentionally and strategically price your programs for-p ...   Show more

#56 - How to Start a Health & Wellness Business in 2021

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at https://kendraperry.net/health-and-wellness-business/ https://kendraperry.net/health-and-wellness-business/ It’s 2021 and you’re ready to start your health coaching business - YAYAYAYAY! But wait - how do you actually start a business? Is it as simple as starting a Facebook Page and ...   Show more

#55 - Don't Launch an Online Course

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode55 Yes, online courses are sexy, and many people make a TON of $$ with online courses. But, that doesn’t mean that an online course is the right choice for you. I know some won’t agree but I don’t believe a ...   Show more

#54 - The Best Business Model for a Coach with April Beach

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode54 Business models - Do you need one?nAbsolutely, yes. You need one if you plan to make money online. Why? Because a business model is essentially the way in which you make money - so DUH! You need one! Cho ...   Show more

#53 - 3 Reasons You Aren't Getting Clients

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode53 WHEN YOUR CALENDAR IS EMPTY - no clients, no sales calls. AAARK! Right? So frustrating! This is by far the biggest challenge for any new or new-ish health coach. The struggles is REAL AF. It feel dauntin ...   Show more

#52 - Speaking Out in Times of Censorship with Ruby Fremon

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode52 Are you feeling overwhelmed with the shaming happening online?Are you terrified to speak up in fear that you will be canceled? Are you worried about censorship and the possibility of being deplatformed f ...   Show more

#51 - How to Build an Epic Virtual Practice with Dr. Evan Hirsch

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode51 Have you been resisting taking your practice virtual? Maybe you feel like you need to acquire some tech skills to take your practice online. I invited my virtual practice expert and also my personal Func ...   Show more

(BONUS) The Digital Mob with Torches & Pitchforks

Today is a quick bonus episode. I want to bring up something that’s been on my mind and something that I wasn't actually sure if I was going to share. I had to marinated on it for a little bit, but in the end, I do think it's important to speak up about this. I want to talk about ...   Show more

#50 - Create a Freebie that Converts

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode50 Is your email list growing or is it stagnant (like a green, stinky, goopy swamp)? If you are struggling to grow your email list, we gots to chat about your freebie! Your freebie is the amazing resource t ...   Show more

#49 - Biohacking Your Way to More Money & Growth in Your Business with Tanessa Shears

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode49 Biohacking your way to more money and energy in your business! We often hear about biohacking for your health but did you know you can also biohack your business growth and success? In today episode of t ...   Show more

#48 - Blow Up Your Instagram with Reels

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode48 Let’s talk Instagram reels! Should you be doing them? Are they worth your time? The answer is Yes! They are 1000% worth your time. Why? Reels are Instagrams version of Tik Tok. They are 15-30 second vide ...   Show more

#47 - 5 Questions to Assess the Profitability of Your Niche

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode47 You chose a niche > Yay! But, you still aren’t attracting clients > Boo! Is it your niche? Or is it something else?! Here is what I will tell you: Having a clear, effective and concise niche is the most ...   Show more

#46 - Let's Plan Out Your 2021 (for Success!)

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode46 Ug, planning, right? I used to fucking hate planning. I resisted it. I told myself, “I’m spontaneous!” “I like to go with the flow!” But in 2020, I didn’t plan and I ended up in an overscheduled mess tha ...   Show more

#45 - Three Pieces of a Transformational Coaching Program

For all resources mentioned, see full shownotes at kendraperry.net/episode-45 If you’re someone that is selling single sessions and that’s it - it's going to be an uphill battle for you unless you create a signature program that helps people transform their health. To be complete ...   Show more

#44 - The Worst Online Biz Mistakes that Coaches Make

So you finished your health coaching certification and you suddenly realize…”I  HAVE NO F-CKING CLUE HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS!!!...????” It’s unlikely that anyone told you that you need the same amount of training, if not significantly more training, in online business and marketi ...   Show more

#43 - When Shifting Your Mindset Isn't Enough w/ Chanee Momoko

Are you a personal development junkie? Are you completely aware you have mindset issue yet after committing so much time to improving yourself, you’re still feel totally stuck in your business? In today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I’m joined by my soul sister, Chanee ...   Show more


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#42 - Inside My 5-Figure HCA Launch

If you’ve been following me for at least the last few months, you likely saw that I was launching my Health Coach Accelerator program! And today, I want to give you an update on how that 5-figure launch went. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into launching a mid-range program, I ...   Show more

#41 - PERSONAL LIFE Q&A - Political Beliefs + Healing Update + Current Diet & Working in the Weed Industry

Today's episode is a little different than previous episode. Today we are taking a deep dive into my political views, my most life-changing book and my thoughts on the current global situation PLUS an update on my healing journey! I have no idea you guys were so interested in kno ...   Show more

#40 - Feeling Behind? Let's Talk

Are you feeling a little bit…..BEHIND? You thought your business would grow quickly but not that you’re in it, you feel like you are falling behind! Falling behind compared to what? Who are you falling behind? Who is making the timeline you are falling behind on? “I’m behind” is ...   Show more

#39 - Attracting Clients Online: Hot Seat Coaching Call with Lori

I can’t wait for you to hear this valuable info today, my friend! On today’s episode of the Wealthy Coach Podcast, I am doing a  1-on-1 coaching call recording -- raw, real and completely unedited. The person I’m coaching today is Lori Balue Raquipiso. She’s a Adapt Functional He ...   Show more

#38 - Embracing the Feminine & Masculine in Business with Jen Beverage

Are you experiencing an unhealthy emotional attachment to your business? Do you find yourself working and hustling into the ground - and always trying to control the outcome? And then, being completely disheartened when things turn out differently? If any of this rings true, you ...   Show more

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